Your Business Development Strategy – A Simple Process

Every Millionaire was Once Where you are Now

Is it real tough to get your business development process going? It is tough, especially for small business.  Richard Branson, Larry Page, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and others you know were at this point long ago. What they had was a mission statement, belief, and a willingness to trudge blindly forward.

There will be lots of failure. You didn’t see their failures but it took them decades of struggle before they found their niche. You don’t have time for endless trial and error though. You need to expedite and optimize your Biz Dev process now.

“You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible”

A while back, I created a new definition of new business development. We needed clarity on the term Biz Dev. Now we need a strategy to put things in action.  Once we get into the process,  you’ll get rolling.  Questions are a great way to lubricate the process and get motion and ultimately do the right things.

After you’re laser focused about what you do and the value you offer, you move onto the networking phase where you multiply your contacts and gain access to your most ideal B2B prospects. The better your groundwork in business development basics, the more unambiguous your networking will be. Cause let’s face it, networking can be a huge time-suck.

A Strategy is a Set of Answers to Key Questions

goodquestionsThis process is an iterative one, or cyclical, meaning you keep refining it until it’s perfect.  Sort of like a sculptor chipping away at a solid block of granite until suddenly, a perfect form appears.  Round and round he goes, and so will you.

You’re going to chip away at your block of granite with questions, and your answers will clarify the actions you need to take. Relax and let the process lead you to the truth.

Never stop asking questions. Ask yourself why. Why are you in business? Why here, why now? What makes you think you’re right for this? What are you not doing that needs to be done? There’s no end to questions, just as there’s hundreds of different chisels and angles a sculptor uses to create his vision.

The dirty dozen:  Roll your sleeves up and get answers to these 12 questions.

  1. What is your passion and what do you want to do or create for your niche customer? What is your product/service in detail and will they really appreciate what you do?
  2. What are you not willing to do? What would spoil your passion and ruin your day?
  3. Who is your perfect niche clientele and where are they? Draw out a profile of your bullseye customer.
  4. What is your unique value proposition? What do you offer that is better than your competitors and which your customer  can’t live without/
  5. What does the market want and what is your competition? What is the demand and why does it exist, and how are others trying to do the same things as you? Are they doing it better.
  6. What are your prospect’s doubts and dreams, and what do they believe? Do they believe big, name brand suppliers are the only ones worth considering using?
  7. Specifically, how will you help them improve? How will their product be improved and how much more revenue will they make?
  8. What actions will make you a noted market leader?  Will you write thought leader level materials, hold seminars, do videos, travel, build a better brand, advertise more, publish project results?
  9. How will communicate a perfect match with your target audience?  Web and social content strategy? excellence in copywriting, web design, and free demonstrations?
  10. How will you get them to pay attention and respond to you and give you the info you need? What will you do for them that they would spend their valuable time on you? What insight will you give them that will blow them away?
  11. How will you lead the relationship and exchange of value instead of following them? Do you offer things for free such as advice or services, or will watch their business intensely to act at the very time they need you most?
  12. How will you network and find suitable business partners if necessary? Who else is important in making this happen? How will you meet them and work with them? What will they want?

Write down all your answers and get your business coach or other advisor to poke holes in your answers. This repetitive questioning process will strip away the unnecessary and wasteful and lead you to the perfect vision of who you are and what your business is.

Once you understand your value proposition and who your ideal customer would be, you start thinking about how you can reach them and what you’ll say to them.

Let’s Get Rolling

Once you know who your perfect niche client or bullseye target customer is, and what your unique value proposition is, it’s easier to know what actions are needed. Your action plan doesn’t need to be a template.  It comes into view as you get answers to those questions above.  But you’ll be writing down your action process from 1 to 12 too.

One thing for sure, is that you’ll be networking and asking the right people about their needs, views, and priorities. You’ll get better at finding them and reaching them too, whether it’s via Twitter, Linkedin, Google search, or networking meetings. Your conversations with them will really improve your 12 questions above.  You’re in a pursuit to find the best questions.

