China – Is this our New USA?

China’s cities are growing in complexity, size, and power, and there are so many of them. And the country is the oldest civilization with plenty of history and amazing sites to see.  Add this travel destination to your others:; Costa Rica, California, Australia, Switzerland, Hawaii, and Alaska.

The last civilized place on earth to discover, China is on everyone’s list to visit.  My tennis friend (name withheld) a Romanian living here, visits and works in China and in particular, Shanghai. Of course, I’ve known a lot of Chinese and Hong Kong people but they never spoke enthusiastically about where they came from. There’s a lot not being said here.

The New American Dream

I can remember when my friend, a design engineer, was unemployed, disheartened, and wondering about his future. Well, he sure solved that problem — getting into gear with China. He has an unbelievable amount of frequent flyer points too. Those day long flights would be tough though.

Anyway, China has a lot of diversity with the mountains, tropical zone, and of course its packed urban areas. I can’t see China tour operators going out of business anytime soon, anymore than those bringing Chinese investors over here to buy up everything, including our real estate. Shanghai seems like a fascinating place to me. this is an old picture. The new skyline has the newest tower, 2073 feet high. Just another building in this city of 24 million people.  That’s getting close to the population of Canada.


The New Shanghai Tower is just about finished. It has a similar twisting design to the Absolute Condos in Mississauga. Only at 2073 feet, it’s about 4 times higher.  If you go, you can go up to the observation deck at 1841 feet and see the heart of China.

He says the Chinese have very advanced civic engineering that put us to shame.  The scale of it all is hard to comprehend. They’ve got a lot of money to play with, and they can move it wherever they like to get the job done. We don’t have that freedom here. We’re choking and dying on our own rules while they march forth at a 7% GDP growth rate.

How far will we go before we realize we have to get rid of the red tape and other limits?  I doubt the Chinese know anything about limits. The sky isn’t even the limit for them. We’re vastly underestimating how powerful China is becoming.  The fact our kids are learning French instead of Mandarin really is a joke. We’ll regret it in the decades ahead.tianmencablecar


How would you like to drive this road? It’s every guy’s dream.


A visit to China would be an education, not a vacation. They have 100 million tourists visits yearly with a 10% increase each year.

There are some interesting mountains in China.  Some with holes in them so wingsuit flyers can enjoy their vacation too!

This is a famous wingsuit flying spot Tianmen Mountain. This place looks like crazy fun whether you’re walking or taking the Tianmen tramway to the top. If I went there, I wouldn’t want to come back, until I got hungry that is.

New restaurant chains are establishing themselves in Shanghai too. Look at this one called Lost Heaven.



Canada is one of the top tourist sources for China oddly enough. Once they start buying our oil and gas, we’ll be maybe top 3. That’s significant for a small country. Better learn Mandarin cause this the future for us.

There’s no going back to the old waiting for the US days. The US looks awful economically with no real big hope in sight. China has singularity in its goals and purpose, and a mountain of money to make it happen. And they want all the decadent things we crave, including monster homes, gas-guzzling SUVs, big screen TVs, tablets and my favourite — international holidays!

I think China will be a place of endless fascination for us all. Forget Disneyland, this place has way more going for it. And this is just the start.

Wingsuit Flying Video – Dangerous Pastime

Wingsuit Flying Video

This video is excellent and really gives you a feel for how dangerous this sport is. The jumper is Espen Fadnes, the world champion wingsuit flyer, about his life and how he evolved into the sport of wingsuit flying.

Typical rebel, probably a right-brain dominant, frustrated with boring, dull commonplace lifestyles/activities and found the one activity/passion that didn’t bore him — flying by rocks at 110 mph.

Their lifestyle is an interesting thing to study. Some of them travel the world visiting incredible spots such as Rio De Janeiro, Hintisberg, Stryn, and Tianmen Mountain. They like living in the moment with no awareness of the past or future, and I guess that’s a vital component of any risky behaviour — being forced or compelled into the moment.

(We’re taught to assume that right brain dominance is the result of brain damage at birth. Really, this is the traditional view of anyone who doesn’t conform to normal conservative behaviours. In fact, these guys might actually normal for human beings, giving us insight into what has been cut out of what a human being should be like. They sure like having fun. Our culture and beliefs erase much of our natural selves. It’s just interesting to see what people are like without enculturation. And I’m not talking about bizarre, freakish behaviour — I’m refering to natural behaviour).

The Viper has been designed for pilots who want the maximum flight performance in distance and time. The unsurpassed flight capability of the suit make the Viper the weapon of choice for experienced wingsuit BASE jumpers and competitive wingsuit skydivers.

They don’t seem to plan ahead too much but they know they need a certain amount of height to get flying and maneuver. On that basis, they really are taking a gamble. I’d think you’d want to have topographical maps and plot out every element of the flight line. That’s how I’d approach it. But I guess these guys are good enough to get it done without extensive down to the inch flight paths.

Each of them is trying to outdo the others for stunts which steadily increases the risk. Some fo them are flying through small holes in mountains for instance, or knocking balloons near the ground.

