Link Building – Key to High Rankings

Good Links Add BIG Value

One topic in digital marketing that doesn’t get enough ink is link building.  Inbound links to websites are something Google rates very highly and if you want high rankings and the free, qualified customer prospects Google could send you, you need to get links to your website.

SEO-Links (1)
Image Courtesy of Brandtastic. Some links are good and some not so good.

The business of getting links is something many business people and even digital marketers fail to respect or regard with esteem. Commonly treated as a distasteful, low value SEO task, link building actually represents good content marketing, good outreach, and a good value proposition when done professionally. It’s a big part of your outreach effort so appreciate it.

Whereas content marketing is more passive, link building adds to the persuasvie effective of your content on content marketing strategy to ensure links are acquired – usually by direct contact and engagement with website owners and influencers who can help your cause.

And Links often deliver additional customer prospects when clicked on. A talented link builder offers the highest value service of any digital marketing provider.

Can you do this yourself? I don’t think so. It’s tedious, frustrating and actually takes a lot of skill and experience. Seriously, it could cause you some emotional problems. At least you’ll know what your link builder is doing and be better able to help them.

Link Building Budgets

What is the typical link building budget? Results would depend on how competitive the keyword sector is. Here’s what the says: 81% of link builders work alone, while one company had 20 people working on a project. Here’s the Moz link building survey results:

Pic Courtesy of

Most Effective Link Building Tactics:

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We Need to Respect What Creates High Rankings

SEO-superheroIt’d be great if all we had to do is write great copy, produce cool videos and graphics and the traffic would just march in. It doesn’t though.  You’ll need someone to reach out to the Internet crowd and persuade them to link to your website — your SEO Superhero!

Google tested a linkless ranking index and it failed miserably. So did their attempt to wipe out exact match keywords. The fact is: Google is all about links and keywords.

There’s those who believe that creating good content, viral content, and then tweeting about it will create loads of backlinks to their site. Well, that doesn’t work either. Seems you need great content, a good social media distribution system and an engagement with website owners. It’s tougher than ever to persuade people to link to your site.

And let’s think about this. Why would they link to your site anyway?  That’s the link builders quest, to find out why they would be willing to do it and then provide the incentive to do it.

When you hire a link builder, they must do a backlink analysis of competitors and other related sites to discover why they’re ranking highly.  They’ll look for common sites that link to them all and for other opportunities to get a link.  This excerpt is from Search Engine Watch:

The Elements of a thorough Backlinks Analysis:

  1.   Total number of links
  2.   Number of unique domains
  3.   Linking domains vs total links
  4.   Anchor text usage and variance – branded, keyword rich, etc.
  5.   Fresh/incoming links
  6.   Page performance
  7.   Link quality (pagerank, trustrank, authority, topical or knowledge graph relevance)*

*Learned only by experience, running multiple backlink analyses, and manually checking links.

There are many tools that can help you do a good backlinks analysis including Moz opensite explorer, Raventools, ahrefs, Semrush, Majestic and more. That will give a big list of current sites, however you still need to find new sites that will link to yours. This is where a new link building strategy comes into play.

Once you’ve assessed the situation, you have to come up with a content marketing and outreach campaign to get in front of those who would find your material interesting and valuable enough to link to. High quality, unique, interesting, engaging, and informative content has the power to attract links. Some content styles do better than others such as blogs with videos, infographics, stats, lists and photos.

There’s huge sources, literally millions of sites you might connect with.  To distribute your content and messages, you’l need to set up social accounts and plan special incentives to really grab all of them from bloggers to journalists to webmasters.

Distribution: Pinterest, Twitter, Website, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, bloggers

  • Social Media: humor, special interest, quotes, memes, and hot trending topics, following others, commenting on them, and retweeting or curating portions of their content
  • Industry websites, people and influencers
  • Blogger outreach and journalists (suggested story ideas)
  • Blog, Twitter retweet, and pulse post, and Linkedin Group commenting
  • Direct email campaigns
  • Contests/Events/Incentives/Promotions
  • Do Competitor’s backlink analysis – direct message those backlink site owners to acquire links from them.
  • Contact other high trust websites: sites in related fields
  • Posting content to Reddit, Stumbleupon, and other rss feed type sites

To do link building well, you have to come up with multiple value propositions for the different types of target audiences. They all respond to different messages and exchange of value. That’s right, exchange of value. If you have nothing to offer, they will be upset that you’ve contacted them. Then you get labeled as a spammer.

Link building is an art/science and is perhaps the most difficult task. Google knows that, which is why links are so important to their algorithm. When you hire a link builder, ensure they don’t do mass broadcasts or try to acquire links on spammy sites. That could hurt your rankings or incur penalties. And it could make future link building projects unsuccessful. Google remembers.

This was a quick look at how link building is done, it’s importance and what’s involved in a successful link building campaign. Please respect this task as there’s even more to it such as planning, strategy and execution tasks that are difficult.  Your rankings will be a direct reflection of your respect, so please invest wisely in digital marketing that integrates link building as a key element of successful promotion.


Gord Collins is a Canadian based SEO specialist and manager of Bay Street SEO company.  His SEO clients have haled from Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Houston, San Diego, Montreal, Chicago, New York and London UK.  Since SEO and link building provide the best ROI of any digital marketing channel, they deserve the best effort possible. Get the best of free website traffic. 

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Car Insurance Tucson

Get the Lowest Auto Insurance Tucson

Is trying to save on auto or truck insurance in Tucson a worthwhile mission?  You’re reading this page so you believe it is. What you may not know is that these savings can be as much as $10,000 over 5 years. That’s why it makes sense to search online and get as many quotes from insurance companies and brokers as possible.

Insurance companies in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Albuquerque, San Diego, and Denver may not be under enough pressure to give lower auto insurance quotes. The only way to ensure you get the lower quote you’re intent on getting, is contact several insurance brokers and go online and search for as many quotes as possible. Searching really does work. You’re bound to get the best quote, as I did for a Hyundai Santa Fe. Save your money in 2017 by searching for lower car insurance whether you drive a car, truck or motorcycle. Saving money is always good.


When you do search either for a Tucson insurance company or in the key insurance towns of New York, Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, or Oklahoma, from the national brands, ask for the auto policy features you absolutely want such as free roadside assistance and free rental car.