Now you’ve got a specific product for a specific customer in a specific market. Your customer profile will help you know what medium to use to reach them whether TV, or direct sales, or inbound content marketing.

What actions can you take right now that will create the most value for you? What decisions can you make that will force you to take action? Some will advise you to begin projecting sales goals with action plans, but that’s not organic and it’s high pressure. At this point, don’t think about sales. Think about how you will create exceptional value for your client and how good you will feel.  Feed your passion and your foot will release from the brake pedal.

So go forward by speaking with the people you need to know to refine your value proposition, build your website, give you the funding you need, run your social or ad campaigns, create your branded content, advise you on how to package your services, and meet the right people. Actions mean get things done regardless of the order.

Soon, you’ll be ready for the last task: consultative selling and asking prospects tough questions!

Here’s some additional resources to help break out and get rolling:

Business Coaching Results Workshops



rush2112Canadians are very talented, bright, energetic and yet oddly, have inferiority complexes. Occasionally, our self-diminishment is blocked and the world gets to see who we really are.

Some musical bands had a tremendous range of abilities and that breadth allowed them to last longer, make their songs richer, and produce more hit records. RUSH! was one of those really talented bands.

And they were entrepreneurs and obviously financially successful by doing what they loved most.

Geddy Lee (Gary  Lee Weinrib) , Alex Lifeson (Alex Zivojinovich) , and Neil Peart were the 3 members of Canada’s most successful rock band, RUSH!  Lee and Lifeson were from the Scarborough area and Peart who joined the band later was from the Niagara Region. They recorded many of their hit songs at a cottage in Muskoka.

You can argue that Celine Dionne and Shania Twain were bigger stars but they were short short blips compared to RUSH! who’ve lasted 40+ years. Very interesting guys. Neil Peart actually rode a bicycle across Africa with some friends. How’s that for extreme sports?

This lithograph was on auction at SuperStore in Aurora but please forgive me Neil, Geddy and Alex. I couldn’t afford it.

RUSH! started as one of the loudest heavy metal bands but evolved to become the most technically and lyrically advanced group ever. Peart joined Lee and Lifeson in the early 70’s and added tremendously to the group’s music. Peart himself accepted the challenge to become the best rock lyricist ever and his drumming skills set the standard for all drummers.  And Lee and Lifeson wove the lyrics and music into an intelligent form of rock and roll and their talent with guitars and keyboards gave them a reputation as perfectionists. They kept learning and were never afraid of new technology or cultural trends. They were timeless and even integrated rhythms from Reggae, Hip Hop, Classic Violin and more.

Fronting For KISS

Oddly, the group’s early success was boosted when they fronted for the band KISS.  KISS, who were the typical drug induced, shallow, no talent band enjoying the moments with their groupies, said Lee, Lifeson, and Peart were strangely boring, prefering to retreat to their hotel rooms rather than partying with the plentiful girls and drugs available. Oddly, KISS and Gene Simmons went on to make a billion dollars mostly with KISS merchandise sales. The spiked platform shoes are apparently very popular. But they still cancelled his reality TV show.

RUSH! weathered the criticism, stayed with their wives, and produced astonishing quality music. They toned down the heavy metal sounds to access a broader music market.

RUSH! Always Gave You Your Money’s Worth

The best concert I ever saw was a New Year’s Eve event at Maple Leaf Gardens with RUSH! and Max Webster.  5 hours of amazing music. My friend said Max Webster was better. Toronto loved Max Webster.

Music was sold on vinyl albums, like big CDs, and the the cover art on the card case was key to sales. Groups often had to do shocking things (similar to Madonna kissing Britney Spears) so shock value was important.  Even rush put on makeup for photos. In this video below, Max Webster shows how sensitive and romantic they could be as well. Kim Mitchell now has his own show on Q107 radio in Toronto. This first song is an early one from Max Webster of Sarnia, Ontario.


But Hey, this is about RUSH!  In 1988, RUSH! (Peart) agreed to let me use their lyrics in the song Hemispheres for the prologue of my first book. I was very pleased for that honour. A pure class act on their part. Peart’s lyrics were brilliant and very relevant; an artistic expression that agreed with brain science.

