Beautiful Sunset Melodies

If you’re watching the sun set on the Gulf Coast, California Coast or the western beaches of Equador or Costa Rica, progressive house sunset melodies are a natural fit. Enjoy the sounds with your crashing waves.

Alandanat – Northwest (Original Mix)


Beautiful Wine Art – Leanne Laine

Leanne Laine is an internationally renowned artist in British Columbia, who has been producing astonishingly beautiful artwork since the beginning of the last recession (and before).

I talked about fascinating people with the intention of finding and introducing them to you. Here’s a fascinating person creating art in the world’s favourite city. Proof positive of how fascination can give us motivation and take us to heights we never dreamed of.  Certainly worked for her.

The wine industry seems to lend itself to entrepreneurialism. A winery with personality can outweigh a bank-funded operation. And I know Gen Y’s love that sort of thing.

As fate would have it, Leanne met a divergent point in her life, and had to choose between practicality and passion. She chose her passion 100% and has been amply rewarded ever since.  Her husband left his job to support her entrepreneurial enterprise and they’re doing well. And there’s plenty of opportunity to improve.

Who would mind sitting at some cafeteria like setting when you’re surrounded by such incredible artwork. This makes a special date, which is why I can’t wait to visit Vancouver again. One more reason!

These are a sampling of her excellent artwork. When I was I was in high school, I abandoned the idea of pursuing a creative career (graphically creative) because I couldn’t grasp the end value. There was no respect for graphic arts in those days, but so nice to see that graphic artists can do well now.  Especially with Twitter, blogs and FB.

Graphic images inspire writers, film producers and art lovers. Take a look at her excellent paintings then visit Leanne’s websites and think deeply about how this lesson can be applied to your life. Romance and meaning combined!



You can see much more of her beautiful artwork at and tell her much like her amazing paintings on Twitter.

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Gord Collins Pinterest Boards

The Joy of Travel!

Yes, as part of my social media domination plan, I’ve got some Pinterest Boards set up. It’s the middle of winter and we all need a lift.  I’ve only put up a few of my own pics up but there’s so many beautiful ones available online.  Have a look at some some brilliant photographs, videos, and illustrations from Banff, San Diego, Vancouver, Costa Rica, San Francisco, China, and Sarasota Florida.

You might really enjoy the pages on Romantic SpotsSan Diego Restaurants, Exotic Cars, Mountain Biking and Tennis. And I have some excellent progressive house music videos. Pinterest is great. Have a look and maybe start planning your next refreshing vacation. The best the world has to offer.


Markcol Coffee Aurora

I’m a big fan of Markcol Coffee in Aurora.  They’re conveniently located with a big selection of coffee and tea brands. Had some issues with them running out of certain flavours that I like but I find the fantastic selection a nice benefit.

Markcol has a number of locations including the Aurora Markcol store location on Bayview Ave in Aurora.  The east side of Aurora is one of the fastest growing neighbourhoods in York Region. You’ll find Superstore, Home Depot, Canadian Tire, Panera Bread, Sobeys, Longos, LA Fitness, and an array of specialty shops in the blocks north of Wellington and south of St Johns Sideroad. A number of new housing developments are just to the east, thus creating opportunities for these businesses.


You can count on continued demand for coffee. Whether’s it’s served at home or at Tim Horton’s or Starbucks, which are located off of Bayview, coffee demand will grow. That sets up entrepreneurial opportunities, ones such as selling Keurig machines and K Cups.  Markcol has entered the K Cup wars.
With Staples, Supertore,and other non-food stores selling K cups, the competition is very stiff in home brewed market. Can Markcol survive if they continue to innovate? Local marketing isn’t a bad idea however it’s online where the best results can be generated.  Are these small business building a social media presence? Big corporations can’t generate a meaningful connection at the neighbourhood level.  They do try as Superstore has, yet Home Depot seems to realize how impossible that task is. They stay at the impersonal level and hope to maintain marketshare simply through size and advertising reach.

Markcol and other small distributors and retailers can’t do that. And, Markcol specializes, has the atmosphere, and variety of coffees and teas that competitors don’t and they can leverage the values and experience of the local towns to build a connection. Are Markcol and other small shops doing that?

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