Where do the biggest savings come from:

  1. buying a cheap, older model car to drive to work
  2. buying usage-based policies
  3. keep your credit rating high
  4. don’t carry collision coverage
  5. install an anti-theft device on expensive car or truck
  6. bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance

Get into the shopping mode and find your lowest cheapest car insurance quote possible. You’ve got the power to shop and save on your next auto insurance quote!


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One way to get the lowest car insurance rates is to use a telematics device. If your driving behavior is erratic and aggressive, the insurer may not offer you lower rates so bad drivers in Arizona may not benefit at all.

Car Insurance Houston – Texas Auto Insurance Company

The Lowest Car Insurance Quote is a Click Away

Drivers in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Galveston, and Irving all have one unified goal: getting a better car insurance quote. And you’ll get that when you look for it. There’s no way your own insurance company is going to go out of its way to compete and just give you lower insurance.

Although there’s many ways to save on car insurance, which you should take advantage of, the most effective way of reducing your insurance costs for your luxury or classic car, commuter car, truck, motorhome, motorcycle or boat, is to search for a better quote. Search until you have 10 separate quotes, not just a search on a insurance comparison site. That’s not the same thing.

Texans pay a slightly higher than average price for car insurance and as well that up to 15% of drivers aren’t even insured. Not being insured is very risky business given how costly an accident could be.  And the costs involved in a claim are always much higher than most driver anticipate. Even a fender bender can be in the thousands of dollars.

If you’ve upgraded your current insurance to include higher deductible and higher liability, you might have seen quite a rise in your premium. You could offset that cost by going to a completely different insurance company. They’re hungry for your business and are willing to give you a discounted quote to get you on board. There’s no awards for sticking with an insurance company.

Check out car insurance Dallas, car insurance Philadelphia, car insurance San Antonio, car insurance Miami, and auto insurance quotes New York.

Car Insurance Requirements in Texas

Texas insurance law requires you to be able to pay for any damages and injuries from a car accident you caused. Most Texans buy liability car insurance to fulfill this law.

Your auto liability insurance must have the following minimum limits:

  • $30,000 for each injured person.
  • $60,000 for injuries per incident.
  • $25,000 for property damage.

Quick Tips to Save on Car Insurance

  1. raise your deductible
  2. buy usage based car insurance coverage
  3. pay your policy premiums yearly
  4. bundle your insurance with home insurance coverage
  5. drive an old car to work and delete collision coverage

Here’s where you can keep your insurance premiums safe from big rises:


Find the Lowest Insurance Rates In Texas

Houston Auto Insurance Agents

Houston Car Insurance
1302 Waugh Dr,
Houston, TX 77019, USA

Baja Auto Insurance Agency
4122 Telephone Rd b,
Houston, TX 77087, USA

Amtex Auto Insurance
13512 East Fwy,
Houston, TX 77015, USA

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10 Compelling Reasons You Need to Sell Your Business and 10 Tips to Get More for It

Build Your Business Then Sell It!

You can tell the best entrepreneurs from regular small business people. Real entrepreneurs treat their startup company as a phase in their lives and as an investment. They already have an exit strategy, often built into their business plan. This planning ahead is actually a big strategic asset which you’ll read about below and it could  be worth millions to you later.

The unsettling truth, is that if you’re not carefully and strategic you could get 50% of what it’s worth or it may be worthless when you finally decide to sell.

kevinshortKevin Shorts’ book, Sell Your Business for an Outrageous Price says something you need to hear. The goal of businesses today is more toward building a money making machine and selling it for a big profit.  The purpose of business isn’t personal identity, it’s to make money to pay bills and live the best lifestyle possible. If you’re a real estate agent, mortgage agent, music producer, auto insurance company or a solar energy company, the goal is not slavery to a mediocre daily routine. Increasingly it’s about doing what’s necessary to create a winner. In the IT and high tech sector, this is particularly so because the owner needs cash and investors want a good ROI.

Business isn’t like it used to be. It’s national and international with financiers and a host of advisers/consultants optimizing the business like it was a race car. They advise on products, branding, digital marketing and markets, instead of a mom and pop operation where there was a lot of personal connecting, rewarding engagement and satisfaction.

It’s different for most today and its good. A new attitude and philosophy about what business means to you, might help you enjoy serving clients, making more profit, and groom your business for eventual sale.  If you’re healthy at 30 years of age, you’re likely going to live a long time. You’ll progress over the years and will develop new skills and passions and the business you started at 28 won’t be all that exciting when you’re 46 or 66. Hanging onto a business you don’t have 100% passion for is a risk.

Exit Strategies for Entrepreneurs

Increasingly, exit strategies are important topics for entrepreneurs. Rightfully so, since the goal is to sell the business — to get out and make a profit. They start with their goal of selling then build their strategy backwards to the present. Brilliant strategists, these new entrpreneurial wizards are. More millennial-aged entrepreneurs are into this, due to how they see the world and themselves. I pay attention to the younger generation because they see the future well. Why not follow them? They’ve created a new culture with a new vocabulary and values that we can relate to.

So you can see I’m writing more on entrepreneurial and investment type topics. Actually, this is a natural fit for me. I’ve learned that as important as passion, dedication, branding, progressiveness, learning, and production are, you can’t do anything without investors. Millennials know this too, and they’re not bashful about going to the internet to do crowd funding to get the funds. And perhaps crowdfunded investors are better investors?

They Became Very Wealthy

I’ve known two entrepreneurs who have made a fortune creating a business. One had full knowledge that they would sell it. I like that idea a lot and you might too. Why? Because despite whatever someone says about passion for a company and an industry, times changes. We change, the market and competition change, our circumstances change, and the economy changes. That’s a lot of change and we shouldn’t ever be so sure that we’ll remain passionate about it after we’ve succeeded past certain personal milestones. Those emotional drivers that we count on, even those inside of us, may not be there through the next 30 to 40 years. That’s why people end up in crisis situations where their cherished business becomes worthless and they’re left with nothing. Things change.

