Should You Adopt Artificial Intelligence Marketing Software?

Should You Adopt Artificial Intelligence Marketing Software?

CEOs are giving AI Software a Good Look

For the past few years, companies have been giving marketing automation a good look, and they’ve reported some satisfaction with cost efficiencies. The vote isn’t in yet on whether automation is really helping where it counts.

Salesforce latest State of Marketing report says marketers use of AI will grow by 53%. That suggests implementation of artificial intelligence marketing software will be a priority.

We’re in the early days of mass adoption, but at some point, you’ll need to jump on this bandwagon. Regardless of whether you manage a real estate or mortgage brokerage, an IT firm, staffing agency or recruitment firm, manufacturing business, or ecommerce retail operation, AI offers some pretty serious benefits — benefits that your competitors will soon enjoy. You’re going to enjoy this pleasant journey in marketing strategy.

Why is Martech So Popular Now?

Martech responds to your need for better sales, customer loyalty, and for lowered costs and better staff utilization.  This will make you decide to go ahead and adopt AI marketing solutions. HR recruiters are recognizing the big changes ahead where old marketing roles will disappear and new roles involving marketing strategy skills come in.

Martech makes work easier. Think about how complicated it all is, and you understand the key reason — eliminating headaches. And AI promises to let you either hire a consultant strategist do the work or let you bring this role in-house. Companies are letting their digital marketing agencies go and bringing it in-house.

Of course, you’d need someone to manage the software and run the campaigns and they will need to be strategists.

The answer then, has to be Yes, you do need to adopt it. As the AI software firms roll out new solutions for small business owners, there is less reason to put this off.

Testing Out AI Marketing Software

Testing the software out can be a little time consuming, so if you can bring in a dedicated, talented and capable marketing strategist to test it and ramp it up, that removes the risk.

By testing it out, you’re going to learn a lot about your brand, target market, your content, and how to improve your integrated campaigns. We assume you use many channels in your marketing.

AI solutions will allow you to test digital marketing campaigns at a rate and depth that no human could. And the insight gained is considered gold by many marketers. In many cases, you can have a very weak understanding of your typical customer persona, yet analyze just the click through and content engagement of your visitors to learn what they actually like and don’t like. You can test everything from keyword choices to topics all the way to calls to action.


Taking a Look at Albert AI

As an example, if you take a look at a product such as Adgorithm’s Alberta AI, you’ll get a better sense of what it offers.  As you can see here in this graphic, Albert provides an integrated suite of services that pack a powerful punch.  I’m impressed with Albert AI’s support staff and the fact they have recently released a small business version. It’s not too expensive and the software interface is well designed.

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The Top 2 Benefits Alberta AI

Although the Albert software does a lot itself, I believe the Testing and Optimization and Analytics and Insights services provide the key benefits.

Manual testing and analytics isn’t very satisfying. Analysts don’t have enough data to draw insight from. If you’ve perused your Google Analytics reports, you know what I mean. It’s not actionable data. And we can’t test fast enough to draw better insight.

Albert can test visitor response, intent, and engagement, and it can do it in real time. Just think if you could test visitors and maximize insight from their individual visits?  Then continue when they return? 99% of your visitors leave your website, so you’re taking a big loss and turning it into an asset.

If your organic and ppc team specialists can generate the traffic, you have the possibility of learning more and continually improving your content and sales funnel.

Everyone is into funnel optimization these days, but how many have tools to actually do it well?

If you’re uncertain about its value, you can do a test campaign. Find someone who can be your AI marketing strategist, (someone with a psssion for it) and follow an implementation process. Albert offers assistance in setting up your account and implementing your campaign elements.

From there, it’s a process of learning and improving, and assessing your results.

If trying it out is this easy, it makes sense to invest in it. This is a win win situation where you’ll gain from anything you commit to. It’s probably time to give marketing AI software some good thought and get on this before your competitors do.

Build your brand and sales results faster and better. If you believe in growing a more successful business, this should be a fun and worthy experience.



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