Here’s Alex Lifeson’s beautiful home in the countryside. They’re living okay eh?
Google+ comment:  “Geddy Lee is the most amazing MUSICIAN on earth. It’s fckn insane…he plays 2 different synths with his hands, bass pedals with his foot and sings at the same time (the bass guitar’s hanging in standby mode o_O)… and he doesn’t even stare at the instruments! What a pioneer…what a player, what a songwriter, what a singer, what a performer.”
Here is RUSH with Mission live at Molson Amphitheatre. The guy doing the video was probably drunk but you get a good look at Neil Peart on drums and the sound is not bad. Push it ahead to the 4:23 mark to see Peart’s drums.
Spirits fly on dangerous missions
Imaginations on fire
Focused high on soaring ambitions
Consumed in a single desire

In the grip of a nameless possession
A slave to the drive of obsession
A spirit with a vision is a dream
With a mission


Their most beautiful, peaceful song was written by Geddy Lee, the only song he wrote lyrics for. Not what you’d expect from such an aggressive music band.

Digital Man showcased Peart’s drumming skills and an integration of Reggae tunes.  This song is 30 years old.

Emotion Detector from my personal favourite, Power Windows album. Loved to play this on my car stereo. Excellent bass and riveting guitar from Alex.

“It’s true that love can change us
But never quite enough
Sometimes we are too tender
Sometimes we’re too tough
If we get too much attention
It gets hard to overrule
So often fragile power turns
To scorn and ridicule

Right to the heart of the matter
Right to the beautiful part
Illusions are painfully shattered
Right where discovery starts
In the secret wells of emotion
Buried deep in our hearts

Feelings run high”

Interested in retro rock? Have a listen to Billy Idol, Def Leopard, Genesis, Hall & Oates, Gloria Estevan and More.

The Joy of Travel

Where is the Best Travel Destination?

Some destinations are spectacular and create amazing experiences. But there’s no best destination, because there’s a special place for everyone including you. What’s enjoyable for someone else may not be so nice for you.

So, I’m thinking you should ask yourself what the joy of travel is for you? By answering you’re bound to find out why you like to travel and where that special place is for you.

Is it health, enthusiasm, relaxation, escape from misery and a mundane life, companionship, romance, activity, share as a family, wander with friends, or just a chance to grow and experience? Do you like meeting interesting people, experiencing history and civilization or get away from all that? Would you rather be at a spa or roadside cafe?

Or do you want ride a cable car thousands of feet above a mountain cliff?  Or how about visit an isolated village in a 3rd world country? So many possibilities. Why not do them all? I know of two people (Roberta Mancino and Jokke Sommer) who travel extensively and live very interesting lives. They live on a different plateau than most people.

Ya, I’ve got a lot of questions because other people inevitably lead you to the best travel places and the best experiences. Leave a comment about your favourite destination.

For some, a love of travel shows their love of opportunity, surprise, fun, and great expectations. One thing for sure, a lot of people travel, so they must expect something of value is going to be had. And travellers tend to be very successful. Okay, maybe they’ve got the dough to do it, but I think there’s more to it than money. It’s a progressive confident view of life they have that makes them fascinating people.

Travel is a major industry and one that people are passionate about. Except for women’s clothing and food, travel is the major theme on Pinterest.

Why are Some so Pessimistic?

I think it was Seth Godin who said about travel; that you should build a life you don’t have to escape from.  That’s not a good way to look at it.  We’re not all masters of the universe. The system is  rotten and we’re stuck in it. Travel is an adventure and it’s particularly valuable when you’re travelling with someone who really understands the mission of exploring possibilities. Wanting the best of life isn’t narcissistic. You should expect getting the best life can give you and special destinations will bring out the best in you.

Travel really is about expanding one’s life, mind, emotions, and one’s self. If you don’t want to grow, to experience all that life has to offer, and inspire others and share with them, then you probably don’t want to go anywhere. You can sit in a chair and watch your toenails grow.

