12 Tips to Make your Homepage Magnificent

Your Homepage Might Be Killing Your Business

Business owners take a lot of care in ensuring their brick and mortar location has “curb appeal” and an enticing entryway.  Ensuring they have a website with curb appeal is just as important. Although visitors arrive through many pages, the homepage plays a big role in creating a great customer experience. It welcomes and sets the tone.

Not much is written on the role, power and design of a good homepage, so let’s get some real insight into how visitors experience a home page.

The homepage is more than an introduction and welcome page.  It’s the epicenter, an orientation setpoint, even if visitors come in through a subpage. It helps visitors reset themselves so they can understand your value proposition in an effortless, pleasant way.

The homepage is a key part of the customer experience and if it sucks, it’s a disappointment and not the experience they were hoping for

Looking for a Good Experience and a Good Relationship

Visitors also arrive because they’ve Googled you or your company and want to know more about you and what your relationship with them will be. And that often starts with what they see in the Google search results. Whether B2B or B2C customers, they’re trying to visualize the relationship they want, which might be: (a) let’s work together, (b) I’d like the expert to handle it, or (c) I’ll tell you what I want.

Your homepage indicates which type of provider you’re going to be and whether you believe in the relationship they want.


This homepage screenshot above is from a Vancouver company called Waves Coffee House. Their homepage suggests: “You’re going to have a superb, fresh cup of coffee.” The fresh, clean design tells you right away it’s about the coffee (and the cream). This isn’t Tim Horton’s or Starbucks (I’ll tell you what I want). It’s a different and more compelling brand (Let’s work together).  And it’s visual because coffee drinkers don’t want to read — they want a coffee experience – to taste it visually.

Their logo should have some vertical squiggly lines to represent the steam rising from a cup and perhaps a few more curves fused into the webpage design.  The site should have social media posts and it’s Twitter is good. It could use a game or more interactivity. Visit their site right now.

Dear Customer — Today’s an Adventure – Let’s Start It Right!

Right off the bat they give you their Toonie Tuesdays/Thursdays – a cheap latte, showing their generosity and customer appreciation. Their coffees, menus, and locations are easy to find. All you have to do is mouse over the location link and you get an instant view of their locations in Vancouver. They even tell you how to brew your own coffee using their Specialty Grade product:  the top 10% of coffee beans from Costa Rica and Columbia.  All of it is quickly accessible from the homepage navigation.

The value proposition really accents on good coffee, yet they have free wifi, good food and you can book their meeting rooms. What an interesting coffee house!  The only thing missing is a gallery of nice photos of the interior showing customers relaxing and enjoying their experience. I’ve never visited Waves, but it looks like a hip place to be in Vancouver.

In this case, the customer experience begins on the homepage. It creates a good impression of Waves Coffee House. For contrast, here’s Tim Horton’s and Starbucks homepages. For these companies, the relationship is more like you’d have with a vending machine (which is what quite a few consumers want).


Oh oh, My Homepage Sucks

Before your eyes go red and you strangle your web designer, consider that you shouldn’t have put it all on their shoulders. They’re not marketers or sales psychologists. Instead, try to understand what’s going on. Actually, there’s a lot going on and you should work with them to create the customer experience you want to deliver.

Make your customers believe in your business and that this relationship is going to be the one they want.

Let’s go over all of things your homepage should do:

  1. welcome visitors and make them feel comfortable
  2. build credibility and relevance (Relevance is King): prove you believe what they believe and are the best provider of what they seek)
  3. build trust and and wipe out uncertainty (use sensible conversational style and be transparent and open)
  4. build desire for your solution and your brand (identify and show the satisfaction they’ll feel when they use your service/product)
  5. build urgency and intent (indicate why they should contact you right now)
  6. communicate your unique value proposition quickly
  7. promise satisfaction (imply the delivery of the benefits they want)
  8. build curiosity (links to interesting content)
  9. make a visual impact and be attractive
  10. present a few key benefits for them
  11. make the navigation understandable and have a purpose for all your pages
  12. route traffic to specific key sub pages (services and contact pages)

I’ve worked in every industry from health supplements to pharmaceuticals to online casinos and sports ecommerce, however I’ve developed particular expertise in real estate marketing. If you’re not in real estate, still look at these observations, because they apply to any industry.

A Great Home Page Needs a Good UVP

Your home page tells them who you are, what you do and what it means for them: that’s all about your Unique Value Proposition. You absolutely  must understand your unique value proposition. If you don’t, you’re operating your business in a fog with essentially guesswork about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. A good UVP matches you to the customer perfectly. That’s the best result possible.

12 Tips to Improve Your Homepage

  1. Outline your value proposition point by point (what is the essence of your offering and why you’re relevant to them)
  2. Get a modern mobile friendly design (html5 design and fast loading)
  3. Outline the key points about your brand/product/service (quick summary of top 5 features)
  4. Define your customer experience and outline the key benefits customers want (quick summary of top 5 benefits)
  5. Create simple navigational cues to your best content (pop up helpers on links)
  6. Make your page scannable with headings that speak your promise of value and satisfaction (smooth orderly progression of your benefits they can take in)
  7. Use original photography that evokes emotion and depicts the experience your customer dreams of
  8. Use headlines, subheads, small pics, bolded text to smooth out the flow of the reading experience and build your value proposition in their mind
  9. Include social proof – the number of likes, followers, and shares can influence readers and create trust, respect, credibility, and comfort
  10. Build urgency, capitalize on their impulse/intent, and have a call to action
  11. Build curiosity with teasers for your content pages where they can explore some topic that’s of vital interest to them.
  12. Have one key benefit idea that “hooks” them (e.g., cheap taste of a premium product)

There is no one perfect homepage design. You can only design after you’ve gone through the 12 steps above. The photos, fonts, layout, navigation, and headings you use all depends on what experience your targeted customer wants. That begs the question: Do you know your customer:)

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Mastering Digital Marketing for Realtors

Creative, Sustained, High Value Real Estate Marketing

Your choice to become a Realtor is brilliant. You’re right. It is the best profession and when you check out the Toronto real estate forecast for 2017 and beyond, you realize realty will continue to be profitable. But now you must evolve to become a digital realtor.

uvp-bethebestAs you know, digital media is penetrating more of our business exchanges and culture. Facebook continues its relentless growth and business is beginning to exploit it, just as it did with Google. They’re the big players however, the range and complexity of digital marketing for realtors specifically, is intense. You can’t do it well on your own.

