The Reason I Didn’t Call You

What We All Want: Success in 2017

But some aren’t preparing for it. Hey, I don’t want to nag, but even when an outstanding solution worth taking a gamble on is apparent, you’re shrinking back into old schemes. With the US economic recovery speeding up, there will be amazing new opportunities to grow your sales in 2017. Playing it safe is the wrong choice because your competitors and new competitors will be taking chances and will blow you out of the water.

You’re Going to Climb that Mountain

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The first thing Sir Edmond Hillary might have said to the locals in the Himalayan villages he wandered into was “No thanks, I can do this myself.”  Scaling the world’s tallest, most dangerous mountain is a good corollary here. It’s very high, takes some planning and strategy, requires resources, and a good guide who will likely have to improvise along the way. Thinking about going it alone is one issue for your 2017 success, but there’s an bigger barrier to the evolution of how you market your SMB in 2017 and beyond — You.

It’s much like your company facing moving forward to 2017. You’ve got an enormous challenge to grow significantly next year. I could attack your approach, ideas, values or I could tell you how brilliant you are. Which do you think would be most effective in getting you transitioned to the better performance your boss expects?

The Reason I Didn’t Call You

“It’s not because I doubt your skills, experience, acumen, creativity and diligence. It’s apparent you have all that. It’s because I don’t believe you can significantly boost my company’s revenue using content and SEO.  If I sincerely believed content strategy and boatloads of traffic could rocket my sales and revenue, I’d be breaking down your door.

Here’s our situation. Our current model favors advertising despite the future threats of its demise. Our window is near term because no can forecast long term. Advertising is certain, fast, and we can optimize landing pages and our offer to generate sufficient sales. Until that fails, we’re not looking at sustainable digital marketing solutions.

Your model relies too much on creativity, ingenuity, built on top of a strong value proposition, which we don’t feel we really have. In fact, most of our competitors have better products. For us to suggest we have an advantage is rather pretentious and could cause us to lose customers.

Even if you offered guarantees, we wouldn’t do it because digital marketing is all hype. Realtors for instance, are turning away from it in droves and hightailing it back to local flyers and bus advertising. And the number of jobs for content strategists is minimal. That sector didn’t take off.  And SEO’s themselves are pushing toward minimum wage which must say something about SEO.

Google and Facebook have succeeded in trashing the organic content medium so that ppc advertising is only way we can reach customers. PPC is fast, cheap and requires little supporting content. By firing visitors through the sales funnel fast as possible, we bypass the need for “real content” and a complicated process of promoting long term value. As long as PPC exists, we don’t need to put much effort into content or improving our value proposition.

It’s nothing personal. It’s how we think about the problem and the low risk track we believe in.”

Overcoming Sales Resistance

stubbornWell, as you can see above, there’s just a few hurdles to convincing marketing managers and small business people of the merits of Content Strategy and SEO. Is it really all a waste of time? The stats tell us more consumers are going online, and even though Facebook and Google are getting filthy rich from the PPC revolution, there are hazards in becoming addicted to those channels.

I think the key barrier to persuasion is questioning the values and ideals that underpin business people’s thinking. Those ideas are mostly underwater like a frozen, aimlessly floating iceberg and they’re tough to get at. Some advise using negative techniques because they actually have a reverse psychology effect with “Don’t Contact Me” prospects.

As Simon Sinek says, “People like and buy from those who believe what they believe.” You could go in building a rapport with their ideas, and then push them to use those ideas to the hilt. And of course, those “same old, same old” ideas will fail. I think the pursuit of the goal approach has good merit.

I’ve seen enough success with SEO and creative content to know it works. I’ve worked with online casinos where we had enormous success with Google traffic and flash e-cards for instance. I worked with a hotel whose value proposition was very pricey, not for many travelers, yet the volume created all sorts of cascading, unforeseen value including room bookings. And I’ve seen major online sales success with a sporting goods manufacturer with a website that very subpar. The site looked awful, but gear sold like crazy because of the enormous traffic I generated.

Pic courtesy of

The big end results are there or anyone who wants them. It’s just a decision to drop old ideas because you don’t need them anymore. 2017 is a brand new year where you break out of stale mediocrity because you’re bored with it. How does boredom come up as a motivating factor.

Content strategy and SEO are far from boring. They power your business up in many ways and they prevent the inevitable slow death in sales you’re heading toward. And they open you up to the new US economy happening as we speak.

It’s a whole new era in the US and you need to keep up with it. Content Strategy and SEO will return because they add value to everything your company does, and you believe in compounding value.

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Social Media Marketing Works if You Have a Plan!