Other than change, creating a business and selling it is an excellent creative experience culminating in a super reward. I don’t think the reward has to be lounging around aimlessly in Costa Rica, California, the Caribbean or Florida. You can start up new projects that are close to your heart. Selling your business then is the step to a new pursuit that makes you even happier.

Here’s Michelle Seiler Tucker on how to get prepared to sell your business. She gets 40% more for her clients

Once you’re in business, you never know where your next adventure will come in. It could appear out of the blue and sometimes those are the most exciting opportunities because they almost seem like magic. Suddenly an offer appears that is perfectly matched to you.

Photo courtesy of

Take a look at Richard Branson and all his exciting new ventures. What a fantastic life he’s had and continues. Do you think he regrets moving on from his original passion of music? He travels all over the world, his efforts are always appreciated even if they don’t create a new fortune. He can, as he says, do things just for the joy and opportunity to do them. He captures all the pleasure possible from his entrepreneurial efforts and he knows when it’s time to get out of a particular business and leave it to someone else with the passion to keep it successful.

Even Sir Richard doesn’t know what’s coming next, but you can be sure investors from around the world know him and will approach him when the time is right. Maybe the right time is now.

Whatever business you’re in currently, perhaps a car insurance brokerage, mortgage financing firm, solar power installation business, or water desalinization company, or real estate brokers, looking ahead to selling your business could be a goal that helps align and focus your efforts better. And you don’t have to do it all with the intent to get rich yourself. Your plan could benefit a lot of people.

Yet, you wont’ do it unless you begin designing your business to capture marketshare and begin to grow. That’s a sizable order although as I mentioned, I’ve known and worked for others who have done it. They were in some strange industries, not my cup of tea, but I respect what they’ve done and what it took. They had a passion for those businesses or propped up a modest passion for the business and made the right decisions to grow it.

Have a Bunch of Fun Business Parties

As I spoke about in a previous post on hyperacceleration in business, designing for growth and having the courage to grow fast are actually insurance against failure. Focus, dedication to the business, not a hobby, and being sensitive to the need for change, including exiting the business. And there are times during these journeys, when at their peak when you need to sell it.

I also know another business person who is still very good at his service repair business, but unfortunately his business is solely him. It’s been a fantastic business for him, but he can’t sell it. I’m going to help him do that though because his brand, dedication, service, reputation, and customer list are worth it. We’ll need a website, social presence, and to hire a technician skilled and younger who can manage the products and services of his business, and handle the new opportunities as well (product sales). And his business doesn’t have to be local. We could franchise it in other cities and make an absolute fortune.

The opportunities are here. We just need to bring entrepreneurs together with marketers and investors and crazy good things could happen.

Things only happen when you bring things together, and given that everyone is busy with their thing, you need to bring them together now, fast, while you’ve got the opportunity. When they’re all together, such as at a party, the chemistry happens. A party then, is a classic example of hyperacceleration, and parties have been happening a long time.

Networking is yet another example of hyperacceleration. Linkedin offers you a chance to connect with a tiny portion of your connections (unless you pay them lots of money). Money opens doors and greases those connections.

Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. It’s good to share!!

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Build Your Business for Eventual Sale

  1. the purpose of a business is to make money
  2. you don’t have the skills, resources or connections to take it to the top
  3. it creates an open minded mindset for investment, deals, and buyers
  4. it keeps you focused on building a value generating machine
  5. it keeps you from stagnating and wasting your precious life
  6. it attracts better business partners, customers, lenders and investors
  7. it allows you to progress with your life
  8. you could become very wealthy as others have
  9. it will give you resources to begin a new business you are more passionate about
  10. it gives you a breather where you and your spouse can travel and experience life fully because life is about more than working and paying bills

Selling Your Business Needs to be Planned and Prepared For

Tips on Preparing your Business for Sale

  1. understand precisely why your business is succeeding right now
  2. understand precisely why your business is going to continue succeeding right through the next 5 to 10 years
  3. identify areas of your business that need shoring up and fixing
  4. review your brand and adjust where necessary to appear to the investor’s value and preferences — they’re your real customers now
  5. get your financial and tax statements from the past 5 years ready and prepared for review
  6. review any legal, regulatory, licenses, asset and debt issues you’ll be grilled on
  7. review ownership of brand trademarks, urls, and clientele that your business can’t survive without
  8. explain how you will transition with respect to major clients who will bolt if you’re not there anymore
  9. review all contracts with customers/clients and discuss your intentions with them
  10. Prepare your presale improvement plan — juice it up and polish it for maximum impact.

You can also head to a variety of websites that will fill in all the details of a business sale and the exit strategy. I’ve probably missed some major points here, but the major compelling concept here is what I wanted to get across to you.

Big Picture: that preparing your business for sale in 10 years or so, is a powerful strategy for making it succeed and keeping you from stagnating with your life.

I like this tip on asking for a higher selling price for your business (this should be part of your preparation strategy so you can convince them and negotiate for more)

Business Vision — Breaking Inertia – Trump or Clinton

Quite a few entrepreneurs are super at visualizing and launching a new business. It takes a special person to overcome inertia and create a new company. These are exciting times and the mental gymnastics and emotional poise required to be a successful entrepreneur are high. But once these businesses are off ground and into the maturation phase, they’re no longer fun and full of possibilities. Donald Trump is one of those people who can move mountains with money or branding power. He marries a lot of women yet doesn’t hang onto any of them. He lives for the joy of creation, not the pain of administration.

The US election (Trump vs Clinton) really highlights the intense conflict between creating new or managing the old. Trump is all about creating a new America, with the entrepreneurial ability to make something out of nothing. Hillary Clinton on the other hand likes the daily administration and diplomacy of a “steady as she goes” ship. The bombastic Trump doesn’t hide the truth and the supercilious Clinton never tells it.

There’s no doubt you’re the Trump kind because you’re still reading a post about growth, business and selling. Good luck with your networking and business partying, connecting with ideas people, managers and top investors. Eventually, the right people will appear, probably all at the same time! You’ll be multi-tasking.

