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Beautiful Sunset Melodies

If you’re watching the sun set on the Gulf Coast, California Coast or the western beaches of Equador or Costa Rica, progressive house sunset melodies are a natural fit. Enjoy the sounds with your crashing waves. Alandanat – Northwest (Original Mix)  
Beautiful Wine Art – Leanne Laine

Beautiful Wine Art – Leanne Laine

Leanne Laine is an internationally renowned artist in British Columbia, who has been producing astonishingly beautiful artwork since the beginning of the last recession (and before). I talked about fascinating people with the intention of finding and introducing them to you. Here’s a fascinating person creating art in the world’s favourite city. Proof…

Markcol Coffee Aurora

I’m a big fan of Markcol Coffee in Aurora.  They’re conveniently located with a big selection of coffee and tea brands. Had some issues with them running out of certain flavours that I like but I find the fantastic selection a nice benefit. Markcol has a number of locations including the…