Generating Leads with a Social Plan and Strategy

While blogging and epic quality content generation are the workhorse for digital marketers, social media still has a vital role  With your social media strategy built on a great unique value proposition and great content, it will take your marketing high.

To understand social media’s role, you need to disregard its typical reputation – as a frivolous time waster where nothing of value is shared.  Good social media actually uses good content as a focal point, whether it’s brand building party pictures or published whitepapers or clever contests.  There’s a “something” in the middle of all that chatter. That something is good content that helps get your UVP and brand positioning across really well.

You may not make a sale right away on social media, but you can make impact, and a lasting impression around specific issues that are personally relevant to your network. At the very least, prospects will see your spirit, openness, and that you’re involved and active. People buy from people who share the same values and who make them feel good. The more you have going for you the better so make your prospects feel good.

Social traffic is growing. Allowing your business to fall behind in this rising channel is not wise.

The use of digital media constantly evolves and Google Alphabet is proof that Google knows it’s search engine is becoming less important. Facebook and Linkedin are the future of digital marketing.

I’ve got an easy to learn process to build your social media plan for Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. Each platform has its own user base and strengths, yet your digital marketing plan can bring them all under one umbrella.

The issue with Social Media is a lack of a cohesive plan to build an interesting customer experience with people. Each social channel has its own type of users and you can create a unique customer experience for each of them. And if your website doesn’t offer an emotionally charged, uplifting experience, then social is the perfect solution. You can make your brand look very interesting, interactive and even overcome your weak branding. And let’s not forget how good social media can be for your SEO.

Now That Sounds Like a Plan!

Your social media plan helps create an interesting, ready made experience for the visitor, regardless of what time of day they arrive, and let you funnel them onto your target conversion page. And if you do time your posts to reach the maximum audience, let’s say Thursday, that might be the only time you will ever get these people’s eyeballs. Any other time and they ignore you. Social is very good for reaching the unreachable.




A realtor may only be able to reach home owners and home buyers in the evening or weekends when they’re active on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin. You’ll want to post at those times. They may respond right away, and you can begin a conversation. If you know how to carry out these conversations, you can make quite an impact and generate a new client (and referrals).

Most social posting is done aimlessly, with posters acting on a hope that someone will find it. But most social posts disappear fast and are never viewed again, particularly Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Considering the speed and volume of posts today, you have to be particularly good at timing publishing and to ensure your wording carries that visitor to where you want them to go. No doubt it, Social Media strategy is challenging but so necessary. This is the future.

If you have a plan and you commit to the effort, you’ll start to see results. So let’s take a look at the structure of your social media blueprint and how it’s the foundation for a great strategy.

The Social Media Plan – An Infrastructure to Create Your Customers

Think of your plan as a network of roads and your strategy as how you direct traffic along those roads. Give people the proper signs at the right place and if they enjoy their driving experience, they might all become customers.

  1. set your social media marketing goals
    • specific
    • measurable
    • attainable
    • relevant
    • time bound

2.  create the customer experience model: describe how users will experience your social content and understand it clearly within a branded and topical context
3.  choose the social channels that will work best for you
4.  choose and describe your business persona or profile — your brand in social
5.  describe types of content that you hope to make sharable — be specific
6.  select dates of publishing and frequency – to coordinate content so it generates an impact and action
7.  select your call to action and goals for prospects – how will you get visitors to follow your ideal click path?
8.  set up Google url shortener for better social tracking – put urls on a spreadsheet and generate the corresponding shortened urls for use on your social posts
9.  identify social influencers in the field and large groups of like-people to target
10. Assess your social media goal attainment and refine it iteratively to improve results

Now that you have a methodical plan to visualize and create your material, you can begin building your strategy from start to finish.

Now You Can Brainstorm Your Strategy!

Your strategy describes how you’ll move the visitor from social sites to your blog or website (the final conversion goal) contact form or your phone number. In realty, a phone number is important. You want to capture the prospect while in they’re in the mood. Because one hour from now, they’ll be onto something else, or they’ll go to one of your competitors. That’s a horrible thing to let happen!

Within this social media strategy, you have to create a reason for influencers and other social users to share your content. That requires creating content of value for them — which will make them look good and more valuable to their audience. You need to develop awareness of their expertise and how you can engage with them.

It’s wise to write down a description of your social media account purposes. Give your accounts a pet name (your favorite celebrity?) so you have a theme that people can easily understand and like. You can use a little fun, dry humor and drama if needed to build a compelling social brand image. This image should be okay for influencers and make you look relevant to them. Social influencers are powerful catalysts if you can get them to support you.