Home buyers go online to research nearly everything they are curious about. It’s no different for real estate. But when people go online to Google “homes for sale”, “neighbourhoods” or “mls” they’re often in the perfect mindset for realtors to reach them. So being omnipresent during those Google searches or web surfing moments could be worth millions to a brokerage and perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single agent. Realtors need to be present in digital media and be top of mind to home buyers and sellers.

You’re reading right now because you know it’s true. If you fail to develop your online presence in an era of huge growth in practicing realtors, you will lose even your word of mouth leads.

Too many realtors see digital marketing as a huge threat to their business as usual, and that fear is justified. The proper to look at digital marketing is not as an outside threat but as an aid to your business as usual.

Use Digital Media to Grow your Word of Mouth Network

In this post, I want you to understand what digital marketing for realtors is and why you need to see it from a broader angle. Because tactics without strategy creates a mess of costly hit and miss efforts. If you bring your strategy under the omnichannel umbrella, each channel and tactic powers each other.

You probably know how effective Google is in generating leads. Realtors compete fiercely to get a top ranking and they advertise for everything they can’t get for free. And there’s social media, yet it is getting noisy and it’s harder than ever to get noticed and make an impact.

Facebook can even be a good source of leads if you know how to get your local connections connected. If people in your community aren’t connected, then there’s no exchange of your promotional materials. Facebook users want interesting content and so do Google searchers. Do you understand the different approaches required for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram?

You’ll need to create a social media strategy, Adwords strategy, SEO strategy, content strategy, and outreach strategy and orchestrate it all. As a team, these will be powerful. It’s not enough to do one thing anymore. DM has progressed.

Here’s the 10 Simple Steps to a good Digital Marketing Program:

  1. Conduct an digital marketing audit
  2. identify your target market/audience
  3. Establish your marketing goals
  4. Create the digital media you’ll need
  5. Plan your budget
  6. Determine the content you’ll need to create
  7. Determine how you’ll market your marketing – content and strategy and prospecting
  8. Establish your unique value proposition
  9. Determine your Realtor brand image strategy
  10. How you will convert visitors and keep them loyal to you

Impact and Persistence

Advertisers know that attention, impact and repetition generates results. It’s believed it takes 10 ad impressions before the consumer responds. And with conversion rates at 1 to 2%, you can see how much visibility you need before you generate one customer. That’s a lot of AdWords spend! We need a better way.

The better way is this:

  1. create better, more original and compelling content for your prospects
  2. be helpful and be generous with yourself
  3. use SEO to capture free traffic
  4. use social media to connect with everyone and engage them in conversation
  5. use PPC to build total omnipresence
  6. analyze and optimize your conversion funnel process
  7. map unique content to each touchpoint in your customer’s experience
  8. leverage every asset possible to create value for your customers
  9. envision a powerful, personalized, significant unique value proposition
  10. use your digital presence to support your word of mouth networking system

Using digital marketing you’ll reach a lot of people: regular homeowners and their families, online influencers, bloggers, property managers, mortgage agents, and yes, rich foreign buyers. As you’ll learn though, succeeding on one channel such as Facebook and Google rankings just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Can Property Buyers even Find You?

chineseAnd if buyers or sellers never see you online, they’re unlikely to take you seriously.

Digital Marketing is a bargain. From Google Adwords to SEO to Social Media, it’s capacity to generate buyers and sellers for you is unlimited. The only limits are your own self-defeating attitudes.

Digital marketing is still underused and that may be because of a lack of competent digital marketers. Agencies and web design and hosting companies often get first dibs at presenting realtors with a digital marketing solution. The problem is that marketing isn’t their forte. If this is where you’re getting your marketing services from, this could be a serious limitation on your income and lead generation.

experian-2015-juneOf course I’m going to support my specialized realtor marketing capabilities. I can help you build your unique value proposition, improve communications, connect with more buyers and sellers. And reaching sellers is the big gold mine that 99% of realtors neglect. If you’re relying on spammy operators and sites like Zillow, you’re wasting your precious time.


These sites offer few leads and instead leverage your money to fulfill their own agenda and leads.

I want to introduce you to more channels, more touchpoints with prospects, and make them love your amazing brand and UVP.

The 12 Best Digital Media Channels

The 12 main digital channels to generate new leads:

  1. Free organic search engine rankings on Google
  2. Google AdWords advertising
  3. Google local maps/business listings
  4. Facebook shares
  5. Facebook advertising
  6. Tweets and Twitter engagement
  7. Excellent web content: blogs, infographics, local news
  8. Local mls listings
  9. Linkedin profiles and posts
  10. Guest blogging
  11. Distributed blog posts and property listings
  12. Major real estate portals: realtor.ca, realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, Yahoo homes, and Homes.com

To help you master Digital Marketing, I’ve created a series of posts that teach you how to innovate and excel at each opportunity including:

  1. Success Tips from real estate’s BIG Kahunas
  2. Content Strategy and making your content work cohesively
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Persuasive, Engaging Copywriting
  5. Social Media strategies
  6. Reaching influencers
  7. Innovation in real estate marketing
  8. Building your unique value proposition
  9. Powering up your sales conversion funnel
  10. Building your brand image
  11. Improving your performance
  12. Improving your prospecting skills
  13. Overcoming personal challenges to success
  14. Increasing your generosity and communication skills
  15. Outcompeting to win markets
  16. Mastery through better blogging
  17. Capitalizing on buyer impulse – their true desire
  18. How to get people to sell their homes
  19. How to choose a great digital marketer
  20. How to power up your business growth
  21. Discover the lifetime value of a customer

Stick with me and I’ll give you the most effective results in traffic, leads and sales. Let’s start creating more money and more active leads right now!