Travel can be a wish of hope for your family and friends — that your actions will  cause them to pursue a better life. And that you’re bringing something back that makes their life worth living. And what is a life worth living? Why don’t you write that down right now.

And let’s get rid of that word vacation. I don’t like the semantics. We don’t vacate anything. We transition temporarily to make our lives better. We’re experiencing and enjoying natural rhythms, instead of the mechanical daily grind. We’re boldly pursuing something better and it’s truly transformative.

Relaxing in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Thanks to the Internet, we’re more aware of the incredible places we can visit. Of course, money and time are the killers aren’t they? That’s a big problem, but it’s the biggest opportunity too if you’re an entrepreneur.

Inexpensive, rich travel experiences are what most people want. A branding minded entrepreneur will one day mkae it possible. But with no thanks to governments and corporate opportunists who prey on vacationers with overpriced, shoddy accommodations and ridiculous taxes.  That’s not joy. Rather than catering to only the wealthy, a smart entrepreneur would do better to target those who want to go but have less funds.  It would definitely take some entrepreneurial innovation and genius, and a good measure of persuasion. But what could be more rewarding than savings thousands of lives and giving such intense joy?

Understand the Pain of a Travelless Life

Anyone I know who doesn’t like to travel is devitalized and they ignore the incredible possibilities for themselves. It could be personal or career growth, and it could enrich the lives of their family. The travel bug is contagious and fills the void these people have.

It’s a lack of relevance that causes their blank emotional response when you tell them about a waterfall in Hawaii or a mountain peak teahouse in Banff, or a palm strewn beach in Punta Cana. They can’t relate to it, but you can. You know the joy, so share it generously even if they don’t look too enamored with the vision you’re painting. You’re an experiential artist, so make your bold strokes count. Always let your heart speak, right?

I hope you have someone to share your joy of travel when you return. There’s nothing more deflating than trying to share your love of life with deadbeats.

It’s just that some fear leaving their cocoon even for a moment, craving the comfort of their overly familiar world. They relish material gains, watching TV, visiting the same restaurants, stuck in time wasting routines,and talking the same talk over and over. But it’s boring.

Ya, maybe good rebellion for a better life. Pinned by Dirk Uys.

Travel is the Quest to Keep Your Life Fresh

The only way to communicate the joy of travelling to non-travellers is to tell them they’re hurting themselves and the ones they care about if they don’t travel. If you don’t travel, you’re failing to inspire others in an important way.

Once you or a friend/family member travels, it creates a a beginning context for them. That’s key to getting the point across to skeptical, fearful people.  Suddenly the destination has relevant meaning and specific things that you did or could do that catches their fancy.  Present your memories, pictures, videos, momentos carefully and they’ll find that point of relevance.

What’s your very favorite destination? Mexico. Cuba.  Costa Rica. Brazil. Or is it Europe or Africa? I can tell you that Africa would be the last place I would want to visit and I suspect most people don’t mix well with deadly animals, snakes and spiders. I actually prefer the more civilized places in the US. They’re safe, comfortable and the experience is relevant. China, Central America and south America are less dangerous now so travellers are flocking there. There’s a take home in visiting some places, while with others, it’s a weak memory, even a thought that you took an unwise risk.

Travel = Freedom

Just the fact the visuals, sounds, people, accommodations, and commercial setting is different frees your mind. It’s that freedom of the mind that could be at the heart of the joy of travel. When the mind relaxes, the body does too.  And then something strange happens.  Your mind becomes more receptive yet more focused, almost as though the two sides of brain are becoming good friends again and together they can do anything. And when you return home, your attitude is excellent, your mind refreshed and your productive capacity is peaking again.

In Europe with their 5 to 6 weeks vacations, they appreciate the value of rejuvenation. Europe has few natural resources yet they can compete with us while working one month less per year. Why is that?