The BIG Kahunas of Social Media — The Influencers

For instance, if you’re a realtor or mortgage agent looking to leverage the millions of mommy bloggers or real estate notables out there, you need to look at things from their perspective. How will your tweet or end goal matter to them and their audience? How about a story on how your home buyer’s lives improved after they bought their house? How did the kids change and become happier and healthier? What in the home was a catalyst for great things?

You can connect that catalyst to your realtor or mortgage services. It makes you relevant to the whole process of their lives. Now they have a reason to click through. Your hook might be how finding a new home can mean the difference between happiness and a poor quality life. The page you point to could be a home search or an article on the “7 features of a happy home.” Mommy bloggers will like that!

As you become more familiar with your strategy, you’ll get better at discovering what moves your visitors to click and to contact you. And you’ll discover trending topics might put you in front of a huge volume of people. You might even advertise if you have some content that’s capable of going viral.

We can’t avoid social media. Facebook is already refering more traffic than Google. That is monumental in the digital era. Things change so please don’t fall too far behind. You’ll regret letting this stuff go.

Top social media performance is no small task. Ensure it’s wired throughout your omnichannel digital marketing strategy. To outcompete, you need to use all resources effectively.

Here’s my phone number. If you’re a moderately successful agent, a digital marketing program with all the bells and whistles is what I offer.


A more desirable alternative to hiring a digital marketing agency or taking in an in-house college grad, is to hire a dedicated digital marketer from Toronto.  Together we can collaborate and build the most cost effective yet productive digital marketing solutions. And as an experienced and versatile SEO specialist, Social Media Strategist, and content strategy expert  I offer clients knowledge equity in addition to outstanding revenue results. 

Top 10 Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

Most Desirable Luxury Gifts for Xmas 2016

I know you’ve been dying to know the top luxury gift ideas for 2016 because you’re going to treat someone special to an unusually valuable Xmas present. Can one gift make a lasting impression? Oh yes, when it’s something perfect, useful and prestigious, you’ll be remembered long after the gift has disappeared into memory.

But before you rush off to Harrods, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany, Prada, Valentino, Armani, or Neiman Marcus, with your one perfect gift idea, take a look at a nice selection of expensive, highly sought products first. The more you see, the more likely you’ll find the gift your loved one actually wants. And these are some fantastic Xmas gift ideas for those lucky few with some discretionary income. There’s 5 ultimate gifts for the girls and 5 for the guys, from gold diamond necklaces to electric cars and to exotic vacations, you’re sure to find one at your price point. Fair enough?

So let’s take a look what might be the top Xmas gift ideas for 2016!

1.  Eco Friendly Costa Rica Vacation at the Arenas Del Mar Beachfront & Rainforest Resort – $16,000

The view of an active volcano from Arenal Springs Resort

2. Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Price: $33,000

The Tesla Model 3 Electric Car – Very Beautiful and with 200 mile driving distance!

3. Tonino Lamborghini 88 Tauri Smartphone – Price: $5,250

Pic Courtesy of

4. Freefly Alta 6 Drone Helicopter – Price: $16,000

Pic Courtesy of

5. 88″ SUHD 4K Curved Smart TV – Price: $35,000

Super High Definition TV 4K
Pic Courtesy of Leons

6. Illa Midnight Diamond Necklace – Price: $165,000

Pic courtesy of

7. Cannondale Jekyll Carbon 1 2016 Mountain Bike – Price: $8000

Pic courtesy of

8. Searay Sundancer-350-Coupe Sport Boat – Price: $395,000


9. Canadian Rockies Ultimate Spa Vacation at Banff Springs Hotel – Price $11,000


Banff Springs Hotel, Banff Alberta, Canada. Pic courtesy of Flickr

10. Australia Gold Coast Beach Front Vacation – Price $21,000

Screen Cap Courtesy of Surfer’s Paradise Hotel, Australia

All the above 2 week travel vacations were averaged for either a New York or Los Angeles Departure. Interested in other travel articles?

There’s my top ten luxury gift ideas for 2016. I don’t think you’ll get too many arguments from her that two week vacations in a paradise is too over the top.  But, she might like that Tesla Model 3 electric car yet she’ll have to stand in line with tens of thousands of others to get one.


Need a better content strategist and SEO Consultant? Digital marketing is complex today yet the essence of high performance is creative innovation not technical automation. I can help you achieve phenomenal performance using reverse content engineering, hyperacceleration, making an impact, improving engagement, and optimizing your unique value proposition.