Call me now to discuss your future in real estate. I’m ready to help. 416-998 6246


Serving Aurora, Newmarket, Markham, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Vancouver, San Diego and Los Angeles with exceptional skill in SEO, Copywriting, Social Media Engagement, advertising, and link outreach.


Auto Insurance Quotes Washington DC – Cars Trucks SUV Quotes

Where You’ll Get the Lowest Car Insurance Quote

Finding the lowest auto and truck insurance in Washington DC just got easy — it’s only a search away. But it’s a lengthy search where you collect 10 separate quotes to ensure you’ve covered the market. Don’t do a search and phone the first company or broker you find. They have a limited number of insurers.

It’s your right to get a car insurance quote in Washington, but don’t expect the insurance companies to be happy about you phoning to save thousands of dollars. They’ll try to pressure you into choosing the right away. And that’s their right. Be firm with any Washington insurance companies you find. First think of the insurance policy features you need and what you need to avoid so they’ll give you a low quote:

  • think about buying a cheap old car to commute to work
  • don’t bother with collision coverage if your vehicle if you have a second one
  • ask for usage-based car insurance where you use a telematics device
  • don’t let teenagers drive your car – exclude them on your policy
  • use an antitheft device
  • park in a garage
  • don’t buy an expensive truck or car if you can’t afford the extra $700 a year in insurance
  • pay your car insurance by the year
  • bundle your auto insurance with home insurance

In the District of Columbia and Washington DC, drivers must have liability coverage which covers the other driver and their car, along with uninsured motorist coverage in case someone uses your car and gets in a horrendous accident. You must carry $50,000 coverage for bodily injury.  Comprehensive insurance coverage covers damage to your vehicle caused by non-accident-related events such as theft, extreme weather, and wildlife. It’s optional, so ask what difference it makes to your monthly premium. Remember 10 quotes is your goal.

Okay, that’s just a few things you can do to get a cheaper car insurance quote online.

Infographic Courtesy of carinsurancequotes.net

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in these other cities:

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New York Auto Insurance

New York Car Insurance Quotes

To find the best car insurance quotes you need to search. The odds of getting the lowest quote on your auto insurance is not likely from one or two insurance companies or brokers. Since there are a lot of companies selling car insurance in New York state, it’s vital to get competitive quotes from as broad an array of insurers as possible. Be True to You and find the best rates.

Auto, Truck and Motorcycle insurance shouldn’t be so expensive. It could be very inexpensive if you’re determined to keep searching and get quotes from all of the US insurance companies and brokers online. Don’t discount small insurance companies who may actually offer the lowest insurance rates due to how they limit their customer base and better tailor their automobile insurance products to specific customers in NYC, Queens, Brooklyn, Harlem, Yonkers, Rochester, Albany, Buffalo, Syracuse, Binghamton, Schenectady, Huntington, Utica and White Plains.

Your Quest — To Get The Lowest Car Insurance

What Does $10,000 Look Like in NY?

Ten thousand dollars
Save on Your Car Insurance

$10,000 looks good in NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver or Los Angeles. That’s how much you could save over 6 years. You could buy new tires, take a trip to Costa Rica or Switzerland and have enough to buy a 60 inch LED 4K TV.

How long have you been with your tired old insurance company? A long time right? That’s how car and truck owners overpay on insurance. You need to shop because that’s the only pressure they face to offer you the best deal. And you want bigger savings than $10 a month. You can save a lot more. I got an auto quote that had a range of $2000 between highest and lowest. Maybe your company is the one that has the highest. Are you using any of the big auto insurance companies such as Geico, Progressive, Nationwide, Farmers, Allstate or State Farm? Get a better quote and keep your money.

Tips to Save on Car Insurance

I’ve outlined how you can save on car insurance premiums, and here on this page New York auto owners can find insurance companies, brokerages, and insurance agencies offering better rates to new customers. So come on, think positive and give these companies a chance to show what kind of super low rate auto insurance policy they can write on your vehicle and how you can drop or lower the premiums.

What to Look for When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes

tipstosavemoneyIt’s tough to know when you’re getting a better quote on your New York auto policy when you’re not sure what it covers. There’s things you can save on and things you can improve on. Ask about accident forgiveness, rental vehicle coverage, rental replacement coverage, combining your home/contents insurance, usage-based coverage, higher deductible for collision damage, and getting lower rates for installing winter snow tires.

Should outright cancel your collision coverage? Tough decision, however it may save you some cash, or it might not save you much. Get quotes either way and see what the difference is. If the difference with no collision coverage on your auto policy is minimal then don’t do it. It’s better to get your old beater repaired if you smack into someone on icy roads. If you need your vehicle to get to work, then by all means, keep your collision coverage deductible.

Accidents do happen, especially in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Houston or San Francisco.  Too many trucks, cars, and motorcycles on the roads and it won’t be getting less congested.

Being properly insured is an important matter. Check out this infographic for info on liability coverage:

Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of
Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of Liabilityinsurance.org

New York Auto Insurance Agents

Allstate Insurance Agent: Kevin Schaefer
49 Nassau St Fl 2,
New York, NY 10038, United States

Allstate Insurance Agent: Elizabeth Nunez-Troy
1001 Columbus Ave,
New York, NY 10025, USA

Allstate Insurance Agnet: James Heins
302 E 19th St,
New York, NY 10003, USA

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I welcome all inquiries from businesses in Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, New York, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, St Louis, Minneapolis, Green Bay, Charlotte, Tampa, Miami, Orlando, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary, Kelowna, Mississauga, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Malibu, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, Mountainview, Palo Alto, Portland, Washington, Atlanta, Irvine, Nashville, Salt Lake City, Riverside, Glendale, Oceanside, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Carlsbad, Santa Clarita, Redmond, Kansas City, St Louis, Stockton, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Indianapolis, Columbus, Colorado Springs, Fort Worth, Chula Vista, Escondido, and Honolulu.