Travel Brings Us Closer to Who We Want to Be

California Beach parties spawned a whole genre of movies for Hollywood

When I visit San Diego, I feel like I’ve experienced and absorbed the easy going, athletic but creative surfing lifestyle that was so popular 40 years ago. The Beach Boys music was so innocent and fun. There was never a time, when fun was such a priority. Only California could create a livable dream. So a surfboard isn’t necessarily a surfing board. It’s a symbol of a fun era where boys liked girls who didn’t mind being girls, and money wasn’t the center of the universe.

Downtown Banff has such charm and character that people flock here from around the world to experience it

When I visit Banff, I’m captured by the imposing Rocky mountaintops covered in jagged ice and windswept snow. The unspoiled nature, mountain lifestyle, wildlife, blue turquoise water, pine scent in the air, and the healthy appetite that shows up out of nowhere.

All of your senses are heightened as you breathe in the thin, clean air on a mountainside trail lined with larch pines and then grip your paddle as your whitewater raft plunges over a rapid. And then at night the stars are so bright you can’t believe what you’re seeing.  It might take a little longer to start your fire and boil your water up here, but the wait makes it better.

Incredible Moraine Lake Alberta, Valley of the Ten Peaks. Take the road to Lake Louise, but make a quick left and go 14km to what is likely one of the most beautiful places on earth.


World Famous Lake Louise with Chateau Lake Louise in the foreground. Best hiking terrain in North America.
Yes, some of the hotels in Banff are works of Canadian Art

Are You Worthy of the Best? Yes!!

That’s two contrasting and world class destinations that provided some of the most enlivening experiences of my life. I’m sure Mexico and Switzerland offer similar thrills, and I’ll get to those places with someone special.


China Travel: Tianmen Mountain Cable Cars

And China will be the destination of the next few decades for the world. A lot of people don’t mind travelling alone because these travel destinations offer so much. They know how to take care of singles cause singles today (only 50% of the population gets married). It’s a brave new world. It’s about time:)

But if you can find someone who really appreciates what travel means and how to enjoy even the smallest travel experiences, then you have someone that’s better than the destination.  That might be your real joy of travel.

Your Imagination – Finding Your Power Switch

There’s two things any business person or entrepreneur needs to become successful; (1)  a vision or goal that drives and focuses their effort and (2) a process that takes them from now to that day when it happens.

So let’s say you’re someone who is thinking of launching a business, but not sure what to do?   And you’re not real confident you have the drive, creativity, decision making skill, and focus to make it work.  How will you persuade your investors? What is your product and why is it better than your competitors? Why are you wiilling to put it all on the line? It’s all kind of fuzzy. Kinda scary. Maybe you should just give up.

This is the first of a series of posts on finding your driving purpose and maximizing value to your client. Let’s start with the importance of dreaming, visualization, and finding your Power Switch.

Some experts say you don’t need dreams or goals, and that goal visualization actually makes you feel crappy in the present. Where they’re wrong is that they don’t understand that goal visualization is fun. It’s like daydreaming with a purpose. And who doesn’t like daydreaming? Really, what’s more satisfying than letting your brain play, have fun, and build castles in the air?

See Fast Company’s post on daydreaming techniques.

Powerful Visualization Leads to Clarity

Pinned by
Pinned by Art Shopper

And daydreaming is a powerful visualization force. Rather than wasting time, it actually brings focus to our dreams and identifying the things we want most.

The rest of our visualization is deliberate and most of it is junk that’s that’s force fed to us via TV, malls, roadway, Internet ads. This is advertisng’s attempt to change our values even against our better judgement to make us buy stuff (not that all advertising is bad). So in being a good consumer, you might actually be destroying your own internal images and intrinsic motivators.

As an entrepreneur, you need to identify your driving imagery and get closer to it. And your dreams are about more than money. Because one day, a lot of people and investors will depend on you, on the clarity of your vision. Your dreams and visions will shape everything, so it’s wise to become more aware of the images that pop into your head.

Creative people especially need direct access to their imagery. Painters masterpieces are just mental images splashed onto a canvas and musicians spill them out in songs. But don’t think that you’re any less creative or valuable than they are. An entrepreneur should take their craft just as seriously. You’re nobody’s hero until you make it, so you’d better be your own hero for now!