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Google’s New Campus Looks Amazing – Open Concept to the Limit

Oh Yes, Google’s at it again. This time, they want to stretch our imagination about how good a workplace could be. They’ve hired an architect to come up with something that catapults business flexibility, value to employees and employee creativity to the limit.

googleslideThis new “campus” is more like a village under a flexible, transparent roof structure.  This particular model will likely begin appearing across all Google campuses and then spread to other organizations.

As of March 7, 2016, Google has modified its original plan but without the dome shape unfortunately. Apparently, Mountain View city council wouldn’t give Google all the land and instead gave Linkedin some for their use. I hope this doesn’t signal a loss of confidence.  Anything Google does is contagious and insipring and we need that today.

Google’s business model and practices tend to be disseminated throughout today’s business culture. And for good reason. They’re visionary, leading edge, adaptable and borne of confidence.  You could have had Google stock back in 2005 for $85 and it’s now at $534.

Everything this company does begins with a unique philosophy.  It’s probably their record of success and confidence that breeds such a fearless imaginative approach to business.

Google Campuses

I was really excited about my first visit to Google’s main campus in 2005 in Mountainview which is just north of San Jose, and just south of San Francisco.  I discovered how romantic San Francisco and northern California is. It’s not a “Girls Gone Wild” kinda of thing —  just a fun interesting place.

You’ll definitely want to attend a Google Party when the new place is built.

Their current home is big, open concept, and definitely designed to make employees feel special. I especially like the playground slides from the 2nd floor down to the first. We’re all just kids and we wanna have fun.

Their New Home Will be Near the Bay

But this time, they’re creating some sort of  geodesic netherworld. Apparently, they want to create buildings out of modular blocks to enable them to grow/build out any way they need to.

Millennials must think they’re a key part of the future of mankind with this project.

It’s completely open concept with cruise ship type amenities.  It proves a point, that money and imagination are linked.

The pictures really tell you what the new trend is in employee engagement and productivity.



See more pictures at the

What do you think of Google’s self driving cars and Google Glass?


And as an experienced and versatile SEO specialist, Social Media Strategist, and content strategist expert  I offer clients knowledge equity in addition to outstanding revenue results. Let’s talk now at 416 998 6246.

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Car Insurance Quote Chicago

Lowest Auto Insurance Chicago

Find the best Auto insurance rates in Chicago and area by searching online.  Illinois happens to be one of the more expensive states for auto insurance. Just as in New York, Boston, and Denver, the weather, ice and snow, make driving tricky, thus a higher likelihood of being involved in an accident and making a claim.

Whether you’re in Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Denver, or Philadelphia, how making saving on car insurance by shopping online a yearly habit.

Not so Dumb!
Don’t be Dumb Chicagoans, Get the Best Auto Rates!

Shopping online is the best way of lowering your auto insurance costs. Don’t accept that car insurance is a statutory expense and you’re stuck with whatever Chicago and national insurance companies decide to charge.  There are plenty of alternative providers on the market, although you’ll only find them online or through a number of insurance brokerages.

That’s why you must get competitive quotes as you can even for high end luxury cars.  Chicago insurance brokerages offer products from a big variety of auto insurers, but online insurance companies offer an infinite variety with the benefits and low price you need. You’re bound to find the lowest rates for your truck, car, or motorcycle this way.


Don’t stop with low auto insurance.  Keep on searching for lower home loan mortgage rates, solar roof installation, getting a free home market evaluation and save all the money you can. Find better Los Angeles Auto Insurance, Phoenix Auto Insurance, Boston Auto Insurance, San Francisco Auto Insurance, San Diego Car Insurance Quotes, Miami, or Denver quotes for auto insurance.

What $10,000 Looks Like

Ten thousand dollars
Save on Your Car Insurance

Search for a good 40 minutes on Google or Bing because you might save you $10,000 over 6 years. That may be a third or a quarter of your earnings for one year. Don’t give that money away with out a fight.  If you’ve been loyal to the same Colorado auto insurance company or one of the national brands for years, there’s nothing wrong with that unless they’re taking advantage of you.  Would any insurance company in Chicago would do that to you?

Tips to Save on Car Insurance

I’ve outlined how you can save on car insurance premiums, and here on this page drivers in greater Chicago will find auto insurance companies, insurance brokerages, and insurance agencies offering better rates to new customers. So come on, think positive and give these smaller insurers a chance to show what kind of super low rate auto insurance policy they can write on your vehicle and how you can drop, reduce or lower the premiums you pay.

What to Look for When Getting Auto Insurance Quotes

tipstosavemoneyIt’s tough to know when you’re getting a better quote on your Denver auto policy when you’re not sure what it covers. There’s things you can save on and things you can improve on. Ask about accident forgiveness, rental vehicle coverage, rental replacement coverage, combining your home/contents insurance, usage-based coverage, higher deductible for collision damage, and discounts for using snow tires.