How To Create Your Perfect Realtor Brand Image

Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents

Competition in real estate sales is intense. There’s one sale for every agent. So how do you separate yourself from the hoards and avoid anything that pushes you back into the pool of unknown agents – the realty clones?  If you think it’s sexy to be one of the clones, well, it may actually be killing your personal brand image — the thing customers are buying.

clonesmallBuyers and sellers make a lot of assumptions based on what they believe about you — that’s your Realtor Brand Image. It’s time to create a unique significant professional brand image for you only.

You are special, you are the most significant and a brand guided by your Realtor marketing strategy leads to creating that special feeling about. Check out my new book which is about creating a laser clear brand, one that creates one single emotion in your audience – feeling good. And that’s when they call you.

You may have read my posts on SEO, Social Media, unique content, prospecting tips, the customer experience, top realtor skills, ambition and drive, and powering up your lead funnel. I know, they imply that digital marketing success is all about brains and real hard work. Yet this post tells you it can be fun and fulfilling too.

It’s not just to stand out. It’s in being relevant and making your client feel happy, satisfied, and secure.

There’s one thing as important than all those tactics, techniques and strategies — branding and how to build your own personal brand image.

It’s possible to have tons of traffic coming from Google, Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook, and even more from email to read your fantastic content, and still get no clients. If that’s happening, it’s almost certain your professional brand image is the killer. It could be poor or confusing.

This epic post should alter and modernize your views about branding. Hopefully, it’ll culminate with you understanding good things about yourself professionally and enjoying sharing them with your audience. They’ll love it because ironically, it’s all about them.

Do You Know What a Brand Image Is?

Your brand image is the message or promise of value and relevance you give to your visitors and clients. Upon arriving at your pages, they make an immediate judgement of your ability/promise to create value for them based on the impressions they receive.

Brand Image = Brand Promise = Unique Value Proposition

The Lamb theme looks funny, but Brad Lamb has done well with it. How would you run with that brand image?

If your website site sucks, is ugly, has no listings, is tough to read and navigate, offers dull, trite or cliche info, and doesn’t offer anything relevant to them, they’ll make this decision — you are irrelevant. And if your content is confusing, then this is where you discover how to align it with your professional brand image.

Your website is a key element in your personal branding and you get to build your brand on your personal/professional strengths on that living document.  You can identify the images, words, topics, and layout that tells them you are the most relevant real estate advisor. And they’ll believe it because collectively, you’ve made sure all of your online content is sincere and speaks to their beliefs and values.

Laurie Weston Davis of The Geeky Girls offers a general explanation of how real estate agents should create a unique value proposition online to establish their brand. As you’ll learn though, in the rest of this post, is that there are actually 14 key benefits you need to touch on to create your brand promise and big idea. Branding is very complex and the end goal is to simplify all the details you’re about to discover.

One Goal: To Make them Feel Happy, Satisfied, and Secure

In my last post, I talked about 18 benefits buyers and sellers want and that they can be congealed into a key emotional benefit — a feeling of satisfaction, happiness and security. All of your experience, skills, connections, and strength mean nothing unless you can register an emotional impact that reassures them they will be satisfied, happy and secure. It’s the same for a job hunter, home renovator, or a guy asking a girl to marry him. Each had their chance to get their “value proposition” across.

Trust is a big component of a great realtor brand image. Debbie Murray of Dallas created an excellent video that focuses on building trust, relevance and her capabilities.

Neil and Scott Higgins got their brand makeover from Agent Makeover


Your Unique Value Proposition is the same as your Brand Image

Your UVP is a compact statement of words and imagery that tell them how your services are relevant to them. The UVP or brand promise is your guarantee of value, results, customer experience, and a good relationship.

To make the best impact, your brand image needs to be consistent. In fact, it should be laser clear. If visitors aren’t contacting you, they may be confused. That’s why the “less is more” mantra became popular. Marketers felt they were better off saying and doing less so they’d avoid confusing customers.

However, if you can’t create longer, dynamic content, covering important benefits, it will be tough to prove you’re better than 40,000 other realtors in your city. How can you make your value proposition stand out if you don’t go into some detail? If your value proposition is well thought out, simplified and expressed creatively and with laser clarity, you could vaporize your competition. You’ll create such a connection with your audience that they’ll believe no one else exists.  You are the one — the only one.

How To Create Your Compelling Significant Brand Image

The benefit they want: a feeling of satisfaction, happiness and security. Simply list all of your strengths, assets, experience, style, attitudes, energy and knowledge and for each, make a statement of how that helps your target clients. Clients seek a realtor who is meaningfully different to them. That’s what we call significance.  You have to convince prospects of your significance.

And if they feel you’re irrelevant or not significant because of some criteria such as age, gender, race, or your website colors, your brand image must overcome that challenge.  The realtor market is crowded yet you’ll create a brand image that’ll launch you ahead of all of thm. Whoever does branding best, wins.


Just like your prospects on your website, you’re in a learning mode. You’re in between “I don’t know anything about this branding stuff” and “Can Gord realistically make my brand promise crystal clear.”  After, you read this article, you’ll know more about personal/professional branding than 99.5% of the population.

Who’s Doing a Good Job of Branding in the Realty World?

Here’s one real estate guy’s brand image that’s easy to comprehend and looks like he’s having fun. Ian Brett looks like a safari guide as he helps buyers wade through condo jungle. He’s converting your anxiety into a fun and painless adventure. Fits the type of service perfectly. That’s fun!


Jason Soprovich greets you right away on his homepage. He communicates very quickly that he is all you need to buy or sell a luxury home in Vancouver. He’s almost larger than life, looking confident, experienced and belonging in the world of luxury, so much so that you forget all about details and nagging doubts. He’s going to make it happen, in style too.

The house  in the background too, helps convey uniqueness. The curved glass, the roof, and the hedge along with driveway are all excellent visuals, as is the muted cloudy blue sky background. Here, less is more. There’s no pressure, only a simple statement that he’s available should you have some questions. Elegant, understated, and credible. Of course, that’s the first impression. The job of communicating the value proposition or promise, continues in your main pages, blog, social media, and listings, and then in emails. It never ends.