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  • How and when to sell your business:
  • Planning to Sell Your Business:
  • How To Sell To Small Businesses (Infographic)


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SEO Consultants – Specialists in SEO Strategy

Looking for a SEO Specialist, Toronto SEO Consultant, Boston SEO Consultant, or Los Angeles SEO consultant? I’ve been all of that and more over the last 18 years. Make a commitment and outsource SEO to a professional and over the long run, I’ll be delighted to advise you, assist you, and continue producing a wealth of leads via Google search

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Vancouver SEO Consultant – What to Look for in a Great SEO Expert

You Deserve a Talented SEO Consultant

Vancouver BC Canada and the lower mainland is a hot economic zone.  Vancouver companies have the opportunity to be treated as world class businesses and deserving of center stage visibility.  This is a window of opportunity for BC businesses to be seen by American audiences and to tap into that growing market. With the Trump presidency, the US will become more important to everyone and California is vital to Vancouver companies wanting to export and grow.

Finding and hiring a talented SEO Consultant is one of the most important priorities of your business because Google is still the number one provider of online exposure. Some SEO consultants are also content developers, content strategists and social media whizzes. Strategizing the right content, right keywords, and social media push is pretty well the main thrust of digital marketing. An expert SEO/Content Strategy boost can improve your email, PPC advertising, and content marketing campaigns. There’s no end to the value produced.

Check out my epic blog posts on reverse content engineering, search engine optimization, creating content with impact, improving engagement, using social media listening and link building.  Many of my clients approached me as their messiah after the common marketing strategies didn’t pan out. They were in trouble and needed a talented SEO consultant. I don’t play with technical SEO nor seek small wins. I’m hoping to help you win, dominate and create a massive return on ROI.

Explore some insight and tips on selecting a good SEO pro below.

Vancouver CEOs and SMB owners should try keep their mind open regarding a search for a Vancouver SEO consultant.  SEO is much more important than it’s treated. When it’s done well it’s impressive. I’m going to explain why expanding your search just like a major corporation or successful startup would do, is wise and well informed. Find the best SEO and bring him in.

Vancouver is a major world city and Vancouver businesses need to look beyond the local pool of talent for SEO consultants. The best consultants/specialists can make your dreams come true. Because Success is the Goal, not local fulfillment.

There are plenty of SEO consultants available for hire, in fact, in Vancouver alone their could be as many as 10,000 people who may offer to do SEO for you. Are they experienced, talented, capable, trustworthy, and determined to create the best value for you? That’s a rhetorical question. Any mathematician or wise man will tell you the odds are that your perfect match is likely not under your nose. You will need to source them.

Most of the high ranking SEO consultants on Google search results will push your project off to low paid assistants — That’s the only way they can make it work financially.

Just a note though that I’ve hired and worked with many of the top noted experts in SEO and link building and some were absolute fraudsters and hypesters. They’re still working the beat and you’ve probably heard about them or visited their site. I lost thousands of dollars and am wiser but I’m not going to bitter and blow whistles because people deserve a second chance.

Typical Advertisement for SEO Consultants (print advertising)

I know from experience that confident successful clients will look far and wide to get the exact SEO consultant for them. I’ve served clients in Russia, China, UK, US and even the Maldive Islands. SEO expertise may be their priority yet a good SEO expert has to be proficient at many things to generate top rankings now. It’s competitive out there and a strategy needs to be tightly integrated, something it is often not when performed by a marketing company or big SEO agency. Time and skill are lacking because they all hire cheap workers — sometimes doing all the work in India — not Vancouver!

Beautiful Vancouver – Not a Minor Town Anymore

Photo courtesy of Tber on Panoramio

Top Vancouver, Los Angeles, or Toronto Corporations Don’t Look Locally

Big companies look for the best and the wise ones will usually look for reliable overachievers, because to win top rankings on Google is an over-achievement. It means an SEO pro who has the gall to think he can actually rank high and build huge traffic. I’ve done that, and I know it’s possible but the odds will scare you unless you have a well formulated plan with sufficient funding. Your specific industry might take a month or two to understand, but it’s worth it to find someone really good with a fresh, objective view of your industry.

It’s true that with SEO, it is all about words or text. That’s all Googlebot reads, but the human aspect is important too. We need to fascinate your visitor right from the Google search results all the way to the phone call or buy button.

An SEO Plan that Actually Works

More marketers and companies in Vancouver fail at SEO because their plan is childlike and not built on what experience dictates is needed. They make SEO an afterthought instead of treating SEO as a guide to high level conversation, branding, and personal sales strategy. I believe SEO is that valuable and any consultant who doesn’t believe it, is highly suspect. These are customers eagerly, intently looking for your product or service. They are the best possible customer prospects!

Even after getting the desired traffic, your search engine optimization and content strategy may not convert to real customers and clients. Why? Because your provider didn’t pay attention to and optimize the search experience all the way through to the end. The visitor is on a search quest for the best solution.  Too many companies ruin the effort by presenting their brand like a commodity, and they turn the prospect off and make them price-conscious shoppers.  That’s the most common end to SEO campaigns other than underfunding.

It’s so competitive, you have to be the best

What is a Superior Level SEO Process Anyway?

It’s high level. And it’s hard to separate SEO strategy from Content strategy and social media strategy. They’re intertwined and need to be integrated. All 3 of these digital marketing components work together to persuade customers, supporters, fans, and industry influencers along with Googlebot the indexing/ranking machine. An SEO guy has to support a lot of different masters. It’s so competitive, you have to be the best.

What are the keys to making that happen?

  1. Take your time and understand your personalized, significant unique value proposition and how you can communicate it with digital content – don’t dump a bad brand with no UVP on the SEO guy because the value of your brand/product/service could kill your SEO results
  2. Consider how your content will create prospects, supporters and achieve link building goals – why will other people gladly share your content and include it in their blog posts, pdfs, and videos?
  3. Eliminate magical thinking: take inventory of the assets you possess and how you’ll create what you don’t have (e.g. expert SEO copy, video, infographics, engaging social media accounts, research statistics, inbound links)
  4. Research and pursue the correct keyword phrases for your strategy/goals/brand and understand that the obvious keywords aren’t all your customers and Google are evaluating
  5. Write compelling copy using the right wording and semantics – if your content doesn’t convince, you’ve failed
  6. Write text and video scripts to engage, inform and excite the audience – be bold, creative and stand out
  7. Ensure the content is in a desirable format and done well – high quality is costly so do what you can
  8. Conduct search engine optimization in a creative way that Google respects
  9. Research, assemble and produce enough epic level content
  10. Create consistent fresh content that keeps Google aware of your quality and consistent high value
  11. Create and distribute the right content marketing material – pdfs, infographics, photos, social media shares
  12. Spend enough time to develop positive relationships with supporters, followers, and connections in your targeted niche – this is another reason top flight SEO takes time
  13. Understand and respect the latest Google algo factors such as Trustrank, the quality update, and the Rankbrain update — Older updates such as the penguin update refer to avoiding content or linking that looks low quality.
  14. Don’t starve out your SEO effort while pouring money into paid advertising and lead generation