Should you outright cancel your collision coverage? Tough decision, however it may save you some cash, or it might not save you much. Get quotes either way and see what the difference is. If the difference with no collision coverage on your auto policy is minimal then don’t do it. It’s better to get your old beater repaired if you smack into someone on the congested, steep roads anywhere in Colorado. If you need your vehicle to get to work, then by all means, keep your collision coverage deductible.

Accidents do happen, especially in New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Houston or Denver.  Too many trucks, cars, and motorcycles on the roads and it won’t be getting less congested.

Check out this infographic for info on liability coverage:

Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of
Check out insurance liability coverage on your auto policy. Infographic courtesy of

Chicago Auto Insurance Agents

United Auto Insurance Agency
3201 N Harlem Ave,
Chicago, IL 60634, USA

Great Northern Insurance Agency
5632 S Pulaski Rd,
Chicago, IL 60629, USA

1st American Insurance Agency II, Inc
4445 N Pulaski Rd,
Chicago, IL 60630, USA

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Realtors Conference and Expo Orlando Florida – NAR Convention

Real Estate Conferences 

Should you be booking a spot at the 2016 Realtors Conference and Expo in Orlando Florida on Nov 4th?  Yes, because the enthusiasm and spirit of these big conventions is something vital for you to experience. And you can bet the top realtors in the industry will be attending speaking about housing trends, realtor strategy, technology and more.

Matt Cutts – Google’s Chief Search Engine spokesman speaking at San Jose 2005 convention in San Jose

This is a Realtor career builder. They’re like the many of the big SEO conferences I’ve attended in California and Toronto and they give you a great event, some great memories and some valuable professional contacts.

In fact, just yesterday, I was just speaking with one of the top SEO people in the industry in the last 20 years out of Boston. I met her at my first big SEO conference in Dallas Texas in 1998 where she was a top event speaker. She referred to my SEO books in her classes which was quite an honor. She had a very successful 20 year career and has moved onto personal life enhancement consulting.

You need to develop these types of connections in the real estate industry and build your awareness beyond your town or local area. These are people with vision, ambition and passion for what they do and your future clients will be impressed that you had the foresight to learn and grow.

The depth of the coverage in conferences isn’t deep, however it builds your confidence and makes you believe you could be a leader in your market.  Belief is very important. The event I attended at Google’s headquarters in Mountainview, CA in Silicon Valley was a fun time and I hope to return again next year. They improve each year and do give you insight into the emerging trends you need to stay ahead of.

Here’s a video from last year’s event in San Diego (Michael Bull) speaking about social media.

Why a Big Real Estate Conference?

NAR Official Logo – Courtesy of National Association of Realtors®

Confidence and enthusiasm open the mind to new opportunities and out of these many tools, people, and ideas, comes your BIG idea. This is the one that will drive your real estate business success.  And from November 4th through the 7th, realtors from across North America will be attending  REALTORS® Conference & Expo event in beautiful, sunny, warm State of Florida.

Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center is the second largest of its kind in the US, with 70,000 sq ft of space, 3 full service restaurants and 8 food courts so you won’t have to starve.


Image courtesy of Golfweek

What will they experience at the NAR Convention in Orlando?  I’ve been checking out the agenda. Here’s a  list of the best marketing related sessions they’re offering.

Friday, November 4 Residential Economic Issues & Trends Forum NAR’s Chief Economist will discuss current conditions in the economy as well as his forecast. He will discuss current trends that are impacting the business including supply constraints, access to financing, first time buyers, and the looming rise in mortgage rates.
Friday, November 4 Valuing Solar Installations for Real Estate Resale Discover how to help your clients when buying and selling homes with solar installations. Enhance your knowledge about solar photovoltaic and how to estimate the market value of a home, and review the process for auto-populating the MLS when solar photovoltaic is a property feature.
Saturday, November 5 Five Steps to 5 Stars Educate yourself on online reviews, how consumers use them and how to provide relevant information online for buyers/sellers, so they select you for the job.
Friday, November 4 200% Growth: Who’s Done It & How They Got There  Identify how to set your business goals twice as high as last year with this panel’s ideas.
Saturday, November 5 Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones) and How They Can Help You  Are you curious about drones and the future of real estate? Review Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulation updates, find out how to make purchase decisions to fit your business needs.
Saturday, November 5 Active Property Marketing: Unlocking the Power of Listings  Find out how to create a wow strategy to dominate your market and discover how to win listings and inspire referrals.
Sunday, November 6 8 Strategies to Achieve Super-Star Success in Residential Sales Evaluate eight specific strategies you can implement, which are related to dollar productive activities, no-cost strategies, attaining balance and gaining the right mindset for success.
Sunday, November 6 The Top 5 Sources of Listing Leads in Today’s Market  Discover where to find listing leads. Find out how to stop wasting money on ineffective lead generation tools, use inexpensive strategies and get 30 qualified sellers in 30 days who want to sell now.
Sunday, November 6 Ninja Selling: Double Your Income & Work Less Discover how to generate a continuous supply of buyers and sellers by implementing nine habits.