In dreaming, our brain is telling us the answers and giving us direction to the solutions we seek. Our dreams are our guide. Ignore them and life will get tough. It’s like a Oracle, and when used wisely and consistently makes you create exactly what you need to — 100% guaranteed.

We all want lots of things and some of them conflict. If the thoughts cause us pain, we suppress them. Then those images become inaccessible, maybe for decades, sadly, maybe forever. Most people lack the ability to sort through their mental clutter and find the key things that will drive them and their success. 99% of our population avoid the pain and out of that never reach their potential. But your brain won’t stop, it will find ways to bring things to light somehow.

Fun and Positive Feelings are Rewards

Not only is it fun and should be encouraged, it’s an essential part of the process of becoming successful. When the dullness of executing becomes onerous, it retards our progress and wastes our energy. It oppresses our brain. Now interject some daydreaming fantasy into each activity, and all of a sudden, we can get through it.

We all listen to music while we work. It feels good. That’s the audio of daydreaming. Musicians constantly hum tunes to themselves and that eventually becomes the song you love. Without daydreaming, nothing good would happen.

Adding maximum value for your business or client essentially means achieving clarity in your dreams and then clarity in your decision making — clarity for your life.  Sure you have to do your market research too, but you have to know what is most meaningful about what you’re doing. Without that clarity your path will wander and you won’t be able to survive challenges and setbacks.

Visions Lead to Positive Feelings leads to Goals

goalsettingYour goal isn’t static either. Goals and vision changes over time. What we thought we needed, we discover we don’t. And what barely came across our minds before now is center stage and something we must have. That’s the process of clarifying. We’re searching through our dream imagery to prioritize them dynamically as time passes.  Eventually, we find one or two things that actually gives us everything else. That’s our master power switch.

We’ve all had a brief zap from our master power switch. It’s usually a love interest — most likely your spouse.  But it could also include a job, a new business partner, a travel destination, a pet, a new business opportunity, a home, automobile, sports team, or some new configuration of people in your life.

Just imagine the jolt of power you’d feel if you had even three or 4 of these things happen simultaneously. You’d be as high as a kite. When these things occur, everything seems to fall into place. We search our whole lives for that master switch. When we find, it changes our lives and probably other people’s lives too.

Visualization gives meaning to everything we do. That means every little task we do during our 9 to 5 existence is imbued with positive emotion and it makes us do our best.

Control Your Daydreaming – Focus It

Productive daydreaming can power that up further. This is where you experiment with your motivation to discover what makes you the very best you can be.  Through dreaming, we test different scenarios, people, actions to discover what gives us the best feelings. And your mind will find that.

It’ll trip over it, and seize on that insight. All the billionaires had these moments when they tripped over it. Larry Page and Sergei Brin had visions about how their new search engine Google  would work.  They daydreamed about their database and computer program would work.  Can you imagine doing that every day without a beautiful vision — personal images that drove them?

Their powerful belief resulted in financing from Stafford university. From there the upward spiral kept going faster. Soon they’d be into advertising, self driving cars and mapping the world. Their daydreams must have been very interesting. I can see them leaning back in their chairs. But they knew about focus too.

To them, it was exciting and they had the audacity to think their vision would beat Yahoo and MSN. Blind faith built on images in their heads (dreams). 17 years later, they’re two of the wealthiest people on the planet, creating something new and incredible every day. How fun would that be? Go anywhere do anything and make people’s lives much better.

So if you want to sell something to someone (e.g., a business process improvement) you need to light up their visualization. You need to get to know their imagery, their values, their experiences, all the things that make life beautiful for them. And not only do you need to write down your own visuals and goals and how you’ll get there, you need to think about their goals and path too.

Because human beings must be motivated. We can’t go long without it. When you learn what motivates another person, you’ll be someone they can’t live without. It’s great when your client can’t live without you.

