Toronto House Prices

Toronto House Prices

Toronto House Prices – Will the Increases Continue?

We’re all wondering about Toronto house prices these days. In fact, most conversations seem to gravitate toward the price of Toronto homes and condos because its the most outrageous, controversial topic. And we’re asking more about “when will Toronto house prices crash.”

Experts and bank officials are saying rocketing price increases are due to speculation. Well, now that Wynne has trashed the speculation element, we’ll get to see how smart these experts are. After a short period of confusion, the market will return, and Toronto house prices will be strong.

For sellers, the agonizing questions revolve around whether they should sell now, how much they’ll receive, where they can move to, and what their future life will be like. Regardless of what polls say is on seller’s minds, the real concern is what their future life will be like. People are smart. They can see ahead.  Yet Realtors have never focused on creating a vision of life going forward that would allow homeowners to let go of that old house.

33% increases are serious. Even with the recent anti-buyer taxes, demand will continue. It will level off a little, but as we’re seeing in the Vancouver market, demand returns with a vengeance. The problem: lack of supply.


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March 2017 Home Prices Courtesy of TREBhome

March Home Prices Fastest Rising Ever – Courtesy of Trebhome

That Old House means so much more to buyers. They have the vision, the dream and they’re willing part with $1.5 million to live the dream. If you’ve got a home to sell right now, you need to hire a Realtor and capitalize on this glorious market opportunity.

The Mindset of Homeowners Who Need to Move on

Realtors need to be more psychologically aware and effective by adopting the mindset and vocabulary of the very people who move on. What words, phrases, images and activities do optimistic home sellers use? Retirees and 45+ people have priorities. Find them and speak their dreams.

And if you’re thinking of selling your Toronto home, you need to use that vocabulary too. There is an incredible array of lifestyle opportunities for you. The world has never offered so much for the International home buyer. No homes in Ontario? No problem, beautiful places such as Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Mexico, Chile, and Dominican Republic await.

Why do people settle for a lesser life than they can have?

When Will Toronto’s Market Crash?

Toronto’s housing price rise won’t subside until the homeowners here find their personal vision and sell. There is no way home builders can build enough detached houses and condos in Toronto to supply demand. And the government is dead set against opening up land for human habitation. For the prices to come down, babyboomers and Gen Xers have to put their home up for sale.

The Toronto Housing crisis is one partly of homeowners never dreaming that they get this kind of ROI out of the old house they bought. None of us were trained or educated for this opportunity. The result is too many older people hanging onto their homes, more out of being confused and unprepared to progress with their lives.

If you have a good Toronto Realtor, you really can sell your home at above expectations. Above asking is easy. Don’t even mention above asking, since everyone is using the lowball strategy to create bidding wars. Houses are selling for outrageous prices because Realtors are smart about building big demand from the right people.

Best Return Ever in Toronto

Even with foreign buyers out of the picture, demand for housing is huge in Toronto. From Mississauga, to Newmarket to Vaughan and Oshawa, people crave homes. And single detached homes with yards are the holy grail. So rare, so pleasant and rewarding some will sell their soul to the devil to be a homeowner. You don’t have to sell the joy of ownership theme to them.

So what are you doing right now to move forward and capitalize on the “Best Investment Return ever?” It’s not too late. I hope you’re contacting a good Realtor right now and beginning the selling preparation process.

Don’t sell your house in 3 days. Take your time and sell it for $75,000 more. It’s your hard earned investment and you deserve the best. Always think highly of yourself. Your Realtor will have lots of ideas about how to make the buyers very happy and contented. The improvements on your home for instance will add value and carry them forward.

I’ve written a variety of posts on selling your house, how now is the time to sell your house, and about retiring pleasantly in Central America. Time to travel, time to really enjoy life away from the city, and your time to celebrate your life. Sell that home!

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