There’s some excellent topics and great speakers for a motivational and career launching time. So why not think about driving down to Orlando and attending?  Come on, get’s some enthusiasm and make a commitment to yourself!

See more about the convention here:

And here’s how you can prepare for the conference:

Conference Infographic
Infographic Courtesy of

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Car Insurance Quote San Diego

San Diego Car Insurance

San Diego actually has one of the lowest average auto insurance rates in America.  Are you one of the lucky San Diego drivers enjoying those low rates right now and smiling?  Ahh, the beautiful sunny coastal and inland weather, and roadways between Oceanside and San Diego make driving a breeze. Why not have some more fun saving even more on your car insurance too?

If you’ve been with your insurance company in La Jolla, San Diego, Escondido, Oceanside, Carlsbad, Chula Vista, or any California-based agency, you probably had your rates creep upward. Your insurance company might have the motto “what they don’t know won’t hurt them.”  But losing your money is painful even if you are wealthy.

Not so Dumb!
If you’ve been dumb about car insurance, don’t get dumberer — Find the Best Auto Quote.

It’s time to get shop for the best car insurance rates in the San Diego area. The lowest auto insurance quote from a San Diego -based insurance company won’t just happen right away. You need to search hard. If you’ve read my post on how to save on car insurance, you saw that i got a $2000 cheaper auto quote. You can buy new tires, new stereo, new TV, and new clothes for your whole family on the savings for just one year! Now multiply that $2000 by 5 or  years, and you can relate to how it’s going to help you in the years ahead. Shopping is good sense.

And there’s no reason for you to shop local and watch thousands of your hard earned dollars disappear.   It’s vital to get plenty of competitive quotes from as many car insurance companies as you can.  So Cal insurance brokerages offer a large array of insurers offering a large array of auto insurance products. You’re bound to find the lowest insurance rates for your truck, car, or motorcycle by conducting an extensive search online.

Keep on saving.  Find lower home loan mortgage rates, solar roof installers, and a free home market assessement. Does the US housing market forecast look to you? How will it affect the marketing in San Diego? Live in another area? Find Los Angeles auto insurance , Phoenix auto insurance, Boston auto insurance, San Francisco auto rates, Toronto auto insuranceChicago auto rates, and Denver car insurance rates today.

Quick, Easy to Fill out ecommerce Forms are all nice and dandy, but what you need right now is to search widely for the lowest insurance quotes and — Save Your Cash!

$10,000 Looks So Good!

Ten thousand dollars
Save on Your Car Insurance

A good prolonged search on Google or Yahoo could save you $10,000 over 6 years. Gotta love those search engines. $10K is a car load of cash, so take your time and shop wisely. Get lots of quotes and you’ll get one that will astonish you.

How to Save on Car Insurance

I’ve outlined in my post on how how you can save on car insurance premiums to help you understand which features of your policy make sense. Find auto insurance companies, car insurance brokerages, and automobile insurance agencies offering much lower rates to new customers. So come on, let these companies give you a super low rate auto insurance quote on your vehicle. Be smart, save all your hard earned money.

What Should you Look for on an Auto Insurance Policy

tipstosavemoneyIt’s tough to know when you’re getting a better quote on your auto policy from a insurance company in San Diego county when you’re not sure what it covers. There’s items you can save on and things you can improve. Ask about accident forgiveness, rental vehicle coverage, rental replacement coverage, combining your home/contents insurance, usage-based coverage, higher deductible for collision damage, and discounts for a good driving record.

Should you outright cancel your collision coverage? Tough decision, however it may save you some cash, or it might not save you much. Get quotes either way and see what the difference is. If the difference with no collision coverage on your auto policy is minimal then don’t do it. It’s better to get your old beater repaired if you smack into someone on the congested, steep roads in the San Diego area. If you need your vehicle to get to work, then by all means, keep your collision coverage deductible.

Accidents do happen, especially in Boston, Chicago, New York, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco or Denver.  Too many trucks, cars, and motorcycles on the roads and it won’t be getting less congested.