Forget the Hype, Buzzwords and Promises

There was a time when newbie SEO consultants would brag about their SEO training certificates and throw around new buzzwords and jargon like best practices, rss feeds, and duplicate content penalties. Thankfully that’s dying down somewhat in the SEO community. Customers have wisened up.

RankBrain is the 3rd Most Important Signal

The truth that’s hushed by newbie SEOs is that there really haven’t been too many changes to the intent of Google’s ranking algorithm. They’ve only been around for 5 or 10 years, so how would they possibly know? A couple of notable Google algorithm updates are the reduced attribution of ranking power to a domain and they are paying a lot of attention to individual page quality or authority. Google’s become very page specific and just because a site has a lot of inbound links pointing to their homepage doesn’t mean that ranking power will be distributed evenly to all the pages on the site. In fact, it doesn’t distribute well at all, which is why the newbies started crying that “SEO is dead.” It’s not dead, it’s just a little more involved and complex.

High Quality Content is What Google is Looking for: Don’t use Thin Content

Rise of EPIC Content in Google Rankings

I’ll give you advice right away on your campaign: research and patiently create EPIC level content pages. Treat each page as though it was a website. Make it rich and resonate with quality information on a topic. Make your wording and linking clear and trustworthy. Give topic paths that let the reader learn progressively and ensure a variety of content laid out in a visually compelling way. Your page doesn’t have to be focused on one topic only as the newbies suggest. A page can serve multiple roles and rank even better than a single purpose page. Yet that turns up the complexity gauge doesn’t it?

You do need a good web/SEO copywriter, not a print magazine/advertising type copywriter. The copy you need is multi-purpose with complexity and SEO focus being primary (because you need top rankings before anything else works) and then in a convincing, engaging fashion, help the visitor make a decision. Lot’s of companies waste their time with old fashioned copy that is flat, dry and overly proper. It’s good to get messy because that excites visitors.

Top SEO Portals and ezines

If you go to popular SEO websites you’ll see a good volume of content in the form of posts, videos, and news stories on search engine optimization and social media. That’ll give you a taste of how complex it is. So hiring a newbie or a former web designer or marketing assistant thinking you’re going win the Vancouver SEO battle, it’s just a tad unrealistic isn’t it?

That’s why you should hire the best SEO consultant you can find. Look outside to experts who have been around and ensure that this expert himself or herself is devoted to your project, because most of the high ranking SEO consultants on Google will push your project off to low paid assistants. That’s the only way they can make it work financially.

Here’s a great video by Rand Fishkin of who presents lessons in an entertaining video format. He’s quite detailed and explicit about SEO techniques which is fun viewing. He doesn’t cover all the little tricks and strategies that an SEO expert might use. The depth of SEO strategy especially at the level of text and words (semantic SEO/siloing) is complex.

Vancouver is a fascinating city, and many consider it the best in the world. I like San Diego and Banff too but I won’t argue about the new Vancouver. Your company deserves the best, most innovative and creative SEO consultants to compete locally and nationally.  The world is Vancouver’s oyster whether you’re exporting software, technology, travel, or consulting services.


Let me be your professional SEO consultant. I will enjoy visiting you and living in Vancouver. I’m mobile and ready to help you develop the best UVP, digital content, and powered up copywriting to make Google consider your site the authority of your niche. You’ve got every reason to be confident when you have me working for you.

Please, stop looking in Abbotsford, Burnaby, Chilliwack, Coquitlam, Downtown Vancouver, New Westminster, North Vancouver, Richmond, Squamish, Surrey, West Vancouver, or Whistler. I’m the biggest Vancouver fan and I’m looking forward to meeting you and working with you to create monumental victories.

When you’re ready to really excel online, choose an experienced SEO Consulant who can magnify the impact of all of your digital marketing. Call me at 416 998 6246 and let’s get this started.

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Why a Real Estate Agent is So Important for Buyers

The Biggest Gamble of Your Life – When you Buy a House

If you’re selling your home in Vancouver or Toronto, the danger of losing your investment is minimal. Your Toronto realtor or Vancouver realtor has insurance, licensing, has accreditation from TREB or REBGV, and your bank will likely insure you don’t get victimized by a fraudster.

Buyers get nervous at signing because they’re not sure what the risks are.

Your only concern is how much you’ll get and your realtor oddly enough is going to help you get all you can for your property. He or she will even give you advice on letting go of your old home emotionally and help you prepare for your new life.

The realtor/bank/buying agent represent a triangle of safety. Licensed TREB or REBGV Realtors don’t just handle the paperwork, they’re looking out for your best interests.

If you’re considering buying a property, there’s way more risk. The Toronto market is hot and its a buying frenzy via the MLS. You could be buying into something horrible with pitfalls you didn’t even know existed. And we’re talking way more than knob and tube wiring, wood rot, and cracked foundations.

You’re on Your Own – Hope it All Works Out Okay

You probably thought your “Honest Abe” home inspector was sufficient to cover an examination of the property and warn you of dangers, but there’s lots of stories of home inspectors that didn’t do their jobs or who countered that they can only do so much to assess a property (and they’re covered legally).

When you’re signing to purchase a house and sign a mortgage to boot, that’s a scary moment, especially if you’re a first time buyer and you’re involved in a bidding war in Vancouver or Toronto. Maybe your real estate investment is sound and almost fail-safe. What are the chances Vancouver or Toronto will drop into a recession? Even if they do, the values will recover in a few years. But no one can forecast about a specific property – except maybe a realtor.

