8 Benefits from HR Software for Small Business

Should HR Consultants be Promoting HR Software?

HR consultants in any area of business always need to be asking themselves whether their business model and time spent are efficient enough. If we get too complacent in conducting everyday HR functions for clients, will we have enough time for prospecting for new clients for ourselves?

Featured photo: WattsNext is an exciting, engaging HR consulting firm in Australia. Have a closer look at their methodology and marketing. Then use StaffSquared to let you get the high level strategy and management done well.

Aside from our own business though, shouldn’t we be spending more of our time on skilled research, planning, and advisory services to grow our revenue?

HR Consultants Adding Value in Special Ways

If business improvement and more revenue are on your mind, then using HR software technology to rid you of the mundane and routine could significantly grow your quality time. I have to ask the question: How much time do you spend on promoting your services? With the competitiveness of the growing HR consulting sector, you need time and excellence to make your marketing great.

The important matter with HR software isn’t that it’s in vogue for small business. The point is that it will benefit your clients financially and operationally, and optimize their performance. And then there’s the benefit to your own consulting business.

So we see 2 types of added value:

  1. improvement of your value proposition for clients; and
  2. added time to pursue more lucrative and long term clients.

In fact, if your services were easily seen by SMB managers, as an extension of the HR software itself (high level consulting on recruiting, onboarding, and hr planning) that might make them certain you’re the right fit to be their HR consultant.

It’s Always Good to Have that Extra Time

Time does convert to quality. When you’re rushed iny our work for your clients or when managing your own business, you know you’re not producing your best work. The same rule applies to your own clients. If HR software can automate HR related tasks and improve staff performance, then they’ll have more resources to pursue new opportunities which means more planning, recruitment, onboarding, and management activities for your consultation.

Help yourself in this regard pays off with better results for them. And that’s your unique value offer. HR software allows measurement of performance improvement too and you’ll be measuring the value of implementing HR software againts specific events. The value of events, people, and technology adoption is there for you to measure and add to your own value as a human resources advisor.

In fact, by increasing awareness of people events, you’re highlighting the value of human resource management and your consulting services. Your initial conversations and assessments done when you’ve just been contacted by a business manager will be more accurate and thoughtful if you have that extra time.

Let’s Tabulate All the Value HR Software Offers You

Your Top 9 Benefits from HR Software for Small Business

  1. absence management – lets you keep track online so there is less chasing and paperwork when accounting for days off, sick days, and vacations
  2. online calendar – helps staff organize their daily work and prepare for meetings and key events
  3. centralized employee information – less time spent searching for records and emails
  4. expense management – employees can enter expenses so you don’t have to account via paper or chase employees for receipts
  5. secure personnel related document storage – keep documents centralized, easy to access and edit
  6. integrated with popular email platforms – lets staff communicate via email.
  7. staff performance – by setting goals and objectives, managers can measure staff’s actual progress and have more objective ways of doing employee appraisals
  8. powerful hr reporting – With a wealth of personnel related information, your client has more confidence about his staff and about the company’s potential for growth
  9. employee engagement – the problem of worker disengagement solved as you increase communication and begin to discover why many of your staff and future staff members are not fully engaged in their roles.

With more of the daily, mundane hr related tasks out of the way, you’ll have more time and information handy to assess your client’s future staffing needs, hr problems, and advise on hr strategy.

That’s our conclusion, that online HR software such as Staff Squared, provides you with more time and insight to deliver better planning, strategy and execution of modern small business human resource management. Why not build your career and services directly on top of the new hr software? It’s what clients will be looking for!

It’s time for HR consultants to ascend to key advisory roles and implement HR software professionally  and let it take care of the manual daily regimen of tasks.  How do you like your car insurance rates? Take a look at the demand for car insurance quotes and discover which cars and states have the lowest insurance rates.

Digital Marketing Audit Special Offer!

Start 2016 Right! A Digital Marketing Review at an Unbeatable Price

Are you struggling like most realtors at digital marketing?  Are you confused about which content works, which channels produce, and how to convince prospects to work with you?  An in-depth review of the crucial things you’re not doing and how to do them strategically is just part of the solution you need for 2016.