Being properly insured in San Diego is an important matter. Check out this infographic for info on liability coverage:

Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of
Check out insurance liability coverage on your policy. Infographic courtesy of

San Diego Auto Insurance Agents

Freeway Auto Insurance Agency
1333 Camino del Rio S. #102,
San Diego, CA 92108, USA

McCormick Auto Insurance Agency
1437 Morena Blvd #201,
San Diego, CA 92110, USA

Liberty Mutual Insurance Agency
9325 Sky Park Ct. #200,
San Diego, CA 92123, USA

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Digital Marketing Attitude Survey

Getting our finger on the Pulse of Professionals

Please take this survey on buyer attitudes toward digital marketing services. I will send a report to each participant if you include your email address in the comments box.

It will be fascinating to discover the prevailing beliefs of online marketing from professional Realtors, Mortgage Brokers and Agents, Dentists, Realty Developers, Insurance Agents, Small Manufacturers, and other small to mid size business owners who are facing big decisions about how they’ll be doing their marketing in 2016.

Here are the 11 Questions:


Thank you for your participation and I hope the results help you make better decisions!

Targeted Link Building – Growing the Links that Create #1 Rankings

Quality Links = High Rankings: Creating Unique Value is Absolutely Needed

Quality inbound links aren’t limited to .edu, .gov and major portals. Links from relevant websites that generate positive interaction register nicely with Google.

Quality is more important than ever but so is creating value, good will, and sharing value with the right people.   High quality link building is the most difficult task in SEO and the route to creating high quality backlinks is even more complex.

An intelligent, expert strategy that builds specific, unique value for top sites and individuals is the one that moves the needle for ROI.

The vast majority of businesses still hunt for free or low quality links which Google treats as spam. Those links create no keyword value, buzz, or interaction. Google knows they’re worthless. Please don’t go that route. Adopt a strategy to build quality targeted links.

If you need high rankings and higher visitor conversion rates, then creating valuable, unique content and generating value for other people and businesses is paramount.  The process we’ll talk about here has two basic components: high quality targeted content and high quality targeted links.

As you’ll read below, this process of targeted link building is itself high quality and generates extended value beyond high Google rankings. It takes your whole business to a new plateau.

The Path to Nowhere

Quality links can’t be garnered via an Indian cheap link builder. These are created through your action and strategy of interacting with top companies, influencers, journalists, bloggers of high relevance and authority with authenticity. Building relationships with industry people is so fruitful.  You won’t create these powerful relationships using an Indian link builder. This is high quality connectivity with people you would never be able to reach — people who can take your business to the top in the real world. Sound exciting? It is exciting.

These new targeted connections, and outreach on the web and social media platforms will open up all sorts of new business avenues. Feel optimistic because it creates more value than anything else your digital marketing can produce.

What Google looks for are signals that indicate genuine interaction, transparency and exchange of relevant value. They assess your content and see if there’s meaningful interaction around it.

How Long Do Links Take to Affect your Rankings?

It used to take months for any visible sign of growth in rankings, but as this graph shows, the influence grows gradually over a number of weeks. You should be heartened that your efforts will be rewarded so quickly. Why does it take so long? Google wants to be sure the link is legit and it takes the indexing system that long to determine what the link’s significance is.

Chart courtesy of Smart Insights.

Google evaluates the trustworthiness, relevance, authority, and many other factors that top websites possess via its Panda update and Rankbrain update. The process involves over 200 factors. Trust arises out of genuine interaction, transparency, and exchange of value. Google can see and attribute this to your website.  High quality content is a cornerstone, since creating value for others has such a powerful effect on their behavior. Listen to Rand Fishkin’s interpretation of unique, valuable content:

This process will improve link building results, improve content strategy, grow social media engagement, increase likability and trust, and vastly increase your networking reach. So whether you’re building real estate leads, improving your marketing agency, or grow your profit, targeted link building brings the sustained results that are good for your business.

What is your unique value proposition? What value can you generate for other businesses?

Your To Do List:

  • find which approaches and sites will give us larger outreach which then could create the high quality links you hope for
  • what resources do you have to create high quality content?
  • how much time and money do we need to create high quality content to share?
  • what passionate topics and presentation do we need to interest people in to link to your site?
  • what can we do specifically for other businesses which they can’t do for themselves?
  • find out how can we create common ground or points of intersection with people or businesses you need to get links from
  • determine which content type works best: infographics, case studies, news, statistics, or perspectives/blogs?
  • create a spreadsheet with url, contact info, and what you’ll do to reach out to influencers, bloggers and readers
  • let as many people know about your content as possible, and make it easily available
  • link to your linkbait from your current high ranking pages (visibility) as the readers are the most likely ones to share your content and message
  • execute and find something that works?