Jade Mills is a top Los Angeles realtor. In this video she speaks of integrity, customer service and a passion for helping buyers/sellers and building good relationships through networking. She’s likable, hard working, down to earth, gets results, and takes away the pain, even for other realtors.

The 14 Key Elements of Your Personal Unique Value Proposition or Brand Promise

  • Trust
  • Skill
  • Dedication
  • Determination
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Relevancy
  • Experience
  • Likability
  • Intelligence
  • Similar/congruent beliefs
  • Value that is clearly differentiated from your competitors
  • Understanding of their aspirations/values
  • A sense of familiarity/comfort

All of these attributes should be fused together with laser focus to move prospects to believe in you and hire you. If you thought your brand image was your photo and a few brags about sales, and your media appearances, you now know that clients are looking for something else.

The Final Piece: Do Your Homework — It’s Fun

What hampers most people in building a great brand image is themselves. We all need to monitor our thoughts about ourselves and counter our own negativity and others attitudes about us, and just enjoy being us. You don’t need permission or props. You deserve to feel good. Like the the 3 people you just met, you can be whoever you want to be. Create the image that represents your passions and values.

I’m going to borrow from the book , Branding Yourself by Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy.  Their 5 principles of personal branding in the digital age can help you begin the process of how to create your brand:

  1. Discover Your Passion
  2. Be Bold
  3. Tell Your Story
  4. Create Relationships
  5. Take Action

1. Discover your passion.  I’ve written about passion extensively in this blog – about knowing why you do what you do (It’s the thing that makes you fascinating to other people. Believe you are fascinating).  What is that hope that gets you out of bed every morning? Who are you really doing it for? What is it you will do for them? The things we do most passionately, we do for other people (even though we behave like it’s for ourselves). What is the feeling you want? What is the lifestyle that will give you the social, material and personal things you crave?

What is it about real estate and helping others that drives you?  If it’s money alone, you won’t last long. You may want personal warmth, a sense of connection to your community, being a contributor to a better economy, making friends, a commitment to supporting and protecting others, or achieving an important role expected by others. If you know why you do what you do, and you commit to your passion for doing it, your customers will love you. There’s no doubt. I’ve seen it with numerous professionals who display their passion in how they celebrate every part of their lives.  They started with little (unemployed, bankrupt, uneducated), followed their passion and life just kept getting better. Their journey was interesting and colourful.

My favourite example is from Myhang Gibson a mortgage agent. She nails the social and celebration element of branding. Community, friendship, family, fun, and a full life are powerful images. Her brand is personal, helpful, knowledgeable, and she reflects beliefs and values that most people share.


2.  Be Bold. When you feel committed and certain about your passions, it’s easier to be bold and brave.  You develop a powerful urge, belief, and magnetism toward your goal. It’s not a hunger or deservingness either. It’s an internal, natural, personal direction that compels you to do things.  There’s an inner intelligence that tells you to keep going even though you don’t know why.

Do something new at home and work. Talk about yourself, promote yourself, and tell people who you are and what you’ve accomplished. It’s not to brag, it’s just to tell them who you are. If they’re real, they’ll appreciate your honesty and they can be certain about what you’re capable of and will likely do.  If your brand image is a good one, they’ll develop tremendous confidence in you. If you back up your brand image with appropriate action, you’ll soon get a reputation as someone who fulfills people’s needs and wishes.

3.  Tell a Story. When you have lots of connections, experience, and knowledge, you don’t have to tell people everything explicitly often. You communicate your personal brand image and your brand promise through your stories.  Your stories relate to how you help other people and the value they received. and stories are about your daily experience, passions, doubts, insecurities, and pursuits. It’s the real you, but expressed in a way that is relevant and valuable to your prospects and clients.

With one image, you can tell a compelling story. But please don't do this, you might hurt your back.
With one image, you can tell a compelling story. But please don’t do this, you might hurt your back.

Richard Branson has plenty of stories to tell and everyone one of them tends to be compelling. Just a picture of him makes you expect a story. Just as he does, you need to grow your experiences so you have more stories to tell. Strive for those experiences that give you the best stories to tell and ways to tell them.

Richard Branson for instance tells his stories using his entrepreneurial and travel experiences.  It’s nice to have extensive experience and a colourful imagination, but even if you don’t, you can work with what you have.

Stories are powerful anecdotes, stuffed with rich messages about behaviours, values and intentions. Stories speak strongly about our highest principles and best results.

Good storytellers can be persuasive, especially when their message is backed up with explicit material on a website, blog, etc.  When the stories match the statistical type stuff and other evidence, prospects will see you as being very credible. The stories and pictures will make you desirable.  And when you hit on the very things they believe, you create a powerful bond with them.

4.  Create Relationships.  By networking and talking about things others believe in and want to know more about, you create new contacts.  Meet people with genuine interest in knowing them, and know that they have connections too. These are people you can help. And you want to find ways to help them first.  In business, it’s very important to be a go giver.  Prospects do see your intent, your generosity of spirit and communication, your transparency, and the amount of value you can deliver to them. By shaping your personal brand image, you’re presenting an optimized value package to them. When your image and value is clear to them and they trust you, you’ve got a new client.

5.  Take Action.  When you’re clear about yourself, your skills, passions, and your market opportunities, and you’ve done your networking, taking action is not so hard. If you miss out on the previous steps, then action will be difficult. Nevertheless, no one is perfect and you just need to feed your passion and build an unstoppable belief in your mission.  The “Faith” everyone  talks about is actually a faith in yourself.  With that belief and confidence, there’s not much that can stop you. The first action, you’ve already taken. You’ve begun tackling the difficult process of finding your unique personal brand image and expressing it to your customers.

Discover and Focus to Find Your Main Idea

Once you figure out what types of digital content will work for you, and how you’ll present that to prospects, you need to find one main idea that becomes the focus of your branding. This one thing will help you stay aligned in your content and present yourself consistently with laser like focus. Your audience needs simplicity and you need to make an impact.

It’s the focus of your value proposition and image which etches you in their brain. When your significant, compelling UVP is clear in their minds, that’s when they call you. Your main idea/theme is the subject of my next post! Make sure you return for more useful, significant, relevant ideas 🙂

If all this is too complicated for you, hire someone to help you. It’s just a simple process. You can do it.

