Is There a Cure for the Boring Life?

How to Change it up physically, mentally and emotionally

6 Signs That Your Life Got Boring via @hellogiggles

The key to getting out of a rut, I’ve found, is actively investing yourself in passions that resonate with you — find it, they, and where by being curious and having the courage to pursue:

Yes, gratitude is actually part of the puzzle:

Travel:  Get away for a couple of weeks to break the routine cycle and experience something completely different:

Curiosity: Are you curious?


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Find out more about being memorable and an inspiring type of person.

Vacation in San Diego

Here’s a great option for a spring time getaway — 2 weeks in San Diego. Let’s take a look at the total cost. First you need to book your airfare. Going to Buffalo is the smartest choice. Save a lot of money. The condo in Oceanside is nice and the facilities are amazing and it’s right next to Oceanside beach.

Here’s your price: 

Air:                         $700
Condo:                $1100
Car Rental:         $500
Food & Drink     $400
Total:             $2700 ($1700 each)


This condo unit is $770 a week and very often you can negotiate a better 2 week rate. There’s lots of units but you’re looking at ($1100 for a 2 week rental).sandiegocondorentalCar Rental: Approx $500 + $100 in gas for 2 week period ($600)sandiegocarrental

It’s not the cheapest vacation you can take, but it could be a memorable one. See more about San Diego on my Pinterest page, and this San Diego blog post.




Flight Facilities – Australian Band

I like some of the music this group from Australia is making. Some of it is disco/house which I am not into, yet in other songs, they have a funky beat you might like. Have a listen and tell me what you think:

With You

Take a risk
Well that’s all you keep on saying
And the point that I’m relaying is it shouldn’t be like this
And you know, while I’m sitting here this evening
I just know I should be leaving but it’s too late for me to go
And now a kiss, well you planted that one on me
And granted it has thrown me and it’s futile to resist
But don’t you see, if people see us here together, we’ve thrown it all away

I, oh I, I just can’t be seen with you
Oh I, I just can’t be seen with you

Lets go, and get away to somewhere quiet
Where we can be in private away from prying eyes, and loose lips
That’ll get us into trouble see the whole world tumble down
Well you say you’re feeling crazy, and I’m feeling crazy too
But I couldn’t carry on like this without it hurting you
‘Cause you know that I am married, and I know that you are too so
I just can’t be seen, With you

Oh I
I just can’t be see with you
Oh I, I just can’t be seen with you

I just can’t be seen with,  you

Claire de Lune

If I would know you, would you know me,
If I would know you, would you know me,

Don’t go, tell me that the lights won’t change,
Tell me that you’ll feel the same, and we’ll stay here forever,
Don’t go, tell me that the lights won’t change,
Tell me that it’ll stay the same,
Where we go, where we,
Where we go, where we go,
Where we go, where we go, where we go.

Where we go, where we (repeat)

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Aurora Ice Storm

It’s a typical Canadian winter with plenty of snow, but nature decided to put a little icing on top. That’s sent kids and photographers outdoors in droves.  Here’s a few moments captured on my 3G iphone.

Homes decked out with Xmas lights and decorations looked amazing.
Walking paths were icy smooth, perfect for a Dad and his son to do some bobsledding. What a thrill for the kid.axmas2
Park next to the Aurora soccer dome completely blanketed in ice.axmas4-aurora-soccer-dome
Merry Xmas Charlie Brownaxmas5
Yes, this is Canadaaxmas6

Progressive House — Talamanca

I like Talamanca’s music. Nice skipping beat and very melodic. Feel like we should be in the tropics somewhere, really relaxing with a drink, watching cirrus clouds in the sky and the waves rolling in. You have a better idea?

20 Marvelous Places Around the World - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica
20 Marvelous Places Around the World – Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica

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Talamanca is two places: Ibiza, Spain and Costa Rica, Central America. Ibiza looks nice, and seems to spawn a lot of progressive house and dance music. I’m pretty sure Talamanca is Roald Velden but I could be wrong.  I think he artist is refering to the coastal part of Talamanca, Costa Rica, where there would be big waves on the beaches.  However, there’s nothing on the web that discusses Talamanca’s real identity. We’ll just have to appreciate his music.

This video is apparently of Portugal. Very nice music and scenes.

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