These above tasks/tactics above are what we need to do to get ourselves positioned to create a powerful links from sites that Google considers important. If all of this is too demanding of your time and energy, you would be wise to hire a link building pro.

Statistics show that small businesses which hire experts have a much greater chance of survival. Those which don’t, often fail within 5 years. Experts help you plan your long term strategy so you’re in business continuously even through recessions. Experts help you rise to a competitive level soon which brings significant awareness of your company and builds loyalty through your brand.

Link building is a tough task. Set aside a good amount of funds and enjoy the targeted intelligent process of link building. It’s a networking process you can use to build new customers or clients. There are so many add on benefits to doing professional link building.

To choose a good link builder, check out the quality of their blog and social media sites, and whether they’re actively involved in promoting their business.


Hunting for real estate leads? My expertise in real estate content, MLS listings, and how to compete for real estate rankings is a huge asset for you. Let’s get started and help you dominate from 2017 to 2020.

Canada an Enticing Market for Smart Business Investors

Cheap, Cheap, Cheap

No that’s not the Twitter bird making noise, it’s the sound of wise International business investors and startup entrpreneurs talking about how Canada is their new bargain basement shop for opportuntiies. It’s a rare opportunity for US investors and entrepreneurs to exploit the surging US dollar and build a sound, secure, and productive Canadian investment portfolio that has nowhere to go but up.

A recent post from Jeff Hayden revealed that most big fortunes are made from capital gains, primarily from real estate. We all know that if you play your cards really well, getting rich is a very real outcome. If it’s not real estate, then perhaps there are 4 other sectors where big wealth is a high probability: pharmaceuticals, medical devices, app development and digital marketing. Interestingly, Canada is strong in these sectors.

That’s right. It’s all about doing business in other countries.

As our natural resource companies falter, our service businesses become much more attractive. You have a chance to pick up businesses in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary for a song.  Pharmaceutical, medical equipment, and digital marketing companies are prime targets.

And how about real estate? TREB just published its July home sales report showing home sales in Toronto which are approaching 10,000 per month. That’s a record and the average price rose a whopping 14% since last summer. With the Canadian dollar continuing its free fall (some say below 70  cents US) , real estate in Canada continues to be a bargain. And Canadian businesses of any kind are a bargain. Low wages and highly skilled workers might be a once in a lifetime opportunity for US business investors.

It may stay this way for years as Asian economies slow down and the price of oil and commodities drop. Foreign investors and tourists get a 32% bonus on their purchases here. Everything is cheap in Canada and some companies such as Salesforce believe this is a hotbed of innovation.

The benefits of investing in Canada:

Reality: greatest potential for growth
Friendly and agreeable: Canada is the best country in the G-20 to do business with, according to both Forbes and Bloomberg.
Proven: Canada led all G-7 countries in economic growth over the past decade (2004–2013)
Reputation: Canada is the best country in the G-20 to do business, according to both Forbes and Bloomberg.
Safe and Secure: Free trade pacts and friendly relations with US means your investment is financially secure
Market size: access to vibrant world markets with a combined GDP of US$38 trillion
Educated: Canada’s workforce is the most highly educated among members of the OECD, with half of its working-age population having a tertiary level education.
Low Tax: Total business tax costs in Canada are by far the lowest in the G-7 and 46 percent lower than those in the United States.
Excellent banking: World Economic Forum has declared Canada’s banking system to be the soundest in the world.
Quality of Life: Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto rated as the top cities to live in the world.

Unfortunately, manufacturing has not returned to Canada as yet. Asia and Mexico have held a grip on manufacturing activities. With an infusion of cash, Canadian manufacturers and service providers can compete very well globally. Americans should view Canada with an eye for global access. Canada’s free trade deals internationally are liberal and attractive.

The US economy is roaring so the bargain basement reality in Canada should keep encouraging Americans with more money to invest, to buy here.

In the next few years, real estate in Western Canada will be a great buy too once the full impact of a $30 a barrel oil is realized.

Canadian business represents the biggest opportunity of 2016/2017. Investigate it and get to know Canadian companies. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.


If your first impulse is to hire a digital marketing agency or an in-house college grad, then take your time and consider the full lasting benefits of a digital marketing consultant from Toronto.  As an experienced and versatile SEO specialist, Social Media Strategist, and content specialist, I offer clients knowledge equity in addition to outstanding revenue results. Let’s talk now at 416998 6246