Agent Branding Resources

If you’re in Vancouver, you’ll be delighted to know Agent Makeover is in Vancouver. Lori Wiens can help you visualize and build your personal brand image. Check out the excellent work she’s done for her realtor clients.


And, check out Tonya Eberhart for Brandface Real Estate.  Here’s what Tonya highlights with respect to important traits for realtors in personal professional branding:

  1. Character – being authentic and having a personality
  2. Confidence – knowing you believe in what you’re doing
  3. Clarity – achieving focus in your business
  4. Customization – be your brand – your unique value
  5. Being a Thought Leader – create good content
  6. Contacts – network and marketing to reach clients

Additional Resources:


The Complete Guide to Building Your Personal Brand



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Luxury Home Sales in Canada Continue Record Pace

Toronto and Vancouver Sizzling Hot Realty Markets

Although the US markets such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Charlotte, and Miami are glowing brighter these days, Toronto and Vancouver are actually the hottest markets in the world right now. The Forecast for housing sales and combined with higher condo and home prices means realtors can raise their earnings considerably.

internationalhomepricesBoth Toronto and Vancouver are keeping pace for new sales records this year. And it’s a great time to be selling a $1Million+ home in these 2 cities. Excellent for those who have positioned themselves to sell these properties. Take a look at the sales Jason Soprovich is enjoying in Vancouver.

US and foreign investors are keeping their eye on the Canadian market as the Canadian loonie stays down at 75 cents US. There’s still time to get onboard the rising tide.

The globe and mail reports that in the first two months of the year sales of Vancouver homes valued at more than $1-million increased 23 % year over year. Toronto luxury homes were up an unbelievable 63% year over year. Overall in the GTA, home prices rose to about $720,000 on average.

Depicted at right are the world rankings of property prices around the world. Knight Frank’s most recent  world wealth report   shows “prime” property prices in Canada are rising at a rate that’s 4 to 14 times faster than the average of the rest of the world.

“Luxury home sales in Toronto and Vancouver will continue to defy gravity this spring. Both markets have the potential for significant gains and we expect heightened demand and insufficient inventory to drive price escalation and sellers’ market conditions.” — from a statement by  Brad Henderson, president and CEO of Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, reported by the Globe and Mail.

Toronto Soars

TREB reported 7,621 home sales in February, up from 6,294 — a rise of 21%.  That’s despite the fact supply is actually very limited. More homes are sneaking above the $1 million mark thus giving them the tag of luxury homes, when in fact, some of them aren’t really luxury homes at all. Is it time to refer to luxury homes as those above $4 Million? The forecast for 2017 sales and new construction are positive. It’s been record growth recently.

Vancouver Rockets

Sales of detached homes rose by 37% year over year and the average price of a detached home in Vancouver has also risen 37% to $1.3 million.  Most luxury home sales in Vancouver are from 2 to 5 Million dollars. New listings in Greater Vancouver increased 7% so clearly homeowners are starting to get the itch to sell.  Ironically, the total number of properties currently listed for sale on the MLS® system in Metro Vancouver is 7,299, a 38.7% drop compared to February 2015.

vancouver 5 year trend

It’s common knowledge that few Vancouverites can afford to buy a home. We have to ask who buyers are now in both Vancouver and Toronto?  Clearly, Millennials can only afford lower end condos in most areas of greater Toronto and Vancouver. The desperation of the market has increased the use of shadow flipping, which the BC premier says she intends to clamp down on. However, she also stated she will not do anything to affect homeowner’s equity– clearly signalling a “hands off” attitude that will appeal to luxury home and condo investors around the world.


As the white line above shows, Vancouver condos still haven’t taken off in price. Maybe this will be your investment opportunity? (Call me if you need a tenant — me. Don’t let that luxury condo sit empty when I could be minding it for you:)

With migration into Vancouver on the rise, the government will have to act fast to promote new home development. With low interest rates, investors and developers are eager to get into these fantastic market opportunites.

Luxury Home Realtors Having a Great Time

Vancouver area luxury real estate agents are enjoying a rare period of exceptional sales and income.  It could be another record year in 2016 for Sutton Group West Coast Realty who are clearly enjoying the fruits of being top dog in the current residential and commercial property boom.

Luxury home realtors may have to shift their marketing to the International investor and buying audience of Saudis, Chinese, Hong Kong, Australian, US and European buyers whose currency exchange rates given them a decided boost in purchasing power. Asian investors are buying globally, but nowhere do they feel more comfortable and welcomed as in Vancouver.

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Who’s buying properties in Vancouver in Toronto?

What makes a better luxury real estate agent?

Are the most beautiful condos in Vancouver lifting the market even more?

What do home sellers really want from a realtor?

What’s up in Realtor marketing today?


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Huffington Post Article Tells Us We Need to Grow – Edible Beer Rings

Your Sunday Awakening

sealA new feature article on Huffington Post says so much about how small-minded we are in business and how desperately we need to grow.

It’s a simple post about an six-pack beer ring, the symbol of convenience and weekend celebration for the working class.

6 pack rings thought to be a simple, innovative packaging solution, have actually been adopted as a symbol of death by ecology groups around the world, yet manufacturers ignored that issue. Marine birds and sealife are entangled and die because of these plastic strips. Worse perhaps, these plastic rings end up with other dangerous plastics and microplastic particles in the south Atlantic swirling timelessly in a global cesspool. Microplastics are one of the most insidious threats of our era. This is our time capsule for future generations to remember us.

The moral of this lesson is that marketing agencies can and should come up with convincing branding and disruptive messaging that counters the despicable reputation of big brands. Small agile, free-minded marketing minds can generate the necessary views to change the reputation of marketing and corporate entities (including the numbered companies we so adore).

Who Respects Beer Companies?

Beer companies have the worst reputation, socially, environmentally, morally and business wise.  Who isn’t annoyed with Coors and Budweiser ads for the working class’s champagne?  Astonishingly though, a beer company’s marketing agency actually came up with a new idea — that these nasty killing threats could be neutralized by making them edible for marine creatures.  An amazing, disruptive concept. What if you turned your most negative brand image weakness or business liability into a strength? This so brilliant!