They will have to plan things more carefully. The wingsuit superstars of tomorrow will be very intelligent, and have good analytical skills which isn’t typical of the personality types of these wingsuit pioneers. The suits will evolve too and the flyers will be very thin. Less weight gives more flight time = more stunts in one run.

It’s a really exciting sport for sure and they’ll find a way to make it more safe.  They’d better because there’s a lot of guys getting into this.

See more wingsuit flying by Jokke Sommer and Jeb Corliss. You can see their

New Progressive House – 70 Minutes Worth!

A quiet summer eve with nothing to listen to? Here’s some inspiring tunes with the usual hypnotic rhythms to help you relax. Get to know some good new vocal trance, technobass, or progressive house music. A new compilation that we’ve both never heard before. They’re calling it emotional progressive house. Does it stir your emotions? Leave your comment below.

It begins with a 10 second countdown to give it a live feeling, but the songs are excellent. Just a couple of the songs aren’t so good.  The female vocalists are really good, particularly Szen and Audrey Gallagher.

Here’s my Favourites:  The first song, “Your Secret is Safe” is pretty good. Then at the 6:11 mark with Steve Brian and Szen with Neso. Next is the pulsating  Arms Wide Open by Denise Rivera and JP Bates at the 15:00 minute mark. Then at 40:00 is ZhanZen with You & Me.  Then move the slider forward to the 54:36 mark for Giuseppi Ottiviani and Audrey Gallagher with Walk this World With Me a beautiful song. And right after that at the 59:00 minute mark  is Solarstone and Betsy Larkin with “I Breathe You In. Love the percussion. Just use the slider bar to move it to where you want.

..And some nice melodic trance — limited vocals. Just nice background music while you’re working or surfing.

And 2 hours of Romanian Club music

Check out Inna, and Jaytech.

More Supplements!?

Of course. Look, your food doesn’t give you what you really need. And you’re getting older and your digestive system just doesn’t extract what it used to.  If you’re young and eat junk, drink too much booze, and don’t exercise vigorously, that’s not natural. By the way, there’s chemicals in your salad, milk, water, juice, bread, chicken and fish.

Anything you ingest from our food and water system is deadly.

Starting now with supplements is like opening up a savings account for your retirement.  Your number one goal should be to keep your arteries clean. Next, you want to keep your blood pressure down and add as many anti-oxidants as you can. From blueberries to grapeseed to krill, you can load your system up with supplements that will protect your tissues from free-radical damage. You can supercharge your liver with MSM and lecithin.

I’m trying out some new supplements: K-2, Probiotics, and Male Energy.

vitamink2A lot of people have trouble with calcium build-ups, whether athletes or people who consume dairy products or whose biology just doesn’t handle calcium well. Vitamin K-2 helps to control calcium issues.  Calcium is a component of heart disease so the danger shouldn’t be taken lightly. Anything that ends up in your arteries is bad news.

Brad King’s Ultimate Energy is cocktail of ingredients designed to help men.
imgresThey help to increase testosterone and retard estrogen. It has citrus-bioflavinoids, chrysine, broccoli, nettle extract, holy basil, quercetin.  Now can anything that contains “holy basil” be all that bad? Well, the only problem is the pills smell like mothballs, so you have to pick and choose the time you consume them. How about Saturday morning before breakfast:)

probioticsProbiotics are biologically active bacteria that are beneficial to our digestive system. They break down food in our digestive tract, yet many of the good bacteria are killed off for many reasons. Then the bad bacteria take over. That’s when you get bad smells coming from your breath.

It’s probably not your mouth, teeth, or nasal region, it’s your lower digestive tract.  Natural Factor’s Acidophilus & Bifidus is a potent mix that can regenerate your good bacteria count. From what I can tell so far, this does work. One problem though, it gives you the farts bad. And it’s the sulphurous kind too, that the police might use to disperse crowds. Ha, ha, good luck with this one:)


Check out some other health supplements.

Shakespeare in the Park — Aurora Town Park

I’m the last person you would ask about Shakespeare, but the performance tonight at Town Park by the Humber River Shakespeare Co. was great. If you’ve never been to one of these plays, it’s well worth it. The weather was perfect and town park is very nice. They just ask for a little donation.

The fact they can remember their lines is what amazes me most about the actors. They portray their characters very well and in a modern, playful way that makes it entertaining.