I’m an 18 year veteran of digital marketing and during that time, it has become very complex. Customers are cautious, suspicious, and bewildered because they’re not sure of what they want. They’re also not sure of you. They saw you once and you didn’t create that emotional justification to contact you.  I know how frustrating that is.

From Linkedin to Facebook to Google search and remarketing, you need many channels working in harmony. And a clear, quickly comprehensible value proposition backed solidly by persuasive content they’ll love is just one area your current approach may not possess.

This audit is a custom (not computerized) review providing insight into excellent digital marketing strategy so you can do better.  Get your business turned around or taken to the next level of profitability.


Planning is the key to a winning strategy and your plan comes from your Digital Marketing Audit

As part of your audit, I’ll give you ideas on how to correct problems in your site navigation, content visibility and strategy, visitor engagement, content quality, value proposition, messaging, social communication, conversion funnel, website performance and more.  I don’t waste my time or yours on any channel that will never really produce results.

DH2-logosmall    franklinsportslogo   deltahotelssmall


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What does your Audit Cover?

  • the effectiveness of your website/social content and overall content strategy
  • your site’s search engine optimization and Google visibility
  • technical site problems and web design issues
  • your use of mls listings and special content
  • your unique value proposition
  • your use of FB, Linkedin and Twitter
  • your blog content, it’s relevance and engagement
  • your graphics, visuals and sharable content
  • your website traffic and conversion funnel
  • customer engagement
  • your advertising effectiveness
  • your PPC ads and conversion rates

Any solid marketing strategy begins with a solid look at your market and how you’re using your online assets to reach, engage, and convert to sales.


Don’t hold your breath for your old strategy to start working. I can help you plan a better one.


Take Action – Your Love for What you do Will Take Care of Everything

I attended a seminar in Markham, Ontario last Monday evening. It was hosted by Julie Flippin of Small Business Savvy. She’s a sales coach who helps small business people discover what is holding them back from achieving success and get on with building a successful business.

It was fascinating to hear her talk about how we all need to fight our demons and become successful by taking action.

Are You Getting at it?

What Julie does is find out why you’re not succeeding. She asks you questions about how you spend your time, who you spend time with, how you victimize yourself, how to rewrite your life story and self-understanding, and what to do about the people who are not enriching your life and career.

gowithheartAll excellent topics to explore, because the reason we’re failing is all around us and inside us. If you’re going to reno a house, you have take out all that nasty stuff and throw it in the trashbin.

But what if you just take a chance and forget all that psychology and rewriting your life stuff? What if instead, you just get at it without thinking? What if you trust your heart  about the grand results, lifestyle, and freedom you are capable of  creating? What if you disregarded fear and took a chance?

Getting Past Failure by Associating with the Right People

If you’ve been with the wrong people, as we all have, you know how they can sap your strength and diminish your confidence. I want to remind you that success changes everything. Your confidence rises as you build success, and as you get feedback from great people. If they don’t support you, they are toxic. Finding good associates or others who support your goals and who appreciate what you offer them is vital. Brains, expertise, technique, and hard work will only get you so far.

Let Others Help You Improve

Sometimes attending a big event gives you the sense of camaraderie of being with people in your profession. You gather energy, ideas, enthusiasm, and your mind and heart begin to soar. I’ve attended big conventions in Boston, San Diego, Dallas, and Toronto and you do get a bit of euphoria going for you afterward. These are those moments where you can launch yourself to your full potential.

Brian Buffini is hosting a real estate convention in Toronto on Dec 3rd. It’s $95 and a good way to hear some articulate real estate pros give you motivation, direction, process, and tips on improving your realtor marketing results. There are plenty of speakers covering everything from social media to confidence building. Let me know if you’re going.

Of course, if you already know you need to do digital marketing to build your business, then you could just get at it!  You have the answer — go with your heart and your head will thank you.

Brian Buffini emphasizes a knowledge of money (or do you just need to value money more?)

Gord Collins and the Bay Street SEO Company has been a leader in San Diego SEO, Los Angeles SEO, San Francisco SEO, Vancouver SEO, Boston SEO, and Toronto SEO for 18 years.  Gord offers Markham SEO, Richmond Hill SEO,  and Mississauga SEO services. Take the leap this year and grow your business.