Hyper Growth is Beginning to Make Sense!

The economic and governmental rules that make commerce impossible in Europe and North America could actually be a grand hyper-growth opportunity if we act on them. For the first time, eco-friendly thinkers are being asked for their opinions. They were ignored. You can see how the terms disruption, innovation and hypergrowth are meaningful. This is the leading edge of major transformation in how we think about business. eco-friendly marketing may just be a reaction to oppressive business conditions in Europe and North America.

Plastic Rings? Well, We Can’t do anything About that.

wallstreetIt seems we can do something about that. In fact, if Wall Street and Bay Street reject the concepts they used to gain easy, short term profit, they’d be part of a complete renaissance in the branding of big corporate profits. And let’s face it, corporate profit is the biggest brand image problem these companies face. Consumers are disgusted by big business profit and cheer as big business fails. Time to think like a responsible small business with a conscience.

For small business, this “edible biodegradable” concept dissolves a major hurdle for entrepreneurs by dumping the common excuses of big business. Big business clings to the “jobs benefit” they think voters actually believe. Gasp, cough, snicker, no one likes corporations.

The key takeaway from the “edible beer rings” disruption is that when we disrupt the normal corporate value with something more humane, eco-friendly and cost effective, it’s good for everyone.  Share this post with your Walmart, Costco, Target, Coors clients as proof that disruption is good.

Gord Collins is a digital marketing strategist focused on brand growth. Serving clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Vancouver, Phoenix and Vancouver, Gord takes clients with modest expectations into a realm of colossal success.  What is stopping your business from major success?


Car Insurance Tulsa

Get the Lowest Auto Insurance Tulsa

It’s the commute to work every day that really jumps up those auto insurance rates. Add that to the type of car you drive, your age, and a suffering credit rating, and you have a formula for very high insurance rates.

So instead of taking it from the insurance companies, search around and find a company that views your risk differently. You must get a lower car insurance quote today. Search thoroughly and get at least ten quotes from insurers and brokers in Tulsa, or Oklahoma City, Denver, Albuquerque, Phoenix, St Louis or even Los Angeles or New York. There are insurance companies across the US which you may not realize can offer you a better quote. But you won’t get it unless you search.

See which cars or trucks have lower rates and see which cities typically have lower rates. Consider using telematics devices on your vehicle because it could lead to lower rates.  These devices record your driving behavior to let them know you drive safely. If you’re a good driver, there’s nothing to worry about. All the insurers will be getting into telematics.

Shop around online to get the very lowest insurance quotes.  By looking for better quotes in Insurance companies aren’t happy about the shopping strategy and they’ll make you work really hard to get a good quote out of them. They’ll make jump through hoops. They know they don’t have the lowest rates nor policies with good benefits and they want to keep their profits high. By shopping around for quotes, you can save and you might get those features you absolutely want such as free roadside assistance and free rental car.

Where do the biggest savings in car insurance come from?

  1. buying a cheap, older model car to drive to work
  2. buying usage-based policies
  3. keep your credit rating high
  4. don’t carry collision coverage
  5. install an anti-theft device on expensive car or truck
  6. bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance

Tulsa drivers should get into the shopping mode and find the lowest cheapest car insurance quote possible. You’ve got the power to shop and save!

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in your city:

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One way to get the lowest car insurance rates is to use a telematics device. If your driving behavior is erratic and aggressive, the insurer may not offer you lower rates so bad drivers may not benefit at all. Check out this solution for lowering insurance rates for teen drivers.

8 Key Skills/Habits of the Best Luxury Real Estate Agents

What Truly does Create a Successful Luxury Realtor?

Realtors who specialize more in the luxury market likely have a few unique personal and professional traits that bode well for them. The stars in this niche might not match our picture of them however. They could actually possess negative traits.

As long as they have these 8 professional traits/activities listed below they may overcome anything and build an insurmountable edge in selling the most high priced luxurious condos and estate homes.

merrily-hackettWhat separates elite realtors from the rest?  It may a belief in themselves, that they can do anything and are quite happy to do whatever it takes to improve their business. After they eliminate all the stuff that they’ve discovered doesn’t work, they focus more on what will.

And they have that joyful optimism that says “I can do this.

Success in real estate does take time, however top realtors know they must take what does work and accelerate it. Sure, human relationships are organic and it takes time for everyone in the community to get to know your reputation. So anything that accelerates your reach, credibility and familiarity is worth doing.

In luxury real estate, poise, trust, and presence in the upscale communities are important. Are millionaires more exposed to fraud or bad transactions than the less wealthy? Not really. Rich homeowners want a realtor that “belongs or looks like they belong in their circle”, whom they can trust and will take all the pain away.  They consider their circle a prestigious club. If a Vancouver millionaire wants to sell their $2 to $10 million home, they’re likely going to contact one of the top realtors such as Merrily Hackett (over $15 billion in sales volume and 22,000 real estate ends in 2015!) and Jason Soprovich. They’re the most visible and reputed millionaire realtors in Vancouver.

Jason has been involved in over One Billion Dollars of Residential Sales and was ranked West Vancouver’s #1 Realtor for 2011 based on a record setting $265,000,000 Dollar Volume of Sales for a single calendar year.  Jason has earned a wealth of professional expertise, knowledge, sophisticated resources and unique skills along with an understanding of the Marketing and Promotion of Luxury Real Estate down to every last detail.

“I believe there is no substitute for aggressive promotion, networking, and a deep comprehension of market conditions and honed negotiating skills. Success is not measured solely by sales, but by relationships built, continually communicating with clients and by responding to their individual needs; as well as, appreciating the special qualities of their property.”  Read interview in the Vancouver Sun with Jason.