9 Buyer Pitfalls that Could Ruin You When Buying

Here’s some of the major pitfalls your Vancouver or Toronto realtor (and San Diego, Los Angeles, or Boston realtor) could spare you from:

  1. being too emotionally involved and nervous means you may lose your objectivity and the selling agent could exploit your situation (that could translate to 10’s of thousands of dollars)
  2. you don’t know what the seller’s obligations are in disclosing the state of the property
  3. selling agent knows you aren’t knowledgeable and takes advantage of your naivete
  4. you don’t have someone with a strong residential real estate background to advise you about the real value of the house or what could happen with a duplex or fourplex
  5. saves you from buying a money pit – you see it all the time on HGTV when they open up the walls of the houses they bought – in a sellers market you may even consider buying as is. You won’t have Mike Holmes around to “make it right.” The realtor focused on homes available on the MLS System.
  6. you wander aimlessly looking at homes that don’t meet your criteria
  7. you have no one to help you negotiate the best terms of a purchase – you end up getting kicked around because there are so many competing buyers
  8. you aren’t sure what’s in store for the neighbourhood, what it’s really like, and what taxes might be looming in years ahead
  9. you consider buying a pre-construction condo even they could go bankrupt taking all your money with them
  10. Was the house a grow op, did the owners smoke, when will the roof need to be replaced, and are the neighbour’s unpleasant, and did the current owners meet all the zoning bylaws?

There’s more dangers than these 10 of course.  I hope you keep your eye on the big picture when you’re spending $600k on a home.  You could fall into a situation that could end your marriage, take your money and health, and push you into bankruptcy.

Buying a home is serious business. Don’t ever go it alone just because you can find info online. Yes, people are excited about the Uberization of real estate, but their enthusiasm will undergo some tempering when it actually happens. There will be some horror stories.


Gord Collins is a digital marketing strategist serving clients in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Boston, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Denver in the Real estate and insurance industries.  His professional skills include SEO, content development, content strategy, link building and social media strategy.  Realtors should read up on prospecting, best sources of real estate leads, web site optimization, and check out the Toronto real estate and housing forecast for 2017.  In the market for a home loan and new car insurance policy?

Refresh Your Website and See Your Conversion Rate Jump

Is Your Website the Same Old, Same Old?

Old School branding gurus will tell you to keep your brand consistent and of course, that means not changing your website content frequently. Well, what if change was a powerful way of encouraging customers to return to your website and then converting them once they got there?

What if change in itself is part of your unique value proposition and the changes you make seem personally significant to your audience?

I’ve been doing some surfing lately and coming across sites that haven’t changed since I last visited. If they didn’t convert me to a customer then, they won’t convert me this time either with stale content and imagery.

Web Design is a Key Part of your Unique Value Proposition

I just visited, a web design firm in Ottawa, Canada. I was immediately grabbed by the presentation of this site. It’s superb and really sets this agency apart from any other I’ve seen. Visit them now and you’ll see a comfortable, familiar WordPress layout complete with video background, motion graphics, and scrolling that presents their portfolio and achievements very well.

Screen Cap courtesy of
Screen Cap courtesy of

You’ll notice the web design also showcases graphic design excellence too. Graphic design expertise magnifies their web design value proposition and when you see the large design portfolio examples, it blows you away. And they’re all mobile responsive and clean and they do apps which conveys they know their programming.

Screen Cap courtesy of

The overall impression you get is that this web design company can create your dream website or new app. They appeal to your dreams, and your need for the perfect most impactful and current design.

So you might ask, who would want to change such an amazing web design if it carries that kind of impact? I would. Yet I wouldn’t alter the basic WordPress layout. Instead I’d freshen up the presentation of the items in the homepage. I’d feature different clients or alter how the featured clients and services are described and I’d insert new material that promotes additional services.

Visitors would get the same branded message of excellent, exciting and personalized value, yet they’d see it in a new way. If you’re going to reiterate your unique value proposition, you might want to create a different experience to surprise and delight your audience.

Web programmers can detect whether your visitor is returning, and present new fresh content that helps move them further along the conversion funnel.

The second time you visit a site, the less impact the original layout and experience has. That’s when you need to dig down to present some cool, fascinating, and activating content. In Atomic Motion’s case, a well designed and strategically relevant case study would be most appropriate. Case studies that are credible and informative have high sales converting power. If your content and copywriting are engaging and convincing then you’ll have even better results.

When anyone visits your site a second or third time, they’re very interested in your solution. However they’ll looking for justification and emotion building that’s going to activate their impulse. They actually want to be your client.

So keeping your website consistent won’t help you convert that returning prospect. Bringing some new, interesting, and fascinating content that helps build their impulse and activates them is vital. Freshen up your homepage content and you’ll convert more leads to customers.

Creating a powerful content strategy isn’t easy. It must satisfy branding, customer experience, value proposition, credibility, trust, and of course, SEO needs.  Sometimes finding the best ideas for your company means spending time being open to exploring and appreciating the amazing things others do. Their spirit will launch you into a state of imagination and purpose that tells you what your next move is.

Gord Collins is a seasoned SEO/Digital Marketing Strategist. Author of a ground breaking book that explored concepts such as pagerank, Trustrank, keyword reputation, strategic linking, and semantics, Gord understands the intent of Google’s index. They want quality and Gord will employ brilliant innovative techniques. Gord never sits still when it comes to optimization and growth.

Big Successes in Traffic are Real – Here’s Some Stats you Should See

How Does 16,000 Visits/Month for a Realtor Site Sound?

If you ask the average business owner or realtor about how many visitors they could capture online, you’d get some pretty low estimates. The reality though is Google serves billions of searches for 1 billion people worldwide. They’re still the McDonald’s of customers served. People are searching on Google, especially when they’re hot to purchase. And they can be reached via Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter too.

At this point, you may have done a little SEO on your website and posted on your social media pages and then waited for the tidal wave of traffic. Weeeeelll, you could have a tidal wave if the right digital marketing strategist is doing the work. My realtor client in Mississauga enjoyed 16,000 visits per month for an extended period. For an agent, that’s massive traffic.

Toronto-based Real Estate Website enjoyed an average 16,000 visits per month over many years. How would you convert all those prospects to sales?