The play was “As You Like it.”  Here’s some of the plot and if you can understand it, then you’re way smarter than me:

Orlando and his brother have a fight and Orlando is banished to the forest. Orlando, knowing that Rosalind is somewhere in the forest, wanders through it hanging love verses to Rosalind upon the branches of trees. Rosalind finds the verses, and, disguised as a male (Ganymede), heads to the forest to find him. She talks at length with Orlando about his true love, Rosalind (her).  Meanwhile, Touchstone is planning his own romance with Audrey (a sheepherder), though a commoner named William also seeks Audrey until Touchstone scares him off. “Ganymede” witnesses the love affair of Phebe and Silvius, two shepherds; Phebe treats Silvius coldly and “Ganymede” chides her for it, but Phebe instantly falls in love with “Ganymede”, thinking Rosalind is a he. After “Ganymede” leaves, Phebe decides that she will write a love letter to “him” and have Silvius deliver it. But touchstone misinterprets the letter deliberately to ruin any chance of romance between them. Additionally, Phebe is forced to marry Silvius since she can no longer marry “Ganymede”. Now, Hymen, the god of marriage, marries Orlando and Rosalind, Oliver and Celia, Silvius and Phebe, & Touchstone and Audrey

Here’s some video of the scenes:

Sorry about the poor audio. That’s my camera’s fault!

There’s a lot more going on in Aurora and Newmarket Ontario.  Take a look at some of the beautiful homes in Aurora.  You’ll discover why prices are rising here faster than anywhere in York Region.  The GTA housing market is hot and a large spillover effect is affecting property values and business opportunities in the North York region including the towns of Aurora, Stouffville, Newmarket, and Bradford.

Where Will You Be in 5 Years?

Most Annoying Questions Ever

(Note: It’s been 2 years since I wrote this blog and I can say I’m ahead and rolling toward a better situation. Yes, it’s rocky but that’s okay. If you’re looking for career results, then it takes time)

They ask you where you want to be in 5 years in job interviews (and it would be a good question to ask in personal relationships too).  If you have ambition, you should answer this question with style.  Because they want to know if you have any idea where you’re going and whether you can you visualize your own future. They want to know if you’re a floater or a leader.

You’re Visionary Too you Know

Isn’t it impressive when someone has some idea of where they’re going? They must be fairly optimistic. Optimism and

Do you let circumstances control your fate? Are you interested in discovering a new approach and new results?  Very few people push the envelope with their careers or their personal lives. They wait for stuff to fall in their lap.


The trouble is, even smart people can’t visualize too far and most don’t even want to think about it. I’ve got a hunch that I’ll be in San Diego in 5 years. Just a gut feeling spawned by what this city inspires in me.

Things that Change your Views on Success

I like Southern Californian’s attitude and the way they approach business. They have confidence and optimism and they aren’t afraid to spend to succeed. No sitting back, the wealthy atmosphere there makes them believe anything is possible, and big success is normal. I had the good fortune of meeting and having a beer with Sergei Brin of Google in 1998 in Dallas, and I went to their headquarters in Mountainview, California in 2005. Very relaxed and I think it is Sergei’s and Larry’s confidence and laid back attitude that infuses Google.

I’d like to go to another Google party. My ears are still ringing from the last one. I suspect it’s the beautiful California weather that relaxes everyone. Of course, anything’s possible there. They have every conceivable industry and type of business.  You really should like going to restaurants, sailing, shopping, and driving if you want to fit in with that crowd. There’s the tennis and golf thing too!

I’m getting off topic here. The point is, Sergei saw an opportunity and went after it. He succeeded. He had complete commitment and belief in it. Maybe he saw where he’d be in 5 years, but I don’t know, that company grew like a weed. Most successful rise ever. He took control of his destiny and he was certainly rewarded.


It’s Time You Looked Ahead at Where Your Life is Headed

Is 5 years from now going to be any different than today?  What advice would you give someone else about their future? Who are the people you’ll meet in 5 years? Are they interesting, fun, smart and wanting to share with you?

How about the people in your life now? Are they going to evolve and bring the best out in you? Do they encourage you and increase your self-esteem? Do they help you develop professionally? Do they inspire you? Sorry, had to ask, cuz it comes back to where you’re going to be in 5 years.

What would Tony Robbins say to you visioning your future and who will make it happen?  He’d look at you and say what are you doing? Come on, get your act together and make a decision right now to create your great future.

Focus. For imaginative people, focus is very important. Too many possibilities.  Pare them down, study them, and then get a plan of action and create your inspiration. It won’t always be pretty. Each day, one more step.

At work or in your personal relationships, time to look at the potential of everything and whether it helps propel you. 5 years is doable.

Wingsuit Flying Competition

Wingsuit Flying Competition

Documentary type video on the sport of wingsuit flying.  That’s awful about the Argentinian woman who died. She just got carried away with it and wasn’t ready to do it. It’s a sport for careful, detail oriented people who are very clear about the risks. It’s not for spontaneous types seeking a thrill.

Enjoy pics and video of amazing wingsuit flying Supermodel Roberta Mancino.

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Wingsuit Flight through Hole in Mountain

Wingsuit Flying Videos

Alexander Polli makes this incredibly dangerous flythrough of a hole in a mountain.

Enjoy pics and video of amazing wingsuit flying Supermodel Roberta Mancino.

Gord Collins is a onlines marketing specialist serving business clients across the globe in the UK, US, and Canada. Clients in Boston, Los Angeles, Vancouver, San Diego, and Toronto have enjoyed the most affordable digital marketing services possible. Discover the value of SEO.