Top 8 attributes of a great Luxury Real Estate Agent:

  1. Actively prospects 3 hours per day. Countless studies show successful Realtors are ardent prospectors and salespeople. Merilly Hackett is quoted as saying her priority is prospecting and sales. And smart realtors don’t doddle with social media and content marketing either. Instead, finding someone really good means saving their precious time.
  2. Focuses on more Listings. This entails finding homeowners who want to sell, thus they’re putting more time into networking and meeting people to create more touchpoints with people in communities. Word does get around and they’re actively invested in the communities, businesses, and upscale residents where million dollar listings are prevalent. They also create a presence on the lifestyle and real estate websites homeowners frequent. Online and off, they focus on reaching people with homes to sell.
  3. Uses Sales Scripts. Using their tested best selling conversation means finding a conversational and inquiry process which they’ve found works for them. This improves engagement with prospects and leads to higher closing rates. This conversation with prospects continues online and off. If the first contact goes well, it puts the relationship on sound footing and that tends to continue, ultimately leading to sales transaction and a long term professional friendship.
  4. Hires a Digital Marketer and an Assistant. Though some agents hire an realtor assistant who may free up considerable time, that person is not an excellent digital marketer. Online reach and impact are very important now to help support the realtor’s real world networking and communications. And using SEO, Social Media, email, content marketing, and even paid advertising are all part of what’s now called omnichannel marketing, is necessary because it maximizes the collective promotional value. Combining roles creates double mediocrity.
  5. Networks with other Successful Realtors. Other realtors may often be your best clients and it never hurts to know the best in the business. Realtors from other areas of the city, country or world might send clients your way if they know about you, or find you online. This means making an effort to create conversations with other realtors — they refer to who they know, trust and might benefit from. This is business. Here’s where digital marketing, SEO and content marketing pay dividends. It makes you visible online and creates touchpoints with other realtors — the touchpoints that mean something to them. They are an important customer prospect.
  6. Builds a strong local presence.  Visibility via outdoor advertising, digital advertising, and community activities and perhaps some timely print material gets you known. And yes, getting your lawn sign in a great neighbourhood is always a key goal. This is where active networking and interpersonal time comes in too. Nothing makes an impact better than connecting with people face to face whether at sports events, community events, or other social activities. If your face and name are all over the place, it makes it easier for people to approach you.
  7. Delivers Wow Factor. Realtors that use drone video, interior video, superb photography, beautiful staging, and an amazing fun experience on their website impresses homesellers. They may bring a large tablet computer to show how they can improve their home and landscaping for even more value add. They can’t help like a realtor who brings out the beauty and full value of their home online. Who wouldn’t be impressed. Being listed on a site such as Dream Homes Magazine or the Robb Report adds even more prestige. And let’s not forget the value of being highlighted in the media.
  8. Understands the local market exceedingly well. A property is worth whatever buyers think it’s worth. A hovel in Toronto or Vancouver has sold for an obscene price. Luxury realtors such as Jason Soprovich know how to buy and position a high value property for sale. There’s a lot more play in the luxury market thus allowing for more creativity in presentation of value and negotiating a price. Knowing which features are most important to specific buyers allows them to clinch a better price. This impression of competence gives them a lasting reputation as a master of sales.

By following these top sales professional traits, you’ll push yourself into the elite category and focus your time on the activities that truly do bring the best long term results. If it takes time to build a regular real estate career, it takes even more effort, strategy, and resources to become the next Merilly Hackett or Jason Soprovich.

Who do you feel is the most notable luxury real estate agent in your city?


Affordable Leads for Luxury Realtors

What’s the value of realtor leads for the next 5 years? Immense, and when you create them yourself, they’re not cold leads which is you receive from lead generation companies.  Today’s best luxury real estate agents develop their own unique and impressive realtor brand. These impressions have a powerful effect on buyer/seller attitudes. 

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Car Insurance Pittsburgh

The Lowest Auto Insurance Pittsburgh

How do You Get The Best Auto Insurance Quote in PA?

Whether you’re in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC, or Charlotte there is a better way a better auto insurance quote — search online. The lowest auto insurance in Pittsburgh won’t come to you. Start searching and demanding the optimal coverage and the cheapest rates.  You’ve see how you can save $10k over 6 years by getting multiple quotes. Once insurance companies in Pittsburgh realize you’re searching hard, they’re going to come up with more competitive quotes. And you’re free to choose the one that offers the maximum benefits, top customer service and premium discounts.

Get your premium discount via a broker or via an online insurer providing national coverages. It’s tough to guess who will have the best rates. You’ll find out when you search.

Search for auto insurance Philadelphia, car insurance Boston, truck insurance Pittsburgh, and auto insurance quote in Chicago now.

Cleveland auto insurance brokers are an especially interesting option since many have their own insurance companies and underwriters they refer customers to get quotes from.  Just like any Ohio insurance company, they are interested in making a big profit. That’s why they’re in business. The key is to let other people pay those big profits, while you get rock bottom quotes.

It’s proven that the only way you will get rock bottom, lowest insurance quotes, is to shop around, nto in Cleveland, but online. Insurance companies are resistant to this shopping around idea, and they’ll make you work really hard to get a quote out of them. They know they’re not offering the lowest rates nor policies with good benefits. By shopping, you can save and you might get those features you absolutely want such as free roadside assistance and free rental car.

Where the biggest savings for Pittsburgh drivers come from:

  1. buying a cheap, older model car to drive to work
  2. buying usage-based policies
  3. keep your credit rating high
  4. don’t carry collision coverage
  5. install an anti-theft device on expensive car or truck
  6. bundle your home insurance with your auto insurance

Pittsburgh drivers can get into the auto insurance savings mode and find your lowest cheapest car insurance quote possible. You’ve got the power to shop and save on your next auto policy!

Check out insurance for cars and trucks in your city:

Pittsburgh Auto Insurance Agents

McIlrath Insurance Agency
4601 Clairton Blvd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15236, USA

Feeney Insurance Agency
1350 Old Freeport Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15238, USA

Nationwide Insurance Agency
600 Grant St,
Pittsburgh, PA 15219, USA


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One way to get the best car insurance rates is to use a telematics device. If your driving behavior is not the greatest, the insurer may not offer you lower rates. Bad drivers may not benefit at all. Check out this solution for lowering insurance rates for teen drivers.