Curious about this blog’s traffic? It’s already massive and I’ just getting started. I can do this for you!


A Major National Hotel Chain Doubles Traffic from Google

It happens in other industries too. My major hotel client saw their website traffic grow from 1.2 Million visits per year to 2.5 Million visits per year. If 3% of those visits convert x $400 2 or 3 night booking, it translates to $28 Million dollars per year.

A Digital Marketing Agency in Boston

bigMy branding agency client in Boston enjoyed almost a million visitors over 6 years from a variety of sources (mostly Google). They were the top performing digital marketing agency in Boston over that time period and the revenue and business results could have been much higher then if we’d known then what we know now. Even during the height of the recession, the site had 133,000 Google referrals per year, and 40,000 visitors per year from other sources.  One client was worth a quarter million dollars.

Wisdom Takes Time

Often it seems, only time reveals the complete truth. That’s why in my recent post I spoke about vision and ambition as so vital to sustain business clientele, staff, partnerships and revenue over time. If you’ve always accepted the notion that conservative values/practices denote an ideal, successful, sustained business, I know that this isn’t the case. Continued success in marketing is the biggest predictor of future business health. I’d encourage you to investigate this concept more fully.

Never coast or stop growing. It’s poison to morale, ends relationships, deflates employee’s dream of a better life, and it’s a failure of the original vision of your business

Big successes do happen, but because we tend not to brag or even talk about client successes, no one knows about them. If no one can see your big successes, how can prospects understand your value proposition? Now you know and I have the proof in Google Analytics reports.

Gord Collins | Digital Marketing Strategist | SEO Strategist | Content Strategist, Toronto, Los Angeles, San Diego

How Do You Build Such Massive Successes?

Here’s the keys to repeating these huge successes:

  1. Develop your unique value proposition fully – understand it deeply and personalize it to your audience and make it very relevant to them
  2. Develop plenty of original, useful, well-optimized content – that creates search engine traffic – understanding Google’s algorithm actually is important
  3. Create an attractive website – that’s simple and catches people’s imagination
  4. Do outreach and build links – to your site using engaging content such as infographics, blogs, stats, videos, and other things people like to share
  5. Show thought leadership — do not be solely a follower — great creative thinkers with lots of connections are credible and powerful leaders in the digital realm
  6. Do not do “best practices” – which is code word for mediocrity – do the right thing instead
  7. Be very inventive and creative – in providing value to customers/clients because customers generally trust and respect providers that find ways to deliver value
  8. Be transparent – trust is a big factor online and if people can’t see you and know you, how could they possibly trust you?
  9. Be open to growth and new opportunities – because they’re the path to your goals — growth means following your original business plan in exciting new ways. The journey will be fun.
  10. Be social – enjoy the banter and thoughts of your customers and colleagues as it shows you are genuinely interested in them and it makes your day a lot more fun.

There’s my top 10 list of big success habits you can use right away. The 1th tip, is that you should not go it alone. Digital marketing is too complex and challenging now. Stay active and find the right employees, contractors, consultants, business partners and investors for you. That normally happens as you go so this last one is vital. Chances are you have a good business or marketing idea yet you lack the funds to make it competitive today. Keep your equity and create value for all these people.

If you want ridiculously big traffic to your website, then I’m the person you need to know. If growth and ambition are a part of your vocabulary, we’ll work together spendidly. I’m looking forward to speaking with you soon.

Check out the Bay Street SEO Relaunch!


Gord Collins is a Toronto digital strategist who engineers content to dominate Google rankings and engage prospects on social platforms.  His clients come from every industry including real estate in cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Phoenix, Chicago, Houston, and San Diego.  Get him working for you and watch everything from your unique value proposition to your Google rankings and social engagement grow strong. There’s no time like now to prepare for the future. Speaking of positive outlooks, see the Toronto housing market outlook for 2017 post.

Business Decisions: Do Rankings on Google Matter that Much?

Not on Google? You’re Missing out on the Richest Source of Leads and Sales

If you’re jumping head first into social media and PPC for leads and sales, you might want to check out the real facts about whether Google is a better source. Certainly you’ll be using both and the truth is they work together very well to create big successes.

However, if Google mobile searchers aren’t finding your business, that’s a problem, and not being visible on desktop searches is a serious loss for B2B sales. Restaurants, real estate agents, hotels, and services companies lose a great deal of business by not being easily accessible to mobile searchers. Mobile SEO is rising in importance.

There’s a lot of hope and hype for social media sales as spending is predicted to increase however the bare facts are that search offers better results and isn’t something to neglect in the digital era. This is because when consumers are eager to buy, they use Google to find products and services. They don’t go to Facebook.

If you like stats, you’ll appreciate what this one from eco2 Greetings Cards. CTR rates are 5 times higher and you can bet that conversion rates are just as high because organic search visitors come through with higher velocity and intent to purchase.


googlehotelsFor companies that choose SEO, they see more more visitors and revenue than any other source. SEO means high rankings, more visibility and branding value because Google is highly used and respected. You get to take advantage of all Google’s hard work for free.

Hotel SEO – Very Lucrative

My client, a national hotel chain saw its traffic double from 1.2 million visits per year to 2.5 million visits per year because I optimized their site to rank highly on Google. It’s more difficult today which is why many hotels have given up. They shouldn’t give up. It’s still a bonanza of traffic.

Advertisers on Google Adwords pay $4 to $6 per click for many of these high volume keyword searches as you can see in the graphic below. One million free organic search visitors can equate to $6 million in added cost savings plus the revenue from tens of thousands of bookings. 75,000 bookings x $400 average booking translates to $25 million per year. And they may repeat bookings if they like the hotel. The brand value then extends many years and keeps on producing.  Hotel SEO is obviously very profitable and in my client’s case perhaps up to $16 million per year. How’s your hotel chain doing?


Here’s some facts about Google searches whether on desktop/laptops or mobile devices:

  • Google has 90% of the Internet search market
  • People rely on Google’s services so heavily that when they all went down for 5 minutes in 2013, global internet traffic dropped by 40% – Business Insider
  • SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate, while outbound leads (such as direct mail or print advertising) have a 1.7% close rate. – Search Engine Journal
  • Google’s search and advertising tools helped provide $111 billion of economic activity for more than 1.5 million businesses in the US – Google
  • On average, there are 11 billion searches per month in the United States or 2.3 million per minute. – Comscore
  • Mobile searches equal desktop searches in number – Google
  • According to, 74% of mobile bookings are made for same-day check-in.
  • 70-80% of users ignore the paid ads, and only focus on the free organic results. – Search Engine Land
  • Searches for luxury cars grew nearly 90% on mobile from 2014 to 2015.
  • Rings are among the most mobile-searched type of jewelry, followed by necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.
  • Mobile makes up 88% of all “near me” searches, with those mobile searches growing at 146% year over year – Search Engine Journal.

caseschillerhomesAn interesting search stat comes from Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland which revealed that the volume of searches for real estate agents is a good indicator of housing demand. Their stat shows that demand for real estate agents hasn’t caught up to the Case Schiller price index, suggesting there is much room for growth.

The search trends tell us that real estate agents should be building their web content and rankings now to capitalize on the coming increase in searches for realtors.

Do You Need Lots of High Quality Content?

There’s plenty of content on the web and social pages, however good content can create a lot of leads. Think about these stats:

  • The average content length for a web page that ranks in the top 10 results for any keyword on Google has at least 2,000 words. The higher up you go on the search listings page, the more content each web page has. – QuickSprout

Are you ready to take another chance on search engine optimization? The rankings are still quite amenable to SEO optimization strategies and you can guess that high ranking companies have exceptional revenue. Take a look at complete digital marketing services for business and if you’re a realtor check out our marketing services for realtors page.

2016 could be your best year yet.

(and you’ll want to use social media and search together as a powerful tag team)

Image courtesy of MDG Advertising

The market in real estate is consistently strong across Canada and the US, and homebuyers and sellers are searching on Google to buy a home or condo. Canadian realtors, the forecast for Toronto’s housing market is hot to very hot.

SEO Consultants – Specialists in SEO Strategy

Looking for a Vancouver SEO Consultant, Toronto SEO Consultant, Boston SEO Consultant, or Los Angeles SEO consultant? I’ve been all of that and more over the last 18 years. Make a commitment and outsource SEO to a professional and over the long runI’ll be able to advise you, assist you, and continue producing a wealth of leads via Google search. Yes, we can acquire immediate leads, but let’s not lose site of your need to build lasting equity online. A check of the rankings in your city will reveal your top competitors who are enjoying brand visibility, traffic, and customer loyalty because of their Google rankings. It’s your turn to shine. Let’s get started!

How to Take Your Marketing Agency to the Next Level

Business Success is in Your Hands

If you didn’t read my post on Paul Roetzer’s amazing book called The Marketing Agency Blueprint, you should absolutely read it. He discusses a variety of current opportunities, threats and transformations and provides a blueprint of how to build a dominant position in digital marketing.

The biggest failing of business leaders is a lack of confidence and ambition. The biggest success factor is finding and signing better clients — wherever they are

themarketingagencyOne of Roetzer’s guiding tenets is to hire skilled and versatile staff – what he calls Hybrid marketers. Agencies typically hire too many staff and end up with a lot of confusion and idle time, and then meetings to improve performance. And staff tend to be too specialized and experience trouble evolving with the market, the agency, or delivering service that answers many needs. Many young workers especially start out with good intentions, but as time passes, they become like too many workers – bored, over specialized, burned out and too stressed to improve. A vicious cycle that spins out over time.

Another key issue is a lack of ambition and vision. Too often, agencies rest on their laurels and don’t continue to pursue better clients. Worse, they don’t build a plan to acquire the right clients for them. They become risk averse and begin the slow decline to poor profitability. The issue is easy to understand and the solution is too. Plan to capture the right clients for you and your staff.

Here’s a quote from Paul’s book:

“In 2005, at the age of 27, I became an entrepreneur in pursuit of a better way. My business partner, Larry Onderson, believed in me enough to fund the startup phase, and four months later we hired our first employee, Christina Schmitz, who took a chance and bought into a vision when I was still working out of coffee shops.

We assembled a team of highly motivated professionals, and created a culture that refused to accept traditional wisdom and conventional solutions.”

Big Successes Do Happen for Those Who Have Vision

Brand Identity Guru

A “BIG” Success Story

10 years ago I teamed up with a branding consultant in Boston who had a great concept for his brand identity consulting business. The partnership worked wonders with me as the content and SEO provider combined with his excellent small crew in brand research and web design. Growth was phenomenal. Clients needed help with their branding and when we added my content and SEO services, the value offer was unbeatable. We grew fast, even through a good part of the recession.

However, he and his wife made the decision to move to the Caribbean and enjoy life more and take care of his health. I don’t blame him at all. That is what success is ultimately for.

The long term lesson to be learned is that if you as a business owner stay hungry and push for better clients, you’re less likely to stagnate, burn out, and miss out on opportunity. And if you’re not bringing in great new lucrative accounts that your staff can relate to, it can affect the morale of the company. They need to believe in the future too and to enjoy even better work experiences. Being aware of new opportunity and being ambitious enough to go after a better future is vital to your personal and business health, and to your employees.

A Better Solution is Available – See the Potential

If you should decide to hire a dedicated Content/Social/SEO talent such as myself to help you access markets in the US, UK, and China, you’ll be making a smart decision. Life is too short to live without ambition and I know for certain you’ll enjoy phenomenal success just as Brand Identity Guru once did.

What makes this evolution in your business plausible is your acquisition of a versatile digital marketing specialist who has a mind for new business development.

What I offer:

  1. wide visibility into new markets
  2. more digital marketing work accomplished with better results
  3. access to the US and UK markets
  4. capture much higher quality, high profit clients
  5. helping you with the opportunity to travel, learn more, and grow
  6. a more successful business that lets you live a better life

Give me call and let’s see if we can partner up and produce the next phenomenal growth business. I know we’ll do it, you just have to get on board!


Gord Collins is a versatile digital marketing strategist living in Newmarket Ontario. He is owner of Bay Street SEO, newly revived after 8 previous years of excellence and success. Clientele have been from around the world in cities such as London, Beijing, Los Angeles, Boston, Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, San Francisco, and San Diego.