Sky Diving over Dubai

Dubai Skydiving

You’ll like this video.  The skydivers are line dancing upside down over Dubai. That looks like fun. How do they move around like that?  And some wingsuit guys are flying in like jets into Dubai. They start reeeeally high. Great job by Perpetual Tunes TV (Gambaman).

Music by DGM and Vito Dito with Wonder

Check out other Dubai tourist attractions.

Enjoy pics and video of amazing Italian wingsuit flyer Roberta Mancino.

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Laurel and Hardy 2014

Laurel and Hardy weren’t bad, but this was too much to resist:

From USA Today: “Toronto’s favorite black sheep, Mayor Rob Ford, came to Justin Bieber’s defense. Bieber was charged with assault Wednesday in Toronto, for allegedly smacking a Toronto limousine driver several times in the back of the head last month. The news of that incident came out a few hours after Bieber’s attorney entered a not guilty plea in Florida courts on the drunken-driving and street racing charages. Ford, who has admitted smoking crack while drunk, is also being sued for orchestrating the jailhouse beating of his sister’s ex-boyfriend. ”

Canadians just aren’t how we used to be eh.

Californians Love Surfing

From San Diego up to San Fran, they’re all into surfing in the Golden State. Take a look at some of the big waves that roll in during the winter months. The first one is from Santa Cruz, which is just west of Mountainview where Google is.



Wawrinka Wins Mens Title – Australian Open 2014

A great win for Stan Wawrinka over Rafael Nadal. Rafa was injured and sweating profusely during the match and just couldn’t match Wawrinka’s power. Wawrinka’s first major title at 28 years of age.

Wawrinka took on a new coach 10 months ago and it’s paying off. Despite not serving well at all, his ground strokes were very fast and often outright winners. Not the best best match for him but enough to win. Love that guy’s one handed backhand, maybe even better than Federer’s.

Rafa dejected near the end of the match. Everyone loses once in a while.rafaloses

Australian Open Women’s Final – Li Na Wins

A big win for Li Na at the Aussie Open, beating Dominique Cybilkova 7-6, 6-0.  Both women aren’t very tall yet battled the field to get to the final. They had some great shots, although Na was too much for Cybilcova who really couldn’t do much on her first serves. Na gave a fun speech at the ceremony, see the video below.

It’s very tough for short players to win in tennis because of the height of the net.  Most of the men’s champs are about 6’2″, because they’re tall enough to get their first serves flat with no spin. That’s a huge advantage in the mens, and in the women’s game, they have to put a lot of spin on the ball to get it in. Cybalcova at 5’2″ is a real power pack and was happy to get to the final.



International Living – Living in Central America

Living and Retiring in the Tropics?

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Central American destinations like Costa Rica are growing in popularity as baby boomers tire of the cold North American winters.  Two publications offer a lot to their readers on the central American real estate market.  Although Costa Rica has been the kingpin of real estate investment in this region, there are other countries that are becoing more favourable for investment, even as an immigration investor.

Another good source of Central American real estate investment is They’ve got a wealth of articles, podcasts, and new on countries such as Costa Rica, Equador, Honduras, Argentina, Chile, Belize and more.

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Nadal vs Federer Australian Open 2014

Don’t ever say Federer’s washed up. He made it to the semi’s and Nadal played really well. If anything, he’s hit a plateau where he needs to find his next inspiration. It’s the psychological wall everyone hits in their life. There’s no reason why he can’t stay around for a long time, unless he just loses interest.

All his peers are gone, so he needs to keep current with the younger group and find relevance and inspiration in playing with them. The alternative is retirement.

Incredible points in the match highlights:

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A few instrumental cuts you might like:

Digital Horizon with Breathe

Really like the synthesized keyboard sound. Very upbeat. This video has three versions of the song one right after the other. The first two have pics of the Scottish Mountains. I do like how the second version adds to the first; should give DJ’s some ideas about how to make their music even more dynamic.  It’s like having one scoop of chocolate and one vanilla. I like strawberry and cherry too.    I don`t like the third version too much. Too far out man.

PROFF – Starstruck (Aleksey Yakovlev Remix)

Europa by Alex Drayling & Maxim Klein

Alexei Scutari – Rockland (Original remix)

Australian Open Women’s Tennis

This was an excellent match today at the Australian Open in Melbourne. Li Na is making a big play for the Women’s singles title this year and she met up with a 19 year old Canadian girl.  I like Li Na so I couldn’t cheer for our girl. Eugenie Bouchard is excellent and will be a popular player for years to come.


But Li Na has improved greatly. She has a huge following worldwide estimated 120 million viewers watched her at the French Open.  She hits the ball so well and seems to know where every shot is going.  If her serve was 20 mph faster, she’d be the undisputed champ.

Women’s tennis become very entertaining. See the video below. Here’s a few pics you can see more at the Australian Open Website.




Li Na beat Genie Bouchard 6-2, 6-2. Bouchard is going to be one of the best in a couple years.

Roberta Mancino – Flying Supermodel

Roberta Mancino Photos

My post on Roberta Mancino, a fascinating 33 year old Italian supermodel, basejumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer is very popular. I want you to see it because of the way she partakes in and enjoys life. It’s very inspiring.

She does this professionally and for fun. Swimming with whales, stingrays, manatees, alligators, sailfish, base jumping from towers in China, and wingsuit flying in Switzerland, she’s not afraid to live life to the fullest. And she does bring attention to endangered species. Sponsored by GoPro, Turbolenza, Recon, Oakley, and she’s evolved nicely as an internet celebrity.

Her latest video has her swimming with sailfish and sure enough one of them almost hits her.

If you’ve got the funds and you’re into the thrill of skydiving and wingsuit flying, you might be able to take lessons with her. Dubai is one of her favorite places, and she appears infrequently in locales such as Oceanside, California and Edmonton, Alberta. Roberta looks like she’s making a big impact on the Xtreme sports scene. Visit her Twitter page and say Hi!

And this from her Facebook page is beautiful:






roberta mancino
James Wilkins envisioned the Golden Gate Bridge and he’d be smiling if he saw  his masterpiece in this photo!











I know you guys are interested so check out her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter, and see all the videos about her on Youtube.

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