Now I’m hoping you’re sure of the power and wisdom of your dreams. It’s time to begin using them to create maximum value for your client (or your employer if you’re working for someone).  Creating maximum value is about imagination, alignment, focus, energy, self-determination, decisions, choice, and freedom.

And we’ll be exploring these soon too.

10 Skills to Create Maximum Value in Your Business

What do Your Clients Want? Maximum Value

Success is simply being at the right place and time. Its the time where you get to produce maximum value for your clients. As it turns out, you invariably create it for yourself too.  This post discusses the entrepreneurial process of creating value and the 10 skills that help you get every angle covered.

The process:  visualizing your goal, building self-determination, positioning yourself or product, people management, timing your launch, and aligning your energies. This connection between optimizing yourself and creating value for others is tough to grasp at first.  But persist and you’ll see that you can’t deliver maximum unless you can visualize it and then perform at your maximum.

In previous posts, I talked about knowing your customer, having the freedom to be creative and the freedom to produce, building connections, taking risks, about removing shackles as keys to high performance.  Let’s assume that as an entrepreneur or an entrepreneurial-minded business person that you have these freedoms. If not, you need to make the decision to get it. Without that freedom, you won’t be using your skills within the process. And you’ll fail to visualize this end goal of delivering maximum value (success). The opposite is unhappy customers and business failure.

Don’t Just Dream — Power up and Focus your Visualization

Not so Dumb!
Not so Dumb!

Imagination is really important, and if you’ve studied the power of visualization, you know you need to visualize your success. Jim Carrey, the comedian always parked his car on the street where he wanted to star, and he wrote himself a 10 million dollar check to be cashed later. And who better exemplifies imagination, than Jim Carrey?

Visualization is the first step in discovering where you will deliver maximum value and changing your self-image so it matches what you want to be.  It’s so important to visualize the people, place, time, product, service, features, benefits, and how you’ll position yourself and your product at the right place at the right time. And practice makes perfect.

But why is it some of us never get there, or even know where we are or where we’re going? Do you know when and where your next big success will be?  maximumvalueDo you know what skills and knowledge will catapult you to that place? And there’s so much more we don’t do snd I could write a single post just on that.

At this point, you have to take account of the skills, assets, and awareness you’ll use to engineer success for you and for your client. You know you don’t have the vision, or the pieces, so you need to collect them. Some of these you’ll get by working in the biz, others by socializing,  some by reading, and others still by travelling. You probably have most of them, but you haven’t used them for anything. Your vision needs some organization.

I’ve listed 10 key skills or traits you need to be aware of if you really want to hit a home run in your business life (and personal too).

So right now, take a moment to:

  • list the key skills you possess.
  • list the key benefits that make up the maximum value you will deliver.

At the end of this post, compare dreaming, goal setting, building self-determination, positioning yourself or product, people management, timing your launch, and aligning your energies, one at a time with the 10 skills I’ve listed. You’ll discover endless details you need to think about and dream about daily. Every day.

You’ve Successfully Positioned Yourself  Before

righttimeA lot of success is simply positioning −  being at the right place and time with the right people. Your business plan is just your route on the map to that place and those people. And that place isn’t stationary – it’s a moving target.  If you know its general coordinates and get yourself there on time, you can bring together the potential of people, ideas, money, energy, forward motion, and productivity — the full potential of everything that’s there at that moment. And if you’re a talented producer with excellent skills, then you can produce off-the-scale level results.

Think back to the most successful thing you’ve done in your life. It could be your job, your marriage, a sports achievement or your kid’s sports achievement, a start-up launch, publishing a book, graduating college, or buying a house.  How did you get there? How did you know where and when it would be? What did you engineer to make it happen? Were you unconscious of the whole process that lead to your success? Did you just follow someone’s instructions? It was positioning.

Yes, positioning is also about getting near the right people
Yes, positioning is also about getting near the right people

Engineer the People and the Place

Your skills as a business generator can be applied to people, giving them the courage, optimism, ideas, and reach to capitalize on opportunity.  That opportunity might be anywhere, in China, Mexico, US, Western Canada, or Europe.  Since businesses have connections all over the place, the greater your reach and presence, the more likely you’ll be where the opportunity occurs.  That’s where your SEO and Social Media marketing come in.

All business development and sales people need to be mobile. The opportunities aren’t coming to you.  The more mobility you are, the more power you have to take action, create opportunities, make connections, get your message out, and the more likely you will be at the right time with the right solution – creating maximum value.

Your  10 Tools for producing maximum value are:

  1. discovering where the action is (market research)
  2. knowing the critical point where business can and will be done (foresight)
  3. ability to go where the action is (mental, emotional, physical mobility)
  4. the power of your communication online and in person (expressiveness)
  5. your ability to fuse the beliefs of the people involved (coaching)
  6. your ability to negotiate a deal or transaction (persuasion)
  7. your ability to generate a product (creativity)
  8. your ability to market/sell that product (add value)
  9. your stamina and determination (enthusiasm)
  10. your belief/confidence in your intent to create maximum value (integrity)

When Will it Happen?

Your maximum performance happens when you’re focused and 100% involved in a production that you believe in, with people you want to make successful, and where the benefit is more than just money. It happens when and where you want it to. It’s completely your choice and your doing.

I’m sure you have your own exact description of success that you’re pursuing and that’s fine. Mine is just another way of looking at it. The more perspective we have the better our understanding.  When you lay the groundwork, eliminate barriers, and open your life to the process of maximum performance, your skill level will rise and your results will improve.

You’ll be tested by negative people and circumstances, and you’ll need to analyze the nature of that negativity.  If it’s your business partners and customers, you’d better understand what their resistance is all about. Use others negative energy to increase your focus. Turn everything to your advantage.

Self-Determination Does Bring out your Full Power

We all get caught in someone else’s web, as a cog in someone else’s wheel. But don’t treat your current situation as a dead end or jail sentence. You can leverage the situation to build your entrepreneurial skills and mindset.  The payoff will come.

It all begins in your mind, with your vision of where you should be, and what you will do there.  You’ve probably daydreamed about and the vision was there for a split second then you put it out of mind.  In those moments, you have the habit of writing it down.

If you’re self-driven and determined to keep moving toward that situation , it’ll bring out the best in you.  This is the place where your maximum productivity will happen.  You may get rich, reach acclaim, and end up feeling mighty good about yourself.  So, for sustainable success, keep being open to visualizing and moving to these ideal locations (your end goal).  Don’t forget to write them down, even if it seems foolish.  Nothing’s foolish about success.

It doesn’t matter what the product/service or location is really — it’s about you positioning yourself where you can achieve maximum productivity and the highest expression of your values and beliefs.  Most people just follow this path blindly and unconsciously, but that’s risky. Business is complex so if you’re not fully conscious of what you’re doing, you could follow the wrong path to nowhere. We’ve all been at the fork in the road, that moment of decision.



95% of the population follow a path to nowhere. They wander through each day unconsciously with vague emotions and thoughts about where success and happiness are. With no knowledge of how or where it would happen, it’s just a roll of the dice as to how their life turns out. I can tell you from decades of success and failure, that being conscious of the process is the only way to create maximum value and success. We all need to kick it up a notch.

Once you get the upward spiral going, it becomes an unstoppable force and will make you a happy, high performer and reinforce your expectation that you will always be successful. Success breeds confidence and I’m sure Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson, and Larry Page will tell you the same.

Jettison the Baggage

Everyone has baggage they need to let go of.  It might be people, your job, your location, your hobbies, your habits, old school attitudes, prejudices, false loyalties, and much more.  If you keep your mind focused on your goals, you won’t need to jettison anything.  These things will fall away as you progress and you won’t need to apply negative energy or defend against them. They simply disappear.

When the right people appear in your personal and business life, you’ll know it. You’ll recognize how they fit the bigger picture and that they’re going to at those special coordinates where success takes place. Their presence makes you better.

I’d really like to hear your stories of how you applied your skills to kick your productivity up a notch. And I especially want to hear about how you visualize goals and go about